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  1. I see that the old shipping plant is now gone. Not a bad run as it was commissioned in 1933. How many machines will run for that length of time if commissioned today?
  2. Thanks Eggy1948. I just had a look at the photos of Bates Pit. Did not see anyone I knew of course but, when I saw the old photo of the shipping plant on the river, it brought back memories of my time spent there where I worked for about two years servicing the plant. I rarely visit Blyth now and wonder if the old plant is still there on the river?
  3. Just came across this website and was shocked to immediately recognise Phil Bryant in the band. Phil used to come to my home in Blyth on Tuesday evenings for tea and sandwiches with friends Tom, Hilton and Alan. He also sometimes worked with me as apprentice electrician at Bates Pit where I was an electrician. Great to have memories come back to me of my "youth". I also married a Bedlington girl and we celebrated our 56th anniversary in January. Sweet times. Met her at the Clayton dance hall.
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