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  1. I am not sure if he played darts but his son my real dad did and was very good at it I think he played for the howard arms at one time
  2. the middle photo is from 1974 is joe steels son who is now not with us.i am young joes son and third joe steel in family. there are lots of photos of my grandad on bedlington sites that's how I found them.
  3. Don't think so CL - I would say that's his son at the Market Place club, 1974. For eating & drinking of various luxury goods, around 1956, at The Howard Arms the then Guiness World Record holder is said to have been 47. But I could be totally wrong. to canny lass joe steel livedin bedlington and was born on july 18th 1913 but unfortunally he died on 22 December 1977
  4. my name is joe steel the photos were took in the howard arms in the market place bedlington this is my granddad who brought me and my brother brian up and we are very proud of him .the middle photo is our real dad also called joe steel.hope this helps a little bit
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