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  1. I had not seen this, great little film.
  2. Having left Bedlington when I was 16 there is a lot I miss about the town and the life I had there. Football was such a massive part of life, from NUFC to Saturday semi-pro and Sunday pub games. I remember seeing some great players, at school, club and pub level and have always wondered who were considered the true greats? There are no restrictions on age only that they should be from our area. I will nominate 3, one a schoolmate, one a childhood hero and one I just loved watching play. First, Darren McClean. A lovely little midfielder with speed, vision and close control that left many good players bamboozled. Next, Ross Dixon. My kids memory remembers him scoring for fun at the Terriers, and he always came over to speak to us. Finally, Tommy Notcher Dawson. A marauding forward in the SuperMac mould for the Station Club. OK, let me know who the true greats are and why.
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