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    Newcastle Utd, wine drinking, photography, keeping fit (just joking!)
  1. Hi Hamburger. Love your picture. Very handsome
  2. Chianti


    does what it says on the tin
  3. we dont live in America Mike! I can recommend 'More Than' car insurance - two years in a row have been the cheapest for me - including home start breakdown
  4. Happy New Year to all from me
  5. thanks for the birthday wishes! I did uncork a few and a few more since. Cheers
  6. Thanks Pencil neck. It was as good as funeral can be. Then Ham and pease puds rolls etc :-). Mum banned all alcohol from the house but the die hards went down the Working Man's Club to have a proper send off. I was travelling back up to Scotland so couldn't join in .
  7. In case anyone knew him - my brother Fred Angus died suddenly - aged 53. We are all deeply saddened. God bless him. Funeral was Thursday just gone. :-( p.s. Swalnalla - we have two new chooks - silkies - bred by my other brother Duncan
  8. Ha ha - he's a real chatty chick! thanks Swalnalla
  9. Thank you for sharing 'the ponies'!
  10. welcome Gareth! What brings you to Northumberland?
  11. Chianti


    Sadly both dead Swalnalla - before bird flu reared it's ugly head :-(
  12. Pleased Scooby was found Andy. How did he escape in the first place?
  13. Chianti


    We have hardly any hours of daylight here! Wonder what's going on. Keep thinking the clocks are wrong. Got central heating on nearly all day - sometimes all night. Depending who's home. Thank god for hot water bottles :-)
  14. Chianti


    thank you Colonel and hello to Jean wish I could remember the members user names!
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