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  1. Thanks Tony, it was just a enquiry as Alan and myself knew Tommy in sixties. He was a canny lad and a good athlete. Enjoy your day. Regards Jim
  2. Good morning Alan, thanks for the photograph. They hadn't changed much in later years. I haven't seen either of them for many a year. I always enjoy looking at the photos on the site, some bring back memories but others go to far back. I do know that life was extremely difficult for people in bedlington, especially the miners and their families. My grandfather walked from Lincoln to bedlington to find work in the mining industry before bringing his family to live there. I wonder how Tommy Cullen is doing, don't know how long he lasted in my old regiment after I left in 70, or even if he cam back to bedlington. Hopefully he is well though. Take care and keep safe as this virus hasn't gone away Alan
  3. Thanks Alan, amazing irony you living in same street for a short time. Having moved from there you may have come across Russell Perry who I had drinks with in Percy and Railway Tavern with Lol Napier. My last house in Beatty road was 17. I missed the trees they used to have at top end of street,it wasn't the same when they cut them down. Regards. Jim
  4. Hi everyone, again,the pictures taken if in 1953 are probably the party held for the coronation of the present queen. I was at that party although only 5years old at the time. My Dad and Mum lived in with the Ord family at 31 Beatty road in one room with myself and my sister who was only about two or three months old as we are five years apart in ages. I remember being told to take only a tea spoon to the party. It was a weird feeling as to young to grasp. We moved across street one or two years later as I had to sleep in a drawer so my sister had a cot. Community was really friendly those days. I imagine many of those parents are long gone sadly. Thanks for memories. Jim
  5. Good morning everyone, just a point to add to this topic. I concur with TonyP regarding Knox road. I lived in Beatty road since childhood until late teens and I remember well the farm there which I believe was owned by a chap called Briggs. Then for some reason perhaps a death, his farm closed. I remember going to look around all the tools etc when I was very young most likely everything was being sold off. After that happened all the site was cleared and as Tony mentioned the gentleman built Homes on there. It was named Knox road that much I can guarantee. Nice place. Regards. jr6468
  6. I have to agree Alan,you do a terrific job on this site, stories, pictures etc etc. Very well done mate. Hopefully your health improves. I have never lived in Belington since we moved in 71 after my stint in forces. However,I do get a great of pleasure looking up on gallery and reading what people have put on the site. It brings back some lovely memories which I enjoy and I do miss the quiet and peaceful walks down the woods behind where we lived. Enjoy your weekend. JimR
  7. I remember that shop really well. It was probably a little ahead of its time. Sad it has gone now. I enjoyed a bowl of tomato soup and a cup of tea in the cafe. I had a girlfriend who worked in ythe office at the time and we would meet their for a cuppa. Really nice lass.
  8. So very sorry to learn of your dear wife passing away Vic. I was brought up in beatty road until my late teens so would have passed through hollymount square many times so probably went passed your wife's home. From what you would write it sounds that you both enjoyed a wonderful time in Canada along with your family. Our sympathies are with you all. Jim R
  9. Hi everyone, hopefully you and your families are well. Just looking on the site this morning and spotted the question regarding Keith Lockey. I was saddened to read that Keith had died, my condolences to Keith s family &friend's. Keith had replied to my request years back about the Hunter family and found out he was friends with the eldest Son Jim. It brought back some good memories for Keith apparently. It did the same for me also. Although I visit the site frequently I hadn't realised the sad news. I will remember him fondly as I do the Hunter family. Regards . Jim R
  10. So sorry, I got the names mixed up as I mentioned it was Audrey Howie we babysat for, actually it was Audrey Davison. It was the photographs that confused me. Sorry again.
  11. My wife and I were coming through bedlington station yesterday, I knew of course about the of cinema now apartments, we visited dominoes in sixties so had some nice memories. However, it came as a shock to see the old railway tavern gone completely. We spent some lovely times together in the disq as it was known. The Percy arms had good memories too, now a restaurant. Of course the Clayton has gone where we first met. I said to my wife, our history has been taken away. Of course nothing stands still. Rather sad for me though. My family long gone but some lovely memories. Bedlington has certainly changed since last time I came through the town. Old mining community was the life blood when I was young. Even the ridge farm restaurant was gone. Funny old world.
  12. I remember the glove factory. I met my future wife in the middle sixties when She worked there. She didn't really like working there doing machine work making gloves. When we were courting around 1967 we used to babysit for Audrey Howie and her husband. Cannot remember his name sadly. They were both kind to us. Of course time has gone on since and we have our 52nd anniversary on Monday. She left in 69 to join me down south when I was serving in forces. We used to meet up in sixties at the railway tavern when it was a disq. Great night out. I remember Dot Temple and my wife's friend Margaret Stewart. She was instrumental in us meeting. Those times long gone. Regards
  13. The photographs of St Bede's with the head master on it from 1951 reminded me of my last year in his class 1962-63. He loved football and would let us watch England play first half before we went home. Very different times in those days. He was always so proud of an ex pupil called Brian O'Neill who went to Burnley to play for them. He encouraged us to go and watch Brian play for Burnley reserves against Newcastle. Me an another lad went. He was really chuffed with us for going. Brian was an excellent player hugely underated by Alf Ramsey. He ended at Southampton around late sixties early seventies.
  14. Thanks Alan. Had a look and even at such a young age it does look like the lad I knew from army life. Whitley had a good team in those times. Tommy was also pretty quick runner as we faced off at the athletic games in the 4by 400 relay in 1970 couple of months before I left. Enjoy your evening Alan
  15. I think you and Alan are probably correct. To many coincidences not to be true. As I say my memory can play tricks. Been so long. My relatives have long gone from bedlington, parents etc, so have not been down that way for many years. I miss the woods and the river activity we had back then. Cinema visits every week and the public house's were full with people playing darts dominoes. Took my daughter down there years back to see where I met her Mum and where used to go on dates. Changed so much. Thanks for your help on this. Hope Tommy is well wherever he is
  16. Hi Alan. It has been so long since I was serving in Army. It wouldn't be the first time I got names wrong. You could well be correct. However, the name Maurice has been in my memory for a very long time. I remember meeting him on oval green playing football then later I bumped into him at Chelsea barracks in 67. His company went to British Honduras for 6 months then we met up again in 68 and eventually got back playing football up to my leaving in 70. He was a really good player and also a good lad. Thanks for getting back Alan and take care mate. Jim
  17. Hi. Spotted this topic regarding oval shops. Reminded me of a lad I knew from my army days who I remember playing football on the green opposite shops. His name was Maurice Cullen. He and I were in the same regiment the Guards. Good lad and we played football together while serving in the 1960s. I left army 1970. Wondered if he ever came back to bedlington. My wife and I left bedlington in 71 so would never have known. Incidentally Keith I remember dating a girl from near shops the sister of your friend Jim Hunter. I recollect you and him playing around the woods when we were looking after him sixties. So long ago. Keep safe and well everyone. Regards.
  18. Hi Alan. Just read topic on young ones. Different world today from ours. I left bedlington many many years ago. Mistakenly thinking when I was young that there was nothing to do there. Mmm. Thinking back now. 2 cinemas 2 dance halls a roller skate hall. Out door swimming pool. Lovely woods to walk through. Etc . Sadly most gone and now realise how well off we were. Lovely memories to have at least. Regards
  19. I agree it is so sad to watch some wonderful premises close and to lose some fine people working them. Watching from afar I can't help but reflect back to yonder years. Stable town built on a strong community spirit is now a lost time. No cinemas No swimming pool No mining people who brought a kindred spirit to each other. So thanks to Joan and the many others who made my childhood a wonderful memory.
  20. I was browsing the site as an older guy from bedlington up to early 71. So very sad to learn that Vicky Buckham had died. I was totally unaware of that. We dated for a short time in the 60s and I have fond memories of a canny lass who loved to get up to sing. Always thought we would bump into each other again but not to be. My wife and I met during that period and now together 50 years. How time passes so quickly. Condolences to Vickys family. Jim
  21. Hi,regarding your questions in relation to St bede's school. I left the seniors in summer of 63. I was in the Army during that decade and to my limited knowledge the west ridge school was converted to St Bentet Bishop sometime during that period. St bede's junior and senior were holding the same names up until then. When I was told about the change I was thinking of what we had to put up with in comparison to west ridge. We had No football field, metal work class etc. We had to go to Blyth school to have wood work classes. One good thing we did have at juniors was an excellent head master in Mr Gregg. I was pleased for them to have the change. I stand corrected on dates for change. Best I can remember. Regards
  22. Well this was a blast from the past. Plum forgot that I actually worked with Big Bill Thompson at Wilkinson Sword during the 70s at the time magpies were on the 74 cup run. Real Quiet Bill and I suppose he didn't like talking about his time as he must have had many wanting to ask him same old questions. He was a real tough player though. Hope he is still around and in good health.
  23. When I was at St bede's senior in 63 our headmaster was so proud his ex pupil Brian O'Neil was coming to play for Burnley reserve's he encouraged us to go. 2 of us did & we were in his good books awhile. Later I was in the Army near Southampton & Brian was with them. Terrific player. Underated by Alf Ramsey. Funny thing was I was working in an office in Newcastle recently and met a guy from Burnley who told me Brian was very well thought of down their. Can vaguely remember him playing at our school when I was at the juniors. Greatest player from our area. Sir Bobby Charlton without a dought
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