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  1. Hi Alan. Just read topic on young ones. Different world today from ours. I left bedlington many many years ago. Mistakenly thinking when I was young that there was nothing to do there. Mmm. Thinking back now. 2 cinemas 2 dance halls a roller skate hall. Out door swimming pool. Lovely woods to walk through. Etc . Sadly most gone and now realise how well off we were. Lovely memories to have at least. Regards
  2. I agree it is so sad to watch some wonderful premises close and to lose some fine people working them. Watching from afar I can't help but reflect back to yonder years. Stable town built on a strong community spirit is now a lost time. No cinemas No swimming pool No mining people who brought a kindred spirit to each other. So thanks to Joan and the many others who made my childhood a wonderful memory.
  3. I was browsing the site as an older guy from bedlington up to early 71. So very sad to learn that Vicky Buckham had died. I was totally unaware of that. We dated for a short time in the 60s and I have fond memories of a canny lass who loved to get up to sing. Always thought we would bump into each other again but not to be. My wife and I met during that period and now together 50 years. How time passes so quickly. Condolences to Vickys family. Jim
  4. Hi,regarding your questions in relation to St bede's school. I left the seniors in summer of 63. I was in the Army during that decade and to my limited knowledge the west ridge school was converted to St Bentet Bishop sometime during that period. St bede's junior and senior were holding the same names up until then. When I was told about the change I was thinking of what we had to put up with in comparison to west ridge. We had No football field, metal work class etc. We had to go to Blyth school to have wood work classes. One good thing we did have at juniors was an excellent head master in Mr Gregg. I was pleased for them to have the change. I stand corrected on dates for change. Best I can remember. Regards
  5. Well this was a blast from the past. Plum forgot that I actually worked with Big Bill Thompson at Wilkinson Sword during the 70s at the time magpies were on the 74 cup run. Real Quiet Bill and I suppose he didn't like talking about his time as he must have had many wanting to ask him same old questions. He was a real tough player though. Hope he is still around and in good health.
  6. When I was at St bede's senior in 63 our headmaster was so proud his ex pupil Brian O'Neil was coming to play for Burnley reserve's he encouraged us to go. 2 of us did & we were in his good books awhile. Later I was in the Army near Southampton & Brian was with them. Terrific player. Underated by Alf Ramsey. Funny thing was I was working in an office in Newcastle recently and met a guy from Burnley who told me Brian was very well thought of down their. Can vaguely remember him playing at our school when I was at the juniors. Greatest player from our area. Sir Bobby Charlton without a dought
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