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  1. Hi I knew the Marley family very well when I lived in Bedlington many years ago now, the Marley's were always welcoming from Wilf when he was a live, Joan has passed on as she was always a warm hostess at there House at Humford Mill. Billy always had an anecdote at hand as he was a master of English literature from Duncan, Ann, Stuart, John and Michael they were a family who were well informed and could be entertaining with the debates that used to be held down at Humford Mill. I know Stuart was a Probation Officer and Billy now retired, has a lady friend somewhere in Northumberland don't think he spends much time in Bedlington nowadays don't know about rest of clan but hope everyone is well as like a lot of the oldies remember Humford Baths as a young swimmer with Wilf's steady gaze on our activities and becoming friends with the Marley family is a memory that I hold dear to my heart as had many interesting conversations and laughs with Billy,Duncan, Stuart, Ann, John and Michael, Wilf would be proud of you all. Yours in the spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  2. Thanks Eggy for your post, enjoy the warmer weather of spring,keep well. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm
  3. Stuart and Malcolm used to play football with Trevor Finnigan on the slopes of West Lea green he was a very good footballer as he was always the one to play with the big lads he did go on to play professional football for Blackpool, another local lad was Joe Lees who signed for Port Vale and you had Brian O Neil who played for Burnley and Southampton.I remember Bill Thompson playing Centre Half for NUFC as the North-East used to be a hotbed for football. Of course you got the Charlton brothers from Ashington along with Jackie Milburn and there was a lad from Stakeford who played for WBA also did a Bedlington lad play goalkeeper for NUFC so we nearly have a full team of Northumberland lads who would be able to give anyone a game. I think we were all pretty good footballers but along came the Broon Ale and larger girths to reduce our fitness even though we still got together to kick around and sweat the Broon Ale out of our system. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  4. Hi well nearly 2,000 views on the Westridge Re-union all we need now is some volunteers to arrange venue &entertainment at Bedlington Terriers football club early July time is getting on for this to be organised as it's problematic for me as I live in Glastonbury Somerset.As Symptoms and Eggy have suggested a data base to record who want's to attend and would it be possible to arrange this before cut off date late May. Thanks Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  5. Thanks Symptoms okay lets keep to the orginal plan, cut off date end of May, be good if Jan could e-mail us details of cost for Bedlington Terriers facilities as this seems to be a regular venue for Westridge Re-Unions. So in all reality to make this work we are going to have certain numbers to attend good news that people from all over the Globe want to attend, just goes to show you what a Secondary Modern Education can do for you. Keep well and in good spirits. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  6. Thanks Eggy 1948 and Jan Murther, I will not be attending as will be in Ipswich on March the 4th, so I don't know about a summer re-union? If Jan Muther is for anyone who attented Westridge, as I put down for a summer re-union as that would give us plenty of time to organise and it's slightly warmer in the summer time in Bedlington. So is the Summer Re-Union of Westridge pupils of 50 odd years ago a no go? as for us exiles we got to plan and save up as a trip to the North-East from Somerset can get quite expensive, train travel,B&B or Hotel accomadation,well anyway got a lot of people viewing and if we could maybe have a vote if it's worthwhile to create a Summer Re-Union since Jan Muther as already set one up in March 2017. Well done Jan Muther hope everyone has a good time of memorys of schooldays and of our Youth will be abundant on March 4th 2017. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  7. Hi Bedlingtonians and those in exile Well, Well, over a 1,000 hits on the Westridge Re-Union for summer 2017. Thanks to Symptoms and John Fox for their involvement, we need just a few out of the1,000 to assist in the development of the idea into a reality. Like the idea of Bedlington Terriers Football club as venue if anyone can post details of how much it would cost to hire rooms and facilities, has the Terriers for example a PA system that we could use if we provide live music on the night, a local DJ with nostalgic music of our Youth? So sign up if you where at Westridge Secondary Modern about 50 years ago there has been a lot of water flown under the bridge since those days, be good to see how we swam along with the tide of life? I am still swimming how about you? Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  8. John&Symptoms, The Bedlington Terriers Football Club looks like a good venue as Johns picture shows they have held a Westridge Re-union before 7.30 pm -11.00pm would prefer live music entertainment to Karoke we could have a Disco of the hits of our schooldays Beatles, Stones, Animals etc etc. We seem popular with over 800 hits so there is an interest out there,can we organise a date, venue and time and what we can provide on the night. As Canned Heat said"Lets Work Together" Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  9. Hi John thanks for info on Bedlington Terriers football club that hold events there, will e-mail them to see what the deal is,if we can book at a certain date,cost of booking and entertainment, hope your well and enjoying that bracing Bedlington climate. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  10. Hi Symptoms,thanks for casting the net as wide as possible and getting people who want to attend this wonderous occassion of school days of yore at Westridge. As we agree if people log on and say they are willing to attend then this gives us a chance to organise where to have it? any costs involved, who will cover the costs and do we provide some form of entertainment, maybe some ex pupils who have developed some musical or entertaining qualitys could provide? Thanks for your cooperation as we are both exiles we got to rely on technology to assist us in promoting and organising the Westridge school Re-Union as we have had over 800 hits since December 2016. Keep well if all goes well looking forward to see you at the Re-Union. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  11. Hi Symptoms hope alls well, The Bedlington Community Centre Longridge Room hire prices £25.00 per hour or special offer £75.00 for 4hrs for a room of 150 people. If we book room for the 4hr period do we have a door policy of charging people to cover costs of hiring room at Glastonbury we do Magic Hat Donation to pay for events, if not what would we charge? I suppose it depends on the amount of people who say they are going to attend if we get a good response what would you recommend? Maybe a cut off date end of May for those who put their name on a list then we could see if it's worth pursuing the Great Westridge School Re-union,of course there could be another venue to be considered for the night, maybe draw up a list of possible venues and ask those who want to attend which they prefer. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  12. Dear Symptoms well done with your list and recomendations of gathering all names together I think it was Joe Knox who lived around the corner from me some other names that I can just about recollect Stewart Green, John Harmerson, Beryl Hart, David and Micky Potts, Davy Job, Stuart Anderson, Marion Laws, Malcolm Byers, Pat Foreshaw,Muriel Cutter, Harry Stapley,Bob Baxter so there is quite a list built up so far if we can contact and confirm how many can make the re-union so we can book Community Centre for the night as forward planning is good policy, thanks for your imput and others who can make this happen anybody in Bedlington to assist would be great as they are at the frontline of business as some of us have moved away from the area for sometime now and have not got the local contacts that somebody would have in the Bedlington area. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan Glastonbury Somerset.
  13. Dear Bedligtonians at Home or in Exile, I am making enqires about Davy Job a best mate a long time ago, great memory's Hope Davy's well, can anybody inform me? We had a Community Spirit in the day's of pit's parental main employer locally all community where involved in the mining industery at that time. Good to see and hear from John Fox as a Bedlington Citizen and past association.Keep well John. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan Glastonbury Somerset.
  14. Hi all Bedlingtonians at home or in Exile. The Westridge Re-union July 2017 does anybody have contact with any of the following: Peter Tate, Jimmy Watson, Tom Miller, Joe Lees, Colin Ellis,Alan Coultas, Keith Bacon, Tom Rodway, Janet Common, Carol Suthers(Snedden) Mary Matthews, Maureen Purvis all these are from the x class anybody else of those years interested in the Re-union or you have contact with anybody inform them of this site and leave details if they can attend and those who they can contact. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  15. Hi Carol Sneddon have just checked out Janet Commons address apparently the house she used to live in was sold in 2015, so I dont know were she lives now only solution if someone knows her brother Norman maybe he could pass her details on for you. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan. Hi Symptoms yes a good idea if we can build up a list of who wants to attend this wonderful collective nostalgic occassion,maybe book Bedlington Community Centre with some entertainment to get our creaking aging bodies into a groove, I cant remember everyone in my year but somebody who still lives in Bedlington and was about in our time,can act as a coordinator a link with the past to the present,we have sometime to organise but if we have not had a response by May 2017. Then our schooldays will just remain memory's. Keep well and in good spirits. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan
  16. My sincere apologies to Mr Chahal for saying he was Pakastani when he's Indian as I quoted it was along time ago when I used to visit shop, Om Shanti. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  17. Hi Bedlingtonians hope all at home and those in exile are well, in good health and in enlightened spirits. As a young boy I remeber someone commenting that Bedlington Council was the second best run Council in the Country, they came within their finacial yearly budgets, ran a very efficent council offices and repair and maintaince yard as there was a lot of Council property built and estates created after the Second World War. It was when the mergre with Wansbeck Council when Bedlington was under capatlised comapred with Ashington and Newbiggin -By -The Sea, also with the major industry's like the pits closing and people had to seek work in areas where there was factorys, office work ,be re-skilled or accept redunancy money and maybe end up on the dole some years later when the money runs out. Bedlington for some time has been a satallite town for Newcastle- Upon -Tyne, nice countryside, not far from a major city Newcastle-Upon -Tyne and that rugged yet beautiful Northumberland Coast Line. I was suprised that Bedlington had a UKIP office in the High St as an anti-establishment two party policy organisations, I cant remember Bedlington been over run with immmigrants when I lived there maybe a Chinese,Indian and a very nice Pakistanie small shop. Europe was not perfect it needs a lot reforming of course, but dont forget we have never had a war in Europe for over 76 years now, that's a good thing, Social Chapter and improvement towards UK Environment along with European Social Fund (ESF) towards the poorest regions in the UK I am sure the North-East would have qualifed for (ESF) I consider myself a Universal International Human Being due to extensive travelling in the world we are all part of the Human Species, it's your attitude what counts never mind where you come from or what your beliefs are if you are kind, considerate, thoughtful, communicative, not angry, having compassion, harmony and a cooperative mind and spirit do you really need the poltics of right wing ideology populism please remember what happened in the 1930 -40s in Nazi Germany the Brexist vote is a swing to right wing politics, don't forget Mr Nigel Farage, went to Public School, was a Stockbroker an non existint MEP second worst record of attendence to EU parliament, what resemblance has he with the so called blue collar working class just because he smokes a tab and drinks a pint of beer and is rude to a lot of people does not make him a working, lower middle class representive. Whatever happened to the £350 million a week towards NHS and where did Mr Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and David Cameron go after the Referndrum result which 37% of the Voters in the UK voted for in all total 27% of the adult population voted for this mandate. The real dissullionsed dont vote as there is an alternative way! We just got to find it and put into working practice so we all benefit maybe Resource Management more sustainable efficent way of being towards the Future. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan Fellow Devon School For Social Entrepreneurs 2010.
  18. Happy New Year to all Bedlingtonians either at Bedligton or exiles living away may we all have good health,happinness and abundance that brings each and everyone joy. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan
  19. until

    Thanks John I am not on Facebook but if you can keep me posted if anyone is interested in the re-union event please let me know,if no interest just come and visit summer 2017 as Bedlington has expanded since I left,I thought it would be a good idea to share our moments in life which ever way the cards have been dealt. Anyway hope your well long gone days when we used to go off camping in Hartford Woods is Harris Haley still about? Hope all goes well for you and all those Bedlingtonians in 2017. Om Mani Padme Hum. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm.
  20. until

    Hi Bedlingtonians, Festive Season upon us, Re: Westridge Class renuion been thinking maybe all those who attended Westridge in the 60s re-union and are still functioning we could hire Community Centre for the evening with entertainmaint. Need a organiser,coordinator in Bedlington area to sort out details we can all get nostalgic about our school days and mis spent youth. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  21. HI Bedlingtonians, I live in Glastonbury Somerset and what makes Bedlington known is the Bedlington Terrier, have seen a few in my time in Glastonbury as most people who own them are suprised that you know the breed,as I come from Bedlington I tell the suprised owners,every owner I have met likes the breed,it always reminds me of Bedlington when I see one, maybe it's not the most handsome dog,but compare it with other breeds it's unique in it's characterstics as a dog from an ex mining town in the North-East of England. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  22. Hi Carol Sneddon have just checked out Janet Commons address apparently the house she used to live in was sold in 2015, so I dont know were she lives now only solution if someone knows her brother Norman maybe he could pass her details on for you. Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  23. Hi Bedlingtontonians, May I thank Symptoms for photo of climb of Skiddaw Keswick man that was a long time ago, I remember walking up there on a hot sunny day with a magnifecent view across the Lakes and to Morcambe Bay.Yes Symptoms come to the Westridge Class Renunion the more the merrier as we can converse about our lifetime experiences and what we have done and where we have been. I remeber Carol Suthers now Carol Sneddon, also know Janet Commons address if Carol wants to txt me I will give her Janets address I am sure she would be pleased to hear from you Carol. Also I don't use my nickname anymore I am a grown man and as seen my school and youth days are far behind me now, so I am not been snobish or anything but could anyone posting use Malcolm as my name, I would sincerely appreciate that as in all things in life we got to move on even though we did get our Rocks Off at The Rex Hotel, Mayfair and de Cellar in the old days which i can vaguely remeber through a drunken haze as now only drink on Sunday when I perform as The Blues Geordie at Backdoor Blues Jam Hawthorns Hotel in Glastonbury. Just remeber what Uncle Frank Zappa said "The mind is like a Parachute it does not work unless it's open" "Keeping an open Mind" Yours in the Spirit of Co-operation Malcolm G Allan.
  24. Hi Bedlingtonians, Hope everyone is well and enjoying what the 21st century has to offer? Iam enquiring about live music venues in Bedlington maybe to see if Glastonbury's Spontaneous Cabaret could come and do a show? As you all know Glastonbury Festival at (Worthy Farm Pilton)Somerset, Michael and Emily Eavis providing worldwide entertainment for punters. There are many talented and creative people here in Glastonbury so a summer show early July from the eclectic mix of performers and such like, for your entertainment yes don't forget FUN IS NOT ILLEGAL YET! Yours in the Spirit of Co-operation Malcolm G Allan. UKIP WHILE I STAY A WAKE!
  25. Is that John Fox otherwiswe known as Foxy used to live next to Norman/Janet Common Meadowdale estate, have not been called Talc for about 40 years now, get called Malcolm now down south. Yours in the Spirit of Co-operation Malcolm.
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