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  1. My Dad is doing ok, his memory isn't quite what it used to be though, I will mention that Foxy is asking after him when I see him next.
  2. I was looking at the picture of the Netherton's miners march and the person marked number 9 could be my Dad, David Robson aka Mixer?. I've shown him the pic and he can't remember for sure whether he was there that day but says, "it looks like my stance". My Dad's memory is fading with time but remember's Alan Stappard who lived across the back lane on Third Street. He described the accident in detail where Alan was working on machinery which was used to cut into the coal face and switched on prematurely before he had finished and was killed. In the picture I've added two thumbnail pictures of my Dad to compare and it could be him, I will ask him again soon to see whether if he remembers anything more.
  3. I'm pleased the video has brought back so many fond memories, feel free to download and share with everyone who wants to watch
  4. Thanks for the info Eggy, the video was taken between 1970 to 1973 so well over 40 yrs ago. It was one of my parents who mentioned the accident down the pit. We lived across the back lane from him so my parents would have known him well and my Dad also worked at the colliery.
  5. Got a two minute clip of Bedlington Miners Picnic, I think it was 1971. Wish there was more to share, hope it brings back good memories.
  6. Hi Eggy, share the video with anyone you like. My brother and I were very young so don't remember too much about Netherton Colliery Village, but what I do recall is playing mostly around Plessey Street where we lived and thats where the footage in the back lane was took. The scene where we are climbing on the multi coloured car owned by my Dad, was at the top of 3rd Street and was where the old doctors house used to be. The old lady in the footage was Tissy, not sure if I've spelled her name right but she lived on 3rd Street, just across the back lane from our house. She was a lovely lady and like a grandma to my brother and I. On Bonfire night she cooked us both a jacket potato covered in butter, baked in one of those old ovens built into an open coal fire and tasted lovely. I believe the guy who owned the motorbike we were sitting on in the film may have had an accident and died down the pit, I don't recall his name. The ride on the Raisbeck coach was my first day at school which was in Nedderton village just up the road from Netherton Lane. Des was upset and crying in the film because he thought it was his first day at school also, we were inseparable as kids and weren't used to being apart. The second bus ride was Des's first day at school. The picture I've attached is me and my brother Des playing in the yard when we lived at Plessey street.
  7. 8mm film footage of the family when we lived in Netherton Colliery Village from around 1970 to 1973. Hope it brings back some good old memories.
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