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  1. That was my great uncle Bedlingtonian. Not a lot is known about him.
  2. Yes Jack was a relation. He was my maternal grandmothers brother. I often see his daughter Nancy. She has recently sent me some family history information which her son has been researching.
  3. Think I might be at end of my quest now I know where they ended. Will get over and see if I can get any photos. Confirmed again that they exist from yet another relative. She used to teach in Bedlington. They had been talking about them at the WI. We will never know what they were used for. My personal theory is smuggling, moving around town for secret meetings. Speculation on my part.
  4. Have read elsewhere of a tunnel being under Hollymount Hall. On my post on the Bedlington Remembered site.
  5. Hi HPW. Thank you for that information. I just find it all intriguing. My thoughts were they were for moving either goods or people around the area without others seeing what was going on. That people could meet up secretly perhaps. Who knows. I will have to come over and have a walk down to Attlee Park. Loved going to the Picnic down there when much younger. Sorry Im not the canny young lass you met. Not sure I will find out much more. I hope so.
  6. My friend Nellie Scott lived in the old hall we used to go into the tunnels very eerie. This is from Ina Breadin on the Sixtownships page on FB.
  7. A bit more information about the tunnels. I was at a family funeral today in Bedlington. Spoke to one of my other cousins. She remembered the tunnels. She went to Sunday school at the Methodist church and the Old Hall was next to it. She remembered the entrance to the tunnel and how it was overgrown then. Even though told she must not go in them she and her friends did. Though not very far. She was told they went back many years and mentioned religious reasons. She also said there was a book in the family about Bedlington.
  8. My great uncle was a Freemason many years ago. His name was Daniel McClean.
  9. Thank you for that information Reedy. Been absent from the forum due to a bereavement in the family. It's all really interesting. I remember the cundy from when I was young.
  10. I have become very interested lately in the tunnels under Bedlington. They appear to be under what was the Old Hall where the council offices are now. Under St Cuthberts church. Under where the Post Office was. From Netherton Hall to Hartford Hall. Also down to the river. Under what was The Mechanics behind the Sun Inn. Apparently one was found recently when they pulled Tescos down. This is all word of mouth. An elderly cousin said she was warned to keep away from the one under The Old Hall. On one of the Bedlington FB pages someone said their grandfather had been in them when he worked for the council. All very interesting. My thoughts are possibly for religious reasons. My mothers Uncle was a mason and he owned 6 flats and a house in Bedlington. I often wonder how as he was a grocer.
  11. I spoke with my cousin who is in her eighties. She said the tunnels exist and when she was young she was warned to keep away. She said where the council offices are now was the Old Hall and that a tunnel was under there. She thought they went back many years even when she was young.
  12. Thanks for that Symptoms. I will do that.
  13. Not used the search facility yet. Will have more time over the weekend. These appear to be seperate from mine working tunnels. Thank you all for responding to my post. For some reason these fascinate me.
  14. At the moment I'm looking into the tunnels that run under Bedlington. I'm also interested in St Cuthberts church. My family were Hedleys too. I'm hoping to get over to St Cuthberts soon and take some photos.
  15. My grandmothers brother was Daniel Maclean. In the 40s he lived at 91 Victoria terrace. He was a Freemason and owned a few properties. I'm looking for any information about him.
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