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  1. Thanks or the responses everyone. I know things like this can get a bit heated and we don't want anyone to be targeted. It's completely possible that our dogs have fallen ill from something else entirely really and we are just connecting the incident with this man because he was so aggressive. I am going to the vets today anyway to see what they think. The area is basically down Hartford Road bank where the cherry trees are planted. I assume that these sections of land aren't actually owned by the residents but actually have no real idea. My girlfriend thought initially she might have bee
  2. Hi, just wanted to post this to get it off my chest and as a potential warning to other dog walkers/cat owners in town. I know it's very common in town now for people to maintain areas around their homes or in front of their property borders. Either it's done because they want to improve the look or environmental potential of the area or because they hope to claim this land at some point. My girlfriend was walking her dogs recently along a main road near where she lives where many residents have done this along a tree planted 'nature strip' between a main road, pavement and some hous
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