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  1. I was talking yesterday to a man who worked at the opencast at Westlea. This was on the right hand side of the road coming from Nedderton Village towards Bedlington. From that road you turned right into Netherton Lane towards Westlea. However he did say there was also an opencast on the left hand side of the road from Nedderton Village to Bedlington which went from the road side where you turned into Netherton Colliery and across the fields to Netherton Colliery . This would have been the 1960s. I said that it was Dr Milligan's car which had gone down into the opencast, however it was Doctor Stone and I think it was his son. Maybe in the mid 60s?
  2. I seem to remember there was an open cast around about 1960 opposite the new houses and chapel at Netherton as I can remember the 'yuks' going past and I think it stretched across the fields to the road from Netherton village to Bedlington because I can remember Doctor Milligan's car going off the road down into the opencast bedside what used to be Raisbeck's garage.
  3. The short man I think is Peter Dickinson, manager of the club.
  4. My nana lived at 3 Clifton Row from a child so that was from 1896 and her parents the Woods lived there before that. So you must have lived next door to my nana and grandma. When I went to live at the institute and went to nanas nearly every day I remember the Swatik family moving in to number 4 . Was your grandma Ginny Dickinson? My nana and grandad were friends of Ginny and Peter. My nana told me her mother ran a shop from 3 Clifton Row but that was long since gone when I arrived. I don't remember a shop at the bottom of the row - only Mrs Rochesters shop that was at the bottom of our garden at the Tute. I'll ask my older brother if he can remember you grandma's shop.
  5. Number 14 is Miriam Whiteoak. She lived in Station Road Stannington. We were best friend along with Sandra Climpson, and Joan Robson.
  6. This is a photo near 'The bad Boy's Home' at Netherton Park, Stannington which were houses for workers at the home.
  7. Petra was the woman who rescued my brother out of the sleck near Clifton Row and carried him home. He was about 10 and is now 74.
  8. The man on the right was the manager of the club. I used to sit outside the club on the railings and my grandad used to come out and give me crisps and lemonade - my nana was there too in 'the snug'. I was seven then and now I'm 70!
  9. Robert Morland. Your mam(Nancy) was my mam's (Betty) cousin?
  10. That was my house too from 1951 until 1958. My mam and dad were caretakers and my two brothers and myself have happy memories of living there and all the people of Clifton Row where my nana and grandad lived and my great granny and grandad before them. The New Houses were where my aunt's and uncles and cousins lived. I was in the same class as AB at the village school and remember him passing his 11 plus - I didn't ! Has anyone any photographs of Clifton Row?
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