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  1. cheers Moe,never seen that book but it'd make a good film,some producer might find it one day you never know
  2. oh I'm talking about mid 70s early 80s it was a cafe with a few pinball machines in it and if you got sick of Baccis at the market place in Bedlington then you could go down to Marios at the station for a change,he wouldn't stand any messing though but it killed an hour or two
  3. bottom end mate,I think it was because Mario was always working there,he was a fella with a temper mind
  4. I was a regular in Baccis not only to play on the machine but meet there every Sunday morning before football,this was from about 74 to 84 and there was no billiard hall upstairs at that time and the lads I knew who went in there definately weren't your dodgy type and the shop at the station used to be called "Mario's" by then,good times though
  5. hello Anna devastated to here Billy passed away so young we were at infants,whitley,westridge and Bedlington high school together used to knock around millfield north a lot with all the lads round there,Sconna and Barney Alexander and was best mates with Alan Fox (bush)you probably know his sister Julie when you lived just passed the cut from the old store yard,I'll probably know your partner if related to Micky and Stephen,new tuc and ken fennell well and i'm sure things won't have changed much,thanks for getting in touch Anna tell your partner you were talking to tav that was my nickname it might ring a bell and if you see Stephen tell him I was asking after him,my best regards
  6. Julie,seems like yesterday when I used to come to your house to seek him to find you two arguing and your mam going mad,I think about old days a lot lately and I'm pleased to hear he's well,please let him know I was asking about him and that I'd love to hear from him so he could keep me up to date with all the gossip about the rest of lads we used to knock around with hope your mam and dad are doing well along with yourself pet and thanks for getting in touch ta da bonny lass
  7. I wonder if anyone knows how my first girlfriends life has unfolded,her maiden name was Susan Connell and she lived in Cambois,We met at Bedlington high School about 1975 and were together off and on (you know what we were like then) for 4/5yrs I think she married a guy called Armitage in about 83 but can't be sure of that,it would be nice to find out what she did with herself you know what they say,you never forget your first girlfriend. I know i'm being cheeky but here's a few names from my past if anyone knows them it'd be great to have an update of their lives,Alan Fox Bob Tweedy,Paul and Ken fennell,Geordie Henderson,Stephen and Micky Charlton,All bottom club lads that lived around the bottom end of Bedlington. Any info would be gratefully received
  8. I spent a lot of my youth hanging around Hollymount square with the likes of Les Chivers,Bob Tweedy,Micky Mole a few lasses as well,Kim Haig and her mate Christine,Les and Bob lived in the 2 houses to the left of the cut leading to the park,Bob with his grandad,also called Bob,a proper gent you'd see walking his blue whippet (Betty).We used the kerbs and gates as goals for football and the lines on the roads for tennis nets,not a gameboy or nintendo in sight,In later life I knocked around with Jim Mullarky who built his own house at the other entrance to the square behind Clousons shop,which belonged to his Mam,you probably new his dad, Jim,who I used to talk to about his work down the pit that left him on oxygen tanks in his latter life,a proper diamond he was,ring any bells HPW
  9. don't want to burst any bubbles or anything but the church used in "The Godfather" was called St. Patricks and is on Staten Island,a long way from Sicily I'm afraid
  10. my son was born in London and lives a stones throw from Loftus rd so his mates either support QPR or Chelsea but he's been told since he was 2 that the black and whites will rule one day,he thought it was easy when we had Beardsley,Cole Ginola banging goals in but then came the lean years and now he's 28 he always says "dad why couldn't you've been born in Manchester" sorry son once a mag you die a mag
  11. six quid to watch Bedlington?,I suppose it's a long time since you could walk through the Olivers back garden and through the hole in the fence to stand behind the goal and take the piss out of the opposition goalie
  12. ha ha ha just remembered one game when Rockys team was short a player,and me and Paul "Tuc" Fennel were sitting outside the club when his brother Geordie said "which one of ye two is the best bowler" we both said Tuc straight away so he said "right you're opening the bowling for us" now tuc was about 15 or 16 and the opening bat for the other side played for Bedlington so as he was walking out his mates were shouting "mind the windows in my car".well the first ball whistled round his ears and the second one clean bowled him.when he came back he said "there's nowt rang wi them bowls lad" we used to play cricket on the bandstand,a strip of grass at the top of the "picca bank" with a bin lid stood up with a stick through the handle,came off there with many a circular bruise to show for being to slow with the bat,and that was off a tennis ball.
  13. probably a reference to old pitheads I'm sure when Dr. pit was at its peak there were tunnels leading in all directions,maybe try and see if you can get someone with knowledge of the old pit to give you a hand or maybe there are records somewhere,best of luck anyway Pauline
  14. the baths were great but health and safety these days would have a field day,the drop from the edge of the pool to the water was about 3 feet,the changing rooms were a health hazard and the showers were colder than the pool but if you're around 55/60 you'll remember the last few days of the pool being open you could still go in though and have a chat with Mrs Marley who liked to remember the good old days and have a chat,the dam was a different kettle of fish,you had to know what you were doing down there as the sluces down either side could prove dodgy,fantastic memories of camping out down by the river in the picnic field,going out "raiding" apples and pears in the middle of the night then down to Humford when you woke up,I think most people look on there youth as the best times of their lives but at that time if you lived in Bedlington you had times you'll NEVER forget
  15. first time I had a pint with my old man was in the Sun,can't remember the landlords name but he ended up with the Northumberland,didn't like him much,mind you he probably felt the same
  16. if you don't visit the Market club how could you see Terry Fox in their as you said when I asked were you related to Alan,as for retracting statements,you chopped the full post that I made about the building of houses down Humford just to make a silly comment on a subject I DO have a vested interest in,but that's another story
  17. ok I see you're one of those people who think ONLY people who LIVE in Bedlington should be allowed to comment on things that happen to Bedlington,in that case this forum would be a waste of time because in your world you could all meet in the Market Club and have a chat about the old days.
  18. there's always been nice houses down there,they aren't doing any harm and if a few trees have to come down to allow someone to live in a nice place then so be it,now you can say,what's it got to do with you ,you don't live hear anymore and you'd be right but I was delivering newspapers to the big houses down there 45 yrs ago,it was a nice place then and I'm sure It'll still be a nice place with a few more houses.
  19. I can remember when people used to take their old junk to a tip at the side of the "picca bank" and just sling it over,often saw people dragging something they found up the slope,into a "barra" and away,later the council had a lorry that would pick large objects up from your house for free I'm guessing that service no longer exists,the guy that used to drive the lorry was called Alan Carr,he was a real gent,never heard him bad mouth anyone,that was early 80s ,aahh good old days lol
  20. stevenmcvey963


    definately front of Market club,that's the garage behind the lads,wonder how much them pints cost them?
  21. I remember Fanna,he was a bit of a lad in his youth apparently,one thing about him he always wore a suit when he went out,his son Paul didn't live with him at his house in Millfield though,he lived with his mum who had another son Mick,but any time he saw Paul when he was on his way to the club he'd always give him a few bob,I don't know if he's still going strong,wouldn't put it past him,but he was well liked around the bottom end,your stereotypical loveable rogue
  22. depends if you're anywhere near the roof at the time the tile falls,just ask Ben Hur he had an awful time with it
  23. yep you're right,got my first bike from there,you could get anything from a bike to a bed or a lawnmower if you like,brilliant.
  24. oh yeah I can just about remember that did it get taken over by the big department store when it opened?
  25. ha ha yeah that's right,I was kicking around there between 1972 and about 1980 how about you mate
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