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  1. Bedlington Terriers FC

    I thought as much, I can now park outside my own house on a match day.
  2. I'll vote on one condition, if the supporters stop parking in the streets next to the grounds and use the designated car park (Tesco). It's impossible to park anywhere near your own house on a match day.
  3. Barrington M.O.T. Centre.

    I've always used Tyred & Exhausted, can't fault them. Good honest service.
  4. Les Allen pluming and heating. Tel- 07770920003
  5. Growing Robots - Jason Vare.

    A good night was had by all...
  6. Growing Robots

    Bedlington's singer/songwriter Jason Vare and his band "Growing Robots". Free admission.
  7. Growing Robots - Jason Vare.

    @Eggy1948 No, thanks I'll check it out.
  8. Growing Robots - Jason Vare.

    http://www.eastbedlingtonpc.org.uk/hall.php?id=126 Bedlington lad Jason Vare and his fantastic band "Growing Robots" will be performing at East Bedlington Community Centre, Bedlington Station on Friday 21st April, around 9.00pm.Free admission... Get out there and show some support, not only for the band but also for this great new music venue. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/singer-songwriter-jason-vare-release-11961317.amp
  9. Pubs Changing Names

    The Monkey (Barrington Arms) I attended first school with lad who's family ran the Barrington Arms back then. I remember the teacher asking him if he had any idea why the pub was know as "The Monkey". To the best of my recollection, he explained that inside there was a picture of a chimpanzee hung above a fireplace somewhere and that's why the locals began to refer to The Barrington Arms as The Monkey. Yes, we know that the chimpanzee is actually a great ape, not a monkey, but that's how he explained it.
  10. Pro-Trump Petition

    Parliament will debate this petition if enough sign it. Yes it's easier, but more affective and direct, it is the 21st century after all.
  11. Pro-Trump Petition

    The British jump on the bandwagon brigade, probably the same morons who watch and vote on the X Factor. Cheers, I'll vote for the state visit and to hell with the morons.
  12. Bedlington Morrisons R.I.P

    I was only implying that Morrisons need to address their extortionate prices, a little competition should sort that out. A win-win for the people of Bedlington I would've thought. Also, I was unaware that such a small store such as Bedlington Morrisons employed over 100 people??? And please don't believe everything you read, especially from a newspaper such as The Sun.
  13. Bedlington Morrisons R.I.P

    How long can Morrisons survive when Lidl opens in February?