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  1. The corona virus (Covid 19) Is a novel zoonotic virus - Presently that means no one knows what it can or can't do, in respect of lethality. The Gov.UK is far too SUPERFICIAL by far in this case. The 1918 H1N1 Should be more of a REMINDER FOR EVERYONE CONCERNED (Spanish Flu). - WEB PAGE OF Gov.UK SHOULD HAVE BUT DIDN'T POST IN THIS SPACE - Give people the full & correct information. That what the UK.Gov - Daily Coronavirus Misinformation UD's - Most of the UK Population bought the ''Chocolate-Brexit-Teapot'' They don't need a kettle from the same BADJ to find out they are of no use. There's no known cure for Novel Covid 19 & it continues to mutate!!! Sunday, 2020-April-05 8:20 AM () The NOVEL corona virus - Covid 19 an Gov.UK.doc I felt so aghast at the lack of information on the Gov.UK site, I posted the above message. Spuggy!!! PS. Yes I do have knowledge of Zoonosis & Zoonotic Virus disease. Das Bundes-Seuchengesetz vom 18. Juli 1961 war ein Gesetz zur Verhütung und Bekämpfung übertragbarer Krankheiten beim Menschen. ''The Federal Epidemics & Pandemics Law of 18th July 1961 to Prevent & Contain the Spread of Contagious Disease in Humans'' This was included in the Master Studies i sat in Berlin in the 1980's - & I still have vivid memories of what could or can even be possible. Zweck des Gesetzes ist es, übertragbaren Krankheiten vorzubeugen, Infektionen frühzeitig zu erkennen und ihre Weiterverbreitung zu verhindern (§ 1 Abs. 1 IfSG). Dabei ist unerheblich, welcher Art die Infektion ist und auf welchem Wege die Infektion erfolgen kann. Vorgängerregelung war das Reichsseuchengesetz aus den Jahr 1900. Das BSeuchG wurde am 1. Januar 2001 durch das Gesetz zur Verhütung und Bekämpfung von Infektionskrankheiten beim Menschen (Infektionsschutzgesetz) abgelöst, nachdem das gesamte, im Wesentlichen aus den 1950er und 1960er Jahren stammende Seuchenrecht umfassend novelliert werden sollte. 2001 January 01st. updated & now covered by Das deutsche Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG) My humble advice, mask your mouth & nose, it doesn't hurt & it does more to prevent the spread, than by having no cover. There are so many modern scarfs available, or dig out 'Dad's Balaclava'! If you have Champagne in the cellar, drink it. . . This is not a joke!!! I think my last Post was a joke on me ''Corbyn will Prevail'' He had the chance to bring the country (as is) together! Until the Labour Party Conference in Brighton (That was) & a more than obvious show of hands vote stitch up, a piece of advice Mr. JC-Trotzy, beware of 'Eispickel' I'll try to elucidate & Breakdown on the 'Chocolate-Brexit-Teapot' That has divided the country & families for good, it was never necessary, as you will surely find out with the chocolate kettle, in the prevailing not too distant future. Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity! A political book written by several British Conservative Party MPs and released on 13 September 2012. Its authors present a treatise, arguing that Britain should adopt a different and radical approach to business and economics or risk "an inevitable slide into mediocrity". They call (DISGUISE) & hide themselves as the FRG & ERG subsidised by your Tax money. What is the ERG & which Tory MPs are members of Boris Johnson's Brexit Parliament? Also find out about 'Perfidious Albion'' on ''SPEED''?
  2. Did you vote for Martin? By threegee, February 22 in Chat Central Why the bother threegee? No one has paid any attention to what has been happening since becoming a European member state. POLITICIANS, WITHOUT EXEMPTION... THEY ARE ALL COMPLICIT TO LETTING THE ''EUROPEAN BOIL'' FESTER INTO VOLCANIC PROPORTIONS!!! It was posted well before the Brexit Referendum decision was made, that it is better to stand & FXXXX. . . Instead of going off in a huff! How many more distractions, problems, Red herrings are being construed??? The Indiscriminate spread of Inciting, Insinuating, Instigating Information, lacking in substance = TRUMP-TRUTH Mk II The circus being made around the 'PUTIN' Russians remains without facts. Perhaps they have Fifth generation малая Piran'yato Subs. to circumnavigate British waterways, including lakes, reservoirs & supply pipes??? Those who voted leave, should carefully analyze the facts that they did not have before making their decision. Everyone has a right to change their mind, nothing undemocratic about that. Is the BREXIT process turning out as a complete waste of Time & Assets already??? It's not too late...
  3. Mary Had A Little Lamb Hello Canny Lass! I also read your posts, and you haven't posted anything that warrants any apologies. They are informative, inquisitive, enlightening, down to earth, well structured. They sometimes reveal facts that may be too... intricate and too... complex for some to comprehend. One 'Brilliant' post of late had me go off at such a tangent. That I had to clean my monitor. Your adaptation of a nursery rhyme that was first published by the Boston publishing firm Marsh, Capen & Lyon, as a poem by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 24, 1830. It had me coughing and spluttering with laughter, well done, well said, well posted. It wasn't the poem, it was more the context in the post! Keep Posting, You always think what you say & Say what you think! Not too many capable of doing that. Spuggy! PS. Did you ever frequent the Rendezvous Cafe in Castle Square, Morpeth?
  4. Has anybody noticed.doc
  5. The EU will not force a ‘BREXIT’!!! The only sensible thing to do is to resolve this dilemma. The impending reactions to the new French government are not known. The outcome of the outstanding German election is not known, Schulz has no chance!!!. Breathing space for the UK will be given… Look for the answer in the long grass!!
  6. Do you think before you jump? Do you ask, converse or discuss with your partner about what you need & what you'd like, before you leave the house to go shopping?
  7. Spuggy


    Bickering, Backstabbing, In Fighting, Fragmentation, & the sheer Incompetent, Corporate impotence!. How will this sort of behaviour further & prove positive for the UK?
  8. How do you feel about the future of the UK?
  9. Do you think another election is necessary, or it's just overdew?
  10. What's Your Opinion regarding the Reporting 'Media' & the way they conduct themselves?
  11. How much appraisal, would you expect to receive, If you asked on ex Pat to comment on your caretaker ability to look after our home country?
  12. I say that: Neither 'MAY' or any of her 'Subjects' has a clue about where they are taking the UK!!! Your opinion is?
  13. Although the month of ‚MAY‘ has past on into the ANALs of history, she has not, not YET! Yesterday was the 17th of June. At least it was when I started typing this Post, the rest of June is still to come! Zum 64. Jahrestag des Volksaufstandes in der DDR On the 17th June 1953 the ‘Proletariat’ of the then ‘German Democratic Republic’ revolted against their government. Bad working conditions, work more for less, reduced wages, abysmal living conditions, how many more reasons do you need. Since the 12th of June, resistance to the policy’s of the government was manifesting throughout the whole of the GDR Republic. Under the auspices of Nikita Chruschtschow , remember that his boss, Joe Stalin had only just snuffed it on the 05th March of that year. In the USSR, all hell had broken out & was still going on, the bickering, backstabbing, infighting etc. as to who was going to succeed to be the next ‘BIG’ boss. Nikita Chruschtschow, the WW II hero won the race. He decided to ‘CRUSH’ & make a precedence out of the matter, make sure that none of the other states controlled by the USSR, would contemplate anything similar. Around 16 Soviet Divisions with Tanks & 20.000 Soviet troops, who were already stationed in the GDR were deployed, as well as 8.000 Kasernierte Volkspolizei. (Police Force Living in Barracks). The Exact number of casualties resulting from the use of lethal force, MAY never be known. It lies at well over 1000 dead. How many on top of this number, were arrested & executed after the uprising is not known. It is alleged that about 20 soviet soldiers were also executed for refusing to take part. Our prime minister at the time was Winston Churchill, as you know he, has his own previous experience with such matters, e.g. the Welsh miners. He condoned this act of suppression with the use of lethal force. Joe Bloggs, Winnie-the-Pooh &friends, Fritz, Franz, Heiner & co, all ordinary members of working class. They achieved their aspiration for freedom on the night of 09th Novembers 1989. Thanks only to determination, perseverance & перестро́йка; Perestroika & a Glasnost the openness policy. What could we, what could you learn from that?
  14. That was smart threegee, thanks for a good laugh to start the day. I never new that I shared similar sentiments towards the Hanoverian monarchy as did the learnt, (learned) Dr. Johnson. Be wary of the German Martin Schulz, (SPD-Schröder-Camp) he was no good at selling books & look where the devious “BUSTARD” is now. Ask a turf accountant to come up with an after race analogy for Nr. 10. Well, he would say, let me think. Actually nobody won the race as such, all of the other runners lost before the finish & the MAY-HEM-HEN, was the only one left. I have some nice memories of Sheepwash “Paddling Pool”, pity it wasn’t a little deeper. I’m neither serf nor vassal & believe in “You have to earn RESPECT” no one is born with it! I’ve already mentioned that I had occasion “To work for the old woman” when she visited her home turf in Berlin 1978. I lay my head on a pillow, not on a block. “Sehr verehrte gnädige Frau” she would have to bend her neck backwards & I look downward, to notice a frown from. Decent Germans are very few & far between, not easy to find… Metaphorically speaking, I’m still trying to “Digest” the “Verbal Excretions” of Dodgy Dave & the MAY-HEM-HEN. Dodgy Dave & his threat of 2-0. Remember what the “Hatcheter” did, especially in the North East. Look how the MAY-HEM-HEN, the vicars daughter is starting... Bowing ever so low before an ageing lady. Stands before a congregation of “Journalist Gannets” reading another list, naming a few of the “Big Mistakes” that governments have constantly committed. Oh my, she’s enlisted the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” to ride in the equipe. Talley-ho… CORBYN will prevail…
  15. SKY NEWS Rhiannon Mills Rhiannon Mills has been named the channel's new Royal Correspondent. Wednesday, 13 July 2016 One of the best, most “IGNORANT” “BLISS-FULL” statements “I THINK, I’ve ever heard. … she remarked: “Winston Churchill refrained from advising the Queen”. Now why would Winston Churchill find it not necessary, not even feel the urge to advise the Queen, QE II. May I add, Winston Churchill didn’t even feel the need to advise her father George VI Perhaps it sounds a little bit GERMANIC!... Georg VI., gebürtig Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, Duke of York (* 14. Dezember 1895 in York Cottage, Sandringham, Norfolk; † 6. Februar 1952 in Sandringham House, Norfolk) aus dem Haus Windsor (bis 1917 Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) war vom 11. Dezember 1936 bis zu seinem Tode König des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Nordirland, letzter Kaiser von Indien (bis 1947) sowie erstes Oberhaupt des Commonwealth of Nations (ab 1949). George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936. Georg V. (engl.: George V., gebürtig HRH Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert of Wales; * 3. Juni 1865 in Marlborough House, London; † 20. Januar 1936 in Sandringham House, Norfolk) aus dem Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha war vom 6. Mai 1910 bis zu seinem Tode 1936 König des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Irland (seit 1927 Nordirland) sowie Kaiser von Indien. Nachfolgerin ist seine älteste Tochter Elisabeth II., die aktuelle britische Monarchin. The Normans when they conquered England, they drew up an inventory of how much “booty” they made. We call it the “Doomsday Book”. Surprise, surprise my family name is in this book. It is the name of a small “hamlet” a parish in north Yorkshire. Am I English, am I Anglo Saxon, Viking, Germanic descent, I don’t know. I do know, I’m not German & never will be… THE “ROYAL FAMILY” KNOW UNRESERVEDLY THAT THEY ARE: NOT BRITISH, NOT ENGLISH, NOT SCOTTISH, NOT WELSH, NIETHER ARE THEY IRISH. THEY ARE OF OF DIRECT GERMANIC DECENT!!! Is it not time for a republic? … threegee “Do you have Germanic ancestry, you may be a “ROYAL”?
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