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  1. Not forgetting the odd Milwall supporter mercenary, they come in all colours, shapes and guises!
  2. You said the weekend!!!! Struth the world and its granny knows about the one on Wednesday and so there should they. You cant treat people the way those survivors have been treated with out some sort of backlash. Its forecast rain for Wednesday so it will probably come to nowt anyway. Keep your terms of endearment to yourself by the way, its does not do you credit.
  3. Watched the news tonight with eager anticipation of the violent outbursts in London forecast ..............Nowt! Saw Hammond this morning forecasting an easy breakfast. But riots ...........Nowt! Never mind there is always next weekend.......................
  4. I see that Farage is accusing students who could vote twice could have given Labour the edge in marginal seats. Tory students on the other hand it would appear are not capable of such underhandedness and would not dweem of doing so. Ukip students on the other hand found found double voting mandatory in the attempt to save their deposits................
  5. I take it that this is Andy Stephenson the MP? Another 'yes' man? Am I right? Come on 3g get real. The Tories and new labour sold all the family silver, BT, water, steel, railways, and the rest to buy votes. The new generation being left to wi nowt. Now there is no BT, water or anything else left to by votes with is it any wonder there is a 16 to 40 year old backlash? (they are the votes that stuffed Ms Uturn) Remember East Coast? It made profits that used to put money into the governments pocket and now it goes into Bransons pocket. These new voters dont remember nor care that Corbyn talked to the IRA or anyone else with a gun, He offers them hope, Ms Uturn does not. She will not be there much longer anyway and she and Andy Stephenson and his wishful crap will both be on their bikes.
  6. I have just been sick............................
  7. Here is first evidence that the DUP and Ms Uturn have come to some agreement.
  8. Nothing wrong with Gove????? Good grief putting him in charge of environment is like putting a fox in charge of the chicken cree! Not that that would last long as he is in favour of fox hunting. Culling badgers is another of his likes as well as wanting to build houses near protected wetlands. As far as environment goes he is up there with Trump! He is the sort of bloke green party members use as example when telling their kids about bogie men. Not only that but Ms Uturn will need to make very certain he always stands in front of her, as Boris will testify. (She will have to keep him in front of her too.) As for 'poster boy' I have no political affiliation left, right or down the pan, politicians are, unfortunately, a necessary evil. It's time to get real 3g, with UKIP down the pan and Ms Uturn having nowhere to turn, a hard breakfast is not going to happen and soft one is looking dodgy too. The youth of the country has spoken.
  9. It just goes from worse to more worserer, now she's given that little willick Cove a job and it's not 12 months since he shafted Boris! Fine stable mates those two are going to be! (Did you see the size of chain around her neck tonight? Prisoners in dungeons didn't get chains that size!)
  10. The only fly in the ointment here is that first of all you need to have a trillionaire whose wife just happens to be Prime Minister sitting on a comfortable majority who gets greedy and decides she wants a bigger majority and calls a general election. What she forgets about though is that the electorate are far more interested in food banks, free school meals, education, pensions and, most important, who's forking out for my hip replacement than they are about Johney Foreigner and his marras nipping over from Poland (and other funny sounding name countries) making a bob or two then gannin back yem (possibly with the odd hip replacement). Plus a squeaky clean socialist superstar that not even the Sun can smutty. So then this wifie who is then towld to either eat a breakfast or get on her bike (even though she hasn't got one) looses here majority and then your North East bunch of Massiveleverage come to her rescue and put a political pistol her head and demand a kings ransom for pulling her out of the sh*t. Can you honestly and seriously imagine this happening? Not in a million years..............................
  11. Well I did take the opportunities presented to me and I am quite content with the life I have had up to now. I was thinking more of little Bradley Lowery six years old and dying of cancer, orphans by the 1000's created by wars, those in need of simple stuff like water and yes 3G, when it comes to trying to ease the burden a bit of the fellow creatures, I can be ar**d.
  12. Ummmm. With the money her ole' man has its more likely to be "in yer Bentley". Can't get my head around Ms Uturn on a bike.
  13. 'My cage encompasses the entire history of our islands, and so is a far larger cage than those of the compulsive virtue signalers and miscellaneous accompanying freeloaders. So...feel free to try!' You will have to excuse me here, I am but a simple pit mans laddie whose secondary education ended in 1961 at Westridge and whose further education was in mechanical engineering so I have great difficulty in making any sense of your opening paragraph, eh - as an aside - you haven't been at the wine at all this evening have you? Jeremy has his heart in the right place, but his head deeply buried in the sand. Fortunately MOST Brits can see this, and intuitively KNOW that a clever and manipulative female is far less dangerous than a terminally deluded male saint who won't be able to control the darker forces he fronts for. If I'm wrong about this, and you are right, then God help US ALL! Struth are you into religion now too? Surely Jeremy has not got you onto your knees has he? Failing everything else you could always emigrate. See what did I tell you. I knew I shouldn't have rattled his cage. I knew you two would get me into bother. But at least we have avoided rich men, poor men etc..................
  14. No! No! You are missing the point all together. What you say about orangutans is probably true but in this case totally irrelevant. What I am getting at is that Gateshead is just about as safe as Labour is going to get so why on a wet and dismal June night did the ‘what’s on the telly or, what have we got taped or, do you fancy an early night’ factor not kick in? I think they turned out because they had to see, in person, a politician that the country’s best loved comic has been unable to pin any smut on. All through this election campaign I have been expecting at the very least a headline story about how Mr C’s dog has been having it away with next doors cat (yes, yes I know that dogs don’t usually bonk cats but this IS the Sun we are talking about!) So thanks, because of you two’s replies I have probably rattled 3g’s cage now and we are in for a rich man poor man beggar man thief sermon as like as not, well you deserve it...........orangutans indeed dear me.
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