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  1. Passer domesticus, alias ‘SPUGGY’ 'Raison d’être' d’Ad Lib SYMPTOMS! Being tenacious about the meaningful, not so distant past, deserves some recognition. Therefor ‘Symptoms’ I salute you. Your statement, By Symptoms, of January 19, 2012 in Chat Central deserves much more attention than that, what it has received to date. I won’t count, or pit one comment against another for the post, the same for those commenting on ‘not being able to upload a photo’. I don’t know how to do that myself. Nichts desto trotz. . . Your most recent posting deserves a more comprehensive debate with Forensic Scope, certainly not like some of the diversionist, pathological ‘Smoke-Screening’ speeches that some (MP’s) are delivering, in Parliament today. Surprise, surprise the Rt Hon Bob Stewart MP (Beckenham, Conservative) gave an explicit recollection of his abhorrent experiences from territories of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Yugoslavia. He failed, forgot, or ignored to include or mention that in 1878 prior to being fully annexed in 1908 into the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the territories had been, were part of the Ottoman Muslim Empire, since the mid-15th century. I wish to remind people, that this was well before the birth of Adolf Schicklgruber 20th. April 1889 and the Serbo-Croatian born Josip Broz Tito 07th May 1892 Today, Everybody should know, there is no such thing as a clean war! I’d ask "Bosnia Bob" from the Cheshire Regiment to revue & reflect upon the battle honours awarded to the 22nd Regiment of Foot since 1689. Also, why the wounds of Bloody Sunday have not healed, 50 years on... The Catholic priest Edward Daly waving a blood-stained white handkerchief while trying to escort the mortally wounded Jackie Duddy to safety Also, the colander style address by the Birmingham son of a bus driver lacking actual facts. Edmund Francis Hughes Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Housing and Rough Sleeping, needs a refurbishment, perhaps with real facts. Just as Donald Rumsfeld, with his Known unknowns he didn’t know all the unknowns. I don’t know, how selective, or how much effort was employed by each speaker, in choosing the contents of his or her speech, given today in parliament. Fortunately, Hansard - UK Parliament publishes the official report of all Parliamentary debates. For those who are new to the Forum & obviously don’t know who or what I am. Symptoms is aware, that I’m a pit-yacker, the proud son of a post WWII coalminer, born & bred in Bedlington. We attended the same school together, until I made the change to Marton Boarding School in Cheshire. His father, like my son, even share the same profession. ‘Symptoms’ your most recent post had me literally Gobsmacked, your astute perception of the current situation, caused the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I Passer domesticus, alias ‘SPUGGY’ with ‘A Different Bias’ a bilingual ‘Little Englander’, standing 6'2 bare footed drawing a German Pension. I relinquished payment of my English pension to the RBL. Since the ‘Prague Spring’, I have served in BFPO 45 ‘Berlin West’, surrounded by ‘The Wall’. Also did four and a half years in East Berlin, behind ‘The Wall’. It was to say the least a very daunting experience during the ‘Cold War’ period. Berlin West was an enclave behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ in the middle of East Germany, There was then, & it was simple common knowledge, absolutely no chance of ever getting out!!! Being able to live & enjoy, to really relish the fact, that it came down, without a single shot being fired, borders on being the unbelievable!!! At present I am what is called a third country national in Europe, - with still a few years to go on my English passport, - on elapse, I then apply to the ‘BAMF’ - Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge ... Federal Office For Migration & Refugees for Asylum in the European Union State of Germany, that is only if I stay clear of a Covid contamination by the State & don’t croak beforehand. My children are both German Nationals, they also have the right to be English Citizens. My current place of abode is only a couple miles away from Stalag X-B / Sandbostel Concentration Camp Stalag X-B / Sandbostel Concentration Camp - Frank Falla ... https://www.frankfallaarchive.org › prisons › stalag-xb-sandbostel Only one Channel Islander is known to have been incarcerated in Stalag X-B / Sandbostel Concentration Camp ( Lager Sandbostel) in the town of Sandbostel in the German state of Lower Saxony, about 27 miles north-east of the city of Bremen. Planning for a labour camp for convicts was begun as early as 1926 and the camp was opened in November 1932. BBC - WW2 People's War - Liberation Of Sandbostel https://www.bbc.co.uk › history › ww2peopleswar › stories › 14 › a8650514.shtml the merchant seamen were made to build a camp especially for mercahnt mariners at westertimke - that camp was called milag und marlag nord. after the seamen were removed to milag in October 1942... BBC - WW2 People's War - SANDBOSTEL https://www.bbc.co.uk › history › ww2peopleswar › stories › 39 › a4041839.shtml This place though not as widely known as Auschwitz or Belsen was indeed on a par with these terrible places. I have since researched the Concentration Camp at Sandbostel on one of the Internet... Also, to all you ‘NIMBY’s’ together with the misinformed, you made an ill conceived decision to leave the EU. It was much more than making a foolish mistake, it is a disaster!!! ‘’ Perhaps, with what might kick-off in Eastern Europe soon with a Russian/Ukraine/Nato conflict maybe we're in for another bout of mass murder of non-combatants. ‘’ Symptoms, I mean you no malice, your astute perception is good, but it is a misconception, you are well aware that Ukraine is neither a member nor part of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. If. . . If we're in for another bout of mass murder of non-combatants, we’re going to be right in the middle of it!!! These days, life is really confusing, a bit like receiving an e-mail invite from Nr.10 to attend party’s without even being told it’s a ‘BYOB party’, but then, nobody told, or asked me! If anyone reads thus far, my recollection of past comments are still intact!!! There is so much to explain in order to fill the void I’ve just created, so I’ll finish this post with a ‘Holocaust Memorial Day question: What was demanded from the Sheriffs of all the counties in England, per royal decree, issued by ‘Edward Longshanks’ on 18th July 1290 that had to be fulfilled no later than ‘All Saints Day’ 01st November that year? Holocaust Memorial Day Question - Passer domesticus, alias ‘SPUGGY’.pdf
  2. Hi threegee, Long Time No ‘TWEETS’ As a wise man, you know yourself the ‘MAJOR’ reasons are only another smoke screen. Everything you’ve said is not wrong, & as you well know, neither is it that simple. The water, that you ‘think’ or that what you ‘wish’ to be ‘well under the bridge now!’ Let me suggest, IT BLOODY WELL ISN’T ‘WELL UNDER THE BRIDGE!’ It is stagnant! It stinks! It must be cleaned up! OR IT IS DESTINED TO BE THERE. . . . FOREVER!!! Remember this one, ‘You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!’ Farage, has seen the back of many, many, many, of his ‘friends’. The pied piper & his leagues of ‘U’Craster kippers purchased from none EU Norway. He, They, landed how many seats. Stop kidding yourself, you are much more intelligent that that! Politics is, & always will be a game. It’s called ‘THE GREAT GAME’ TTFN! TGH
  3. 17 (06) 15 - Reply to 'bluebarby' ref Get On With Brexit or Get On Your Bike.doc Hi ‘bluebarby,’ Thanks for your reaction! Sorry for awakening any great expectations but I meant my post in a satirical manner. Your info however is nearly as good as the election result itself!!! I’d love to watch ‘her’ flying like the ‘BLUE PIDGEON’ she is, over the handlebar’s at the White Cliff’s of Dover, while ‘preaching,’ ‘EU Here I come,’ & having only her pointy finger to stem the impact. My Congratulations to the UK Electorate, you’ve really put the Cat amongst the Pigeon’s. I prefer ‘stuck a ferret, pine martin & weasel down their pants’… Don’t let the few take away what the many desire… Hip, Hip, Hooray for democracy. Also Malcolm Robinson, ‘may’ you strive & achieve where others have failed & lost…Congratulations! I’m attempting, in my advanced period of life to gather some thoughts to post, as to, where do you (we) go from here. There’s a ‘’Whole Lotta Fibbin’ goin’ on.’’ The Bedlington site is very quiet, considering the circumstances you’re in. Almost void of a great deal of wise, & not so wise, contributors. PS. Please accept my commiserations to the modern society, my brain wasn’t conceived to think in sound bytes, nor limit my thoughts to 160 alpha-numeric characters. Hope to post soon. TGH
  4. Get on with Brexit. . . or Get on your bike! ! ! ! ? ? ?
  5. threegee I agree, amazing, almost 100% in the entirety of your remarks.. When I read your statement I thought it was my own, just couple of minor "pitfalls" along the way & nobody wants to go "In by" without using the Lift. a) It's is in fact far more worse than you've depicted... The effluvia arising from "Political" Cohesion in the EU Parliament, brings back dreaded memories when having to use the building that stood right, from the Red Lion. c) The "ME-P's" Think (Contemplate) more about their next "Curry Wurst" and how to claim back expenses endured (incurred) than doing honest work for their "Supporters.Oh my Gee Read their CV' s & how they gained access. d) Walking away is hardly a clever option or form of stating a Democratic Option. People who walk out find it very, very, difficult to gain readmission e) The reasons you've stated yourself would keep us "trussed" over the the barrel. f) Don't forget that Harold Wilson had two attempts with the Whip, flunked both & went off to the "Silly Isles". g) threegee, I firmly believe more in making a stand for our democratic values, than using the tactical retreat option. Regrouping... the risk is too great, I know it won't be easy, But do we really have alternatives? h) Politicians can not refuse dialog, it's a case we shouldn't disregard. The democratic will, must be enforced, we are an Island in the North Sea, England without Europe, merely a midget. Europe without England, only a Dwarf! I am not void of the EFTA agreement, having spent some time in Norway, I praised my Norwegian colleagues however for them saying "Nei" it was a close call! Their reasons for Independence to Europe was evident. They've got what we would like. What have we got? We have "National Pride"! Forget "The Kaiser Lied" Sing Elgar-Pomp & Circumstance's & England's Pastures are Green It is much, so much better. I don't want to ride on a futile venture with the six hundred either. Are we or are we not a land of hope & glory. On orders we did what we did when we had to do it. Not all of it was right, for the good or better. We can still do it, the character of the man lies in his heart, guided by his brain, we don't need bludgeons & clubs to make a point, democratic choice is a formidable, magnificent adversary. When the INDEX profits are failing, the FTSE DAX & Co hovering on the verge of Plummet, the continuous complaints about low Fuel Prices". Alarm bells are ringing in my ears, where is the EU, England, USA going to get the necessary cash to pay pensions. The Chinese already own Northumbrian Water & much much more in England, where I am they own a lot of the Forrests, the USA is up to the hilt in debt to the Chinese. Yes, Stay In & Sort It Out is the safer option, It's all about striking bargains & making compromise (Not divide & rule). Something we are, & were very, very good at. As a people we've been lied to continuously since the "Normans" The Stoltenberg (N) lobbyist talking for NATO in Europe is as or just as bad as is was from Rasmussen (DK). As lap dogs, giving our so called "Special friends" more of the leash, letting them take it away, gift wrapped with TTIP - EFTA Is not a problem. Check out what Kennedy had to say & do in Europe. Long after Churchill implored for the creation of Europe 1946 in Hungary, Golda Mabovitch alias Golda Mejer is worth a visit, her debut on the scene & political convictions. Who were they where did they come from, making us wonder where are we going to,,, Thanks for the reply TGH PS I anticipate, positive & negative comments Who's that that bruiser trying to muscle in to the left of Junker, & where's Junkers "Side Kick" Herr Schulz"... the Librarian... Her Öttinger, the German fired from his own town, is sporting a sufficient grin (FR-2nd from Right) Where are the English, have they already left. Who's there flying the flag for us. I don't recognize any. All these "photo-shoots" Total waste of time & our money... ,
  6. Hi threegee As far as Kate Hoey is concerned “she is… “split like a banana” overloaded with chocolate, she’s gone, nonvisible, disqualified herself. Ronnie Campbell, I’m not quite sure, doesn’t he understand the ramifications of his own doing, has he forgotten who he is & who he supposed to be standing up for? It’s more than naïve… The EU is, as it is a… “Constrained Political Construct” being managed by the wrong people, have a look at the three representing the North East!. If it had been built with bricks & mortar it probably wouldn’t be there any longer. “However, Whatever your core politics it's now time to GO!…” My core politics are & is DEMOCRACY… always will be! I also believe that, all good people, that’s the majority of us, are in favour of from the BOTTOM UP politics & not from the TOP DOWN politics version. This "adulterated democratic version," is what we are suffering from & it’s in use today. TGH-proposal: We stay IN and GET IT SORTED OUT… It’s not going anywhere overnight, where it will be, or what happens tomorrow …Que Sera, Sera AND I DO NOT KNOW EITHER… BUT, I DO KNOW…&… IT WON’T, COME EASY…!!! That means ENGLAND as well, not just the EU & further afield neighbors & surroundings. “There's a wonderful life awaiting outside of the EU” TGH asks: Tell me where it is & you can forget what I’ve just said up to now & the rest that follows`? TGH-proposal: It’s time for all of the citizen’s, of all member countries to make use of their democratic choice, to un equivocally demand from those, OUR so called “LEADERS” start doing what they are paid for. Do all that is necessary, to get rid of all this nonsense, & in the process, get rid of all, & everything that is causing or providing it… TGH-proposal: If they don’t do what is required…“KICK THEM OUT” How to, It’s easy, & it’s free, doesn’t even cost a farthing! Use your democratic choice, De Select all of them, let them be assured that they will not ever again be eligible to be re-elected to conduct matters essential, or not, for the public at any time & any place again. “… dreamed up the international elites for their own enrichment” TGH-proposal: Wake up the international elites with a big, big, big bang. If possible, prosecute them… & throw away the… How to, It’s easy, & it’s free. doesn’t even cost a farthing! Use your democratic choice, Stop using & or, buying their products that they are “Peddling”, some of them not even fit for human consumption… Get rid of the Hedge Funds, & other hypothetical Invest-Utopia consortiums. Do you really believe you get something for nothing.? & your chips are free…??? TGH-proposal: I’m going to leave EFTA out of it for now, I’m standing “HER” up!!! I’m not too sure if she’s is a positive abbreviation, or could she be an ANAGRAM for something even more worse than the EU. What happens if you leave the "Grassroots of DEMOCRACY"… Open up your window & take a look... It probably looks just the same as it was before you took a look. The EU is FOUL… THAT IS AN UNDISPUTED CORRECT TRUTH!!! “Europa Regina” was not conceived in the middle ages to be what it is today. From the conception, the “seeds” that were sown, are not responsible for the present situation. It’s just like DEMOCRACY you only get what you vote for…From the people you voted for… When the “Farmers” are allowed to manipulate the crops for a none tolerable & sustainable corruptprofits… we all pay the price… On the “Democratic Path” in the History of England, right up until this very day, many, too many, far too many, have paid the ultimate price…for us, & they continue to do so today. Web Tyler & Emmeline Pankhurst, ordinary people, together with countless thousands of others like them,… do you want to rebrand them as being terrorist. Normally, as I use “Media” Print, spoken & visual from different sources & languages to gather an opinion. It can be, tedious, frustrating, challenging, is it a bona fide source of information that I’m hearing? reading? viewing? finding out what others do, say or think… They don’t see things the way we do, for whatever that is worth! I’d like to rephrase that little bit to reveal and read to be “FOR WHAT’S WORTH” my grey cells aren’t up to scratch, right now. Anyway read this if you feel for England & the EU http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/what-is-ttip-and-six-reasons-why-the-answer-should-scare-you-9779688.html Normally I wouldn’t propose the Independent as first choice, but this is good. It reminds me of how I’ve always been told that this, or that is good for me & I can’t go on with out it because… Agent Orange… Atomic… Atomic Bombs Biological… Chemical… I won’t go on with the alphabetical(s) I’ll just throw this in for good measure… If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding . . . I’m not stupid, neither am I delusional (MICEY)! At least I don't think not… I’m just another average “Geordie Hinny” or “Canny lad Jack” that was born & bred in “Pitmatic” Bedlington in Bedlingtonshire, Northumberland, England – OUTSIDE of the EU. I’ll close with two Quotes from a deportee, migrant, I’m not quiet sure who or what she was… „The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.“ “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.“ The „ROOF“ has a bloody big hole in it. Mr. “Austerity” Osborne & "Con-Sortium" won’t repair it. It can really make one choke, when you think of what was…& where it is going now… the Swanee... ...a black hole? The Eastern World It Is xxxxxxxxx, & you don’t believe we’re on the eve of … according to Barry McGuire… TGH means nothing personal against you threegee, I just wanted, having felt the need to, air my thoughts, & pour wine into... or water into... anyway, I want the fire put out, so we don't get cremated... Ah wants to keep the fire gannin wheel ahad leik & so we's all feel cuddly and warm! TGH
  7. Merry Xmas Bedlington I've just received an Xmas email from an old friend in Berlin (He's a retired Police Director), I'd like to share it with you all... Frohes Fest It's an updated version of: For the searcher, am I misleading myself to assume that we both have a brother (JH)!?
  8. Germany - Irene & Karen, younger sisters.
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