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  1. Stil waiting for you to email me bill. James.bower@talktalk.net. Nice photo of you playing the guitar. You look a bit scrawny could be your age. I could not find the pics of you down the pit. Anyway email me bill there's tons of information I want out of you. About the old days. Jim
  2. My dogs name was Ruff o and by the way remember jacky the jackdaw. my email address James.bower@talktalk.net looking forward to hearing from you bill
  3. Great to hear from you bill l remember all off those times you mentioned on your post like it was yesterday the happiest times of my lifeI Been living. Down here 51 years now bill. But I'm still a Gordie I haven't been home now for 10 years the last twice was to Bury my mother and sister. how is Jim and your sisters I remember one off them had a hole in the heart l often go on google and zoom in on holly mount squ it hasn't changed a hell of a lot your right about the power off the internet are you still rideing that old bike. Who wants to be a million air. Who wants a tube to fill with air. Remember that bill I have often thought about you over the years bill and the times we had when we where kids. Write back to me bill it's great to hear from you. jim
  4. I live in South Wales after reading your post I thought you where Billy's alison
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