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  1. Its true though @rosco i cant see why we'd need another supermarket. Bedlington is just a passing town and its apparent with all the houses being built here. Nothing actual exciting is happening. Its like when Arch did those resident meetings and had 2 ideas from architects for residents to vote, did people really think they had the power to choose, it just looks good for them.
  2. I reckon we'll never get the shops or facilities we really want in the area. I cant see many shops wanting to be based here. As for another supermarket, what is the point of that, complete overkill. I wouldn't any of the council who try to make it look like theyre doing if for the residents. It looks when they release updates or set up resident meetings, but deep down they'll have their own agendas and plans
  3. I think the area will lay empty for a few years while Archole and the council protest its still going ahead and has massive plans to rejuvenate Bedlington.its a load of tosh,how quick did they demolish Tesco and plan to build a wonderful retail area with shops, the council are full of it
  4. Im so glad the independents got in. It was about time for Val to go. I doubt the passenger train is gonna be stopped just because shes not there
  5. How are you going go cope with it? He is stressed mind
  6. Jmagic


    That sounds mint Cannylass. I bet its good when everyone gets together
  7. Maybe he used to drink in the tavern
  8. I once made some lush brownies using a gluten free recipe and with sweet potato
  9. Jmagic


    I used to care for Ben Shelley and he was one of the loveliest guys you could meet. Unfortunately he passed away last year, very sad.
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