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  1. canny lass -- ya don't need men to nag - as I have found that women can start a fight in an empty room!! ---runs and hides
  2. but it can be copied and pasted to word and then sorted lol -- the philistine's way of doing it for dummies
  3. I have just conducted an experiment -- I offered the pup a choice between a brussels sprout and a roast pigs lug --he chose the latter - i examined both beforehand and although I do like a sprout, the pigs lug was def. more appealing to me -- but there again I have just been away in a field with a load scouts since Thursday, and am in a mind that perhaps Herod had the right idea....
  4. install a snip tool - even Microsoft have one - and its very handy for other things .. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/13776/windows-use-snipping-tool-to-capture-screenshots
  5. the answer is …. slowly roast a potato over an open fire and if you listen very carefully you can hear it squeal...… now how does that sit easy on your conscience? I think its yet another group of altruistic well wishers with a genuine belief that have been hi-jacked by a militant group/s with their own agenda, as was green peace and many others, purely for the purpose of disseminating dissent and dare I say?? anarchy?? there is a symbol for that but its not on my keyboard!! I saw an advert once for vegetarian black pudding -- I can only assume it was made from the blood of vegetarians ---RESULT!!! As an aside I aside I saw a picture recently of a 'vegan' (are these folk characters from star trek?) protesting outside a DAIRY with a placard stating 'meat is murder' (I haven't given it the respect of capitals) -- er do these folk realise that you don't kill the cow for milk?? I have respect for other folks views, but please don't shove rabbit food down my neck and I wont shove my meat down yours....ahem
  6. just as an aside - and I haven't done any shooting for many years - after Dunblane the old franchi spas became a section 1 firearm and the Baikal over/under was getting towards the end of its life - and as I have always tried to instil into the child - never kill anything unless you are going to eat it or it is an immediate threat, so now I rely on filling the freezers from local necessary culls. the child wants nowt to do with weapons although she lives in the rural environment and I have offered and indeed wanted her to learn some basic handling/use due to her travels, but its a no go area for her, even though some of her school mates and parents are avid shooters and own shoots. But on the subject of firearms ---- I had a thought tother day - in the UK would a person who shows racist views,, has regular rants on twatter, and then does a 180 degree turn, and then has a very dubious attitude to sooooo many things etc etc - you can easily look at the rest regarding instances of instability - be granted a firearms certificate? -- perhaps not, yet the good old US of A has given the same type the big red nuclear button. Ok the news here is that London has had more murders than NY (they don't split out gun deaths and knife deaths - although there is a problem re knives but the '3 inch law has been in many years) but that's really media hype - I get an incident report re USA and our figures are really minor overall per head of population and most UK incidents are domestic and ADULT domestic, not juvenile. its interesting to note that Denmark has the highest gun ownership but the lowest 'gun crime' Maybe military service makes you more aware and responsible?
  7. https://allpoetry.com/Raw-Recruit ya idle sod lol - and Bessie's boil has always been favourite of mine - it goes down well at camp fire lol
  8. Robert William service wrote a poem entitled Bessie's Boil, which is well worth a read. on a more sombre note try Raw Recruit by same man.
  9. replace idiot with arse - as that seems to be the underlying theme lol
  10. well said webtrekker - my thoughts exactly - but recall the first invective and ddiatribe was on a Sunday when nthe chemists were closed -- which perhaps explains things lol (I did mention that at the time) and as for things in ya back passage -- well perhaps keeping ya bike there would give a somewhat grumpy attitude ...
  11. steam from the ears -- obviouslyy the piles are causing a backlog (I think I mentioned piles as a possible cause for the problems a while back) long may they continue.....
  12. would that be black puddings or white puddings?????
  13. we sidestepped the issue of the chocolate eggs and instead doled out the chocolate oranges - bigger and better and more flavoursome, although we did have both turkey and pork -- now that is very odd as turkey was not introduced until after the access to the 'new world' and all pork at Christmas would have had to be slain in he autumn at the annual killing and reduced to sausage and smoked etc. Do I possibly detect another insidious intrusion on urban myth and tradition by the cynical retailers????????? and yet another devaluation of tradition which has slipped under the radar?
  14. ---> I'm not I spent Easter having a Christmas dinner with he extended family as a catch up due to the child being in USA at the time. Christmas, a time of reflection and celebration and Easter ( a reflection on the torture and death of a person and subsequent resurrection) the same - so how does someone with such narrow views and bigotry come to terms with the fact that the object of worship was not only a Jew but a dark skinned foreigner? ooo the angst must be terrible. I attend church on occasion and in fact have a standing order for a monthly donation to the local church, but standing in a church does not make you a 'christian' with all the ethical and moral values that requires, any more than standing in a garage makes you car! should you ever visit a church - take note of he architecture and the layout --it is based on the temple of Solomon, with its three distinct areas - the hoi poloi, the invited few, and the high priest area and well predates the 'Christian' thing. Christianity - can be said to be -in the modern terms - the new kid on the block. oh and NB (note bene - that's another foreign thing) I do believe that bla is correctly ended with an H as in BLAH.
  15. anyhows -- hinny -- female donkey - also a form of 'drop'scone - as in singing hinneys. perhaps a voir dire is in order at this time regarding the vernacular. Geordie strictly only applies to those in Newcastle and there are several alleged reasons for that dating back to a derogatory term used by the scots during the defence of the city in the 1745 rebellion relating to George II it has nowt to do wi George Stephenson as he was from Wylam and not the city. Those that have actually lived and been brought up in the parish will be aware that the Bedlington linguistics are different from close neighbours such as Ashington and Morpeth and completely different from the Northumbrian. Bedlington is much older than Ashington which was built much later and took in many gastarbeiter when the coalfield was developed there. The Bedlington accent and language also has not the lengthened 'A' of the Ashington accent (as in AAAAAAAAAAshintin) nor has it the rolling 'R' of the Northumbrian. unless one counts the AAAAA was gannin doon the Lonnen. for the 'A' etc. (anecdotally infamous when someone was asked to describe the terrain at Kielder - response in a somewhat mystified tone was -- Nay bonny lad theres nay trains (terrains) in Kielder its a forest!) you have to read that one out aloud !!! Accents began to change in Victorian times when the social mobility of people who spoke a local language began to travel with the railways and the local accents were diluted by 'incomers' (this was also the start of national time standards). in Ireland I could certainly tell the origins of most to within 5 miles or so of their village birthplace by the accent. an example of this is the Yan tan tethera used by hill farmers to count sheep in the far north of the county and in Cumbria - interestingly enough also in southern parts of the country. so in the end -- who are we and where does our local accent come from??? --(and I wont mention all them foreigners that have had an influence on our language)
  16. interesting to note that word most used is 'cynical' - perhaps honest would be more appropriate!
  17. blame the scouts -thingy ma jiggy bob a job day...
  18. that egg thingy ma jiggy whatsit.. the date was decided in 664 at the diet of Whitby in case anyone cares (no that's not winkles and fish and chips by the pier whilst dressed in black and wearing very odd make up) There is a Mithraic temple in someone's back garden just south of the west road afore you cross the A1. I have a cunning plan to upset everyone (apart from the retailers) -- adopt both the Julian and Gregorian calendars and that way you can have double the misery of easter and xmas. referring to earlier posts -to clarify certain physiological qualities of the serpentae and their herpetological ilk -- they do NOT have 'arses'
  19. somehow the latter comments put me in mind of a cartoon of Sylvester with some yellow feathers in his gob saying -- 'weren't me !! honest' (however the really satisfied look on Sylvester's face betrayed the truth (Merchant of Venice) it will out like feathers in ones throat). perhaps we should rewrite the 'spam' sketch and song - substituting 'squab' no offence intended Vic - was referring to the speckled Jim - where allegedly a certain officer brought down a pigeon and was sustained by same. interestingly it was a serious offence to kill pigeons during WW1 in the trenches. I have a friend who lives on the Blackadder- yes its a real place/river and is a colonel but is seconded to royal duties so will ask if he can take this to the highest authority (Madge) for an opinion
  20. ooo ya picky thing -- it was a typo --although I do respect his cerebral ability - not as senile as me yet
  21. corn ?? or is that chaff its all grist to the mill as they apparently say..
  22. totally agree with letting brain enjoy the day - although I now will have many sleepless nights regarding the term - playmate marrow'.. anyhows -- brian enjoy and blow out the candles
  23. noble or nobbled?? lol and I have noticed a penchant for you to be homing as ya keep coming back x
  24. congrats on the day - I always regard the b/days as -- Ha ya b/tards proved ya wrong again lol enjoy!! its mine on 26th and one for you CL -
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