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  1. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    no - but I saw a dog (a Bedlington terrier at that) who expressed its opinion on them ....
  2. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    I was in the parish today and noticed there are many and varied signs of the green variety pointing places of import.. can I ask why they are, for example, police station 230 m and market place 120 m -- is that miles?? or some Johnny foreigner thingy ,we may have to be aware of cross contamination from .............dare I say hitlers highway (herself was most amused when I said that was what it was called -- or used to be) but lets have some standardisation - ok the younger ones are all metric but the UK standard is IMPERIAL (I always think IMPERIAL deserves caps - as Q Victoria always wore a cap..) ok - I got out today and the big world was confusing .................
  3. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    it was still the same in the early 80's in Yugoslavia, they managed 100% employment as in a shop it was exactly the same -- ooo the sight of all the huge wooden drawers with dried peas etc in, but there you told the assistant what you wanted - another assistant went to get it and gave it to another who wrapped it. It then went to the till - where someone totalled it (and then whizzed it away somewhere to gawd knows how many others, in one of those wire machines) and then another packed it all in bags - you were given a till receipt and took that to the payment till and paid ---then you could go and pick up your shopping. I think the last time I saw one of those wire cash carriers in this country was in Smailes in Morpeth, although I seem to recall that all woolworths were fitted with them.
  4. Warm welcome for A1 dualling route announcement

    I have followed this for many years because of people I'm know who own the land.and I did some research many years ago on what was there OK step 1 northern section - the Mousen bend - that was scheduled to be straightened 30 yrs ago and nothing was done - it should have gone to the east of old Mousen Hall and between the A1 and the East coast line. nuff said -- the bit aside Causey Park ..when this first arose I did a bit of checking as I knew the landowner - there a bell in the tower of his house which appears to be from a chapel. The land it came from appears to be a 'Cuthbert Chapel, ie one of the resting places on the old roman road - causey = causeway where the body 'rested' on its travels. As a result of this an archeological dig was arranged but could not be financed, even though the landowner put in an access road. This route goes through a mediaeval village and possibly the chapel. The impact on the environment is immense. It was interesting to note that originally the three routes were red, black and green -- very subliminal.............. Yes the A1 needs to be upgraded, but looking at the methodology of the survey, they seem to have spent more time deciding the sex, age and ethnicity of the responders, as though that matters?? than the actual comments -- which for some reason are very difficult to find?? OK it needs to be done but they seem to have gone for the most expensive - most environmentally intrusive , and possibly the most historically destructive route possible
  5. Market Place Club - Early Warning Siren?

    might be able to shed some light on this -- During the 'cold war' and all the hype about the 4 minute warning - a network of sirens was put in place nationally. They were local authority and council responsibility and had to be tested every month. There was also a telephone system known as xy which was the precursor of the internet, in that it used multi nodal routing. Some councils who were very - shall I say Left - made everything difficult to install and test these. I cannot say too much as I think it is still covered by 'authorised release'. but there were also 'civil defence ' dumps of emergency supplies and immediate need equipment, one of which was the green 'nissan' sheds beside the spine road opposite Cambois - now I believe a worksite HGV training place - or was. These were supply bases to be used in the aftermath - should it ever happen - and it was taken as a serious threat at the time , hence the regular testing
  6. No, you aren't imagining it!

    eeee - recall my first step into the world of PC (noo not being falsely nice to folk ya thought were eeedjits -) a Sinclair - had to build it in kit form in about 1975 - then up into the heady world of power computing -- a commodore -- 20 hours of typing code to make a ball change colour and bounce about the screen... then a real PC!! in the days of max hard drive size of an eggcup - so how come in them days we could get a whole word processer prog on a floppy - now ya need umpteen gigglebits jus to use a browser???? -- sloppy coding grrrr on a more disturbing note -- the classic poster of a tennis player scratching her arse - there have been rumours for years that it was a bloke in drag - be afraid lol
  7. Canny Lass - you prob didn't have a sheltered life - I just don't recall ever seeing you in the cold showers at Morpeth rugby club -(and I'm am sure I would have remembered!!) or The Old Edwardians as it was known then
  8. this was one of the top songs at the rugby club -- with actions - it was well published in a series of rugby song books which were very popular in the 60's - 70's along with a very 'active' version of swing low sweet chariot' and many others!! there must have been about 6 books in the series and all had appropriate - or should I say very inappropriate accompanying actions. Eee - happy days of drunkenness and mud..
  9. Visit Bedlington

    oh and mention - Alnwick Castle and gardens - its full to bursting over the summer and full of tat at this time of year - I can prob arrange a visit to chillingham castle - which is much more quiet and almost en route -- also beamish might be worth dropping into as a stop on way the lakes - I think you have my e-mail address and I have no prbs if they want to contact me directly j
  10. Visit Bedlington

    ye def getting senile like me lol -
  11. Visit Bedlington

    Canny Lass - (oh -- damn - it went all wrong ..will try again) - I can see a prob if they travelling from Edinburgh to the lakes and want to visit holy island !!! but if they want to, the Lindisfarne at Beal is not bad for an overnight and I live only 10 mins away and am more than happy to act as a native guide - thus avoiding the tourist silliness - I know the island very well and also the cheviots. can you speak to them and tell them to get in touch if they want to call down this way. I am more than happy to show them some of the local sites.
  12. Visit Bedlington

    ing local up this end and including the cheviots I can help -- happy to spend some time assisting -and all fro free!!!!
  13. Saint Cuthbert And Bedlington Church

    Some of you might recall the opencast at Plessy which was on the site of what is now MSD the drug manufacturers which extended from Windmill Hill to the old airship field at the beacon hill end of Cramlington. they found wooden shovels etc there and they were from workings which had been accessed by adits driven in from the river bank on the north side of the river at the bend. There was a sign put up many years ago warning of mine shafts on the north side of the river.
  14. Make Cannabis Legal and Tax It?

    just dim.. where has he been the last 40 years?? (mind you the rest of them don't do much better!)
  15. Hells Bells


    pmsl -- yep if its on tinternet it must be true -- he had a house in jesmond - I have a tape (yes a tape --ee I am old - wi him and mr knopler and others on music spree at the house) - happy days ..) he went to Australia after a load of issues over here and a real nice bloke - but when he came, occasionally, back used to do a daft Sunday night at the pheasant - can see his reasons for going to sunnier climes. and best of luck - pity about his hearing loss. - I seem too recall his five personal song was nutbush, which he did very well