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  1. so how do you fit in the indigenous folk that have word for - one- two and the all else is many ?? ooo and when is the us/uk definition of million/billion gonna be decided?
  2. Going places, meeting people

    I seem to think that the main requirement is copious amounts of marmalade sandwiches??
  3. perhaps the demise of the use of 'one' and its replacement with 'I' is the first example of 'txtspeak' - replacement of the word with the number, although I always felt the use of 'I' is much more self centred and of less worth than the more self effacing 'one' there are many examples of a paragraph written with additional letters, where you have to count the repeated letters and many people are unable to see them at all. which sheds an insight on how we take in visual keys and understanding.
  4. and I call the child many names --most not acceptable in the more delicate circles of society --although I have found that the titled friends of ours have a greater grasp of the more basic language than most others lol
  5. I can spell I just cant type and anyways I have always been of the opinion that if you spell the same word the same way every time you show a distinct lack of imagination lol -- spooner malaprop et al -there is no better joy than mangling the English language in the right way. although I do despair at the child's a level English - in the huge lack of vocabulary and the absolute dimness of what they are saying and where the words originated from - and that includes her whole year group - at times I feel as though I am speaking a foreign language -- er oh yes I am its English lol
  6. canny lass - forgive the lower case but I think I can be familiar with you now (awaits rants from the pedants) this beast is called Kota - Japanese for happiness but as that language is very contextual - its happiness associated with the birth of the first son and as this was our first 'dog' rather than bitch it was appropriate - oh ands he sleeps upside down on his back as I think he learnt that from the cat - who is of course the boss!!
  7. that is limnality - its been used in the military for many yrs and is an insinuous part of hr now. if used correctly it is a wonderful tool - but these days it is very eric Arthur blair --now theres a challenge lol (and ya cant use google)
  8. Going places, meeting people

    many folk over the years have put a name to my face and none of those names were in any way complimentary - ones learns to live with it lol
  9. that was 3 yrs ago -- as er well young lady -- that is the child -- one does wonder why you spend that much money on a private education to get someone as dim as a pup!!! and now that small dog is about 85 kilo but still a complete wuss. I have had berner sennenhunds for over 30 yrs -- the tragedy is then they lived to @12-13 yrs -- now its 6 - 8 -- last one was taken 2 weeks before 6th b/day -- cancer takes 80% but his father is from Russia so we hoping ---- they are the most adoring loyal and protective - in a very laid back way animals I have ever know -- nothing is a worry and they can take 5 mins or 5 miles exercise a day its not a prob
  10. Going places, meeting people

    we sent the child to Laos and Cambodia over the summer and she loved it - although we sent her to Uganda last summer and she loved that too!
  11. Going places, meeting people

    what an awkward woman!!! Alas I have commitments in Durham over that weekend and have to be at Bangor uni for 9am on mon 19th which means travelling from Durham and staying over in wales to be there for the mon am. perhaps another time?.
  12. I stand corrected and you are right yet again Canny Lass, forgive me I was having a Brexit moment!!!
  13. Lord Ridley socks it to the HoL on our behalf!

    very Pratchett - small dogs or was that a typo??and what would we do without Gaspode?? --am thinking of naming next hound that -- but where would you find such flea-bitten bundle of mange ??? ooooo I know --parliament. now having very disturbing thoughts about Canny Lass as a Guide - no not in that way -- but in taking you across the road even if ya didn't want to be on the other side lol