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  1. Thanks again Reedy, was it you or your Dad who came up with the extra names. Either way - no matter - as it's terrific that such details can be made available.
  2. Thanks Keith, for not only clearing up some of the facts, but in being so gracious in such difficult times.
  3. Bedlington Dr. Pit FC from 1949-50 season. Back Row (L to R) - Percy White, George Mack, Ronnie ?, Bobby Young, Jackie Dixon, Colin Hall, Billy Hempstead, Johnny Glansy, John ?, Mr. Hall, Richard Jenkins. Middle Row - Richie Dixon, Reg Lloyd, John Finlay, Tom Dixon, Gordon (Titchy) Burchell, Andy Jenkins. Front Row - G. Besford, J. Dixon, Mack (son of George), G Medlin, N. price, Mr. Williams.
  4. Reedy, would you mind me copying & pasting your reply above, onto the similar item that I have on the Sixtownships History Group within Facebook. In doing so we may get someone who can add to the names that you and your Dad have provided.
  5. Reedy, Thanks to you and your Dad for coming up with some of the names. Hopefully, someone else can fill in some of the gaps. My Grandad used to live in the Dr. Pit Cottages, on the pit head, as I think he was something like the Colliery Engineer. As such, he was on call 24/7 in case of any problems. When we visited him, we used to go past the old Gasometer and Milne Park (where Bedlington Mechanics played their home games), which is now the Car Park behind Tesco's, and then across 4 or 5 sets of railway lines that had Tankies and Coal Wagons being shunted up and down. No red lights, no barriers, no-one there to ensure the public were safe. Everyone just relied on common sense, looking and listening both ways several times before crossing.
  6. I believe this to be a photo of Bedlington Mechanics F.C. from the 1957-58 season. Sorry, I don't know any of the names of the players or officials other than my Grandad, who is standing 2nd. from the right. His name was Christopher Septimus Kidd, known to everyone one as Sep. It's probably taken at Portland Park in Ashington and I think it's the Northern Alliance League Cup, which they won that season by defeating North Shields Reserves. Hopefully, someone might be able to add some more names to the faces.
  7. Too true Maggie/915. For those not in the know the funeral for the very popular Eddie Thain was held at St. Cuthberts yesterday. Eddie was a close friend of Stuart Gordon and in fact the last time I saw Eddie was at the gig, in April, at the Portland when Stuart played with Steve Tilston. The Big C took them both far too early. The packed church and then packed Market Place Club Concert Room was testimony to Eddies popularity. In fact, as I was parking my car behind Tesco's my Uncle (who did not know Eddie) called me over to say hello and he enquired whose funeral it was, he said "it must be someone important, as I've never seen so many people heading for St. Cuthberts". You know what? That was spot on, Eddie Thain was someone very important to a huge number of people. May he (and Stuart) find mercy now and rest in peace.
  8. I think you are correct, from The Lynx to Middle Earth, probably to reflect the changing times (more Hippyish)
  9. Very sad news, albeit a little late as I understand Stuart passed away in August. Therefore, I feel very fortunate to have seen him perform with Steve Tiston earlier this year at The Portland Hotel (Ashington Folk Club), on April 17th. He played with such passion and enjoyment, with a brilliant, permanent smile on his face. Apparantly, he has played with Steve Tilston over the years and when he discovered that Steve had a gig booked at The Portland he insisted that he accompany his pal so that he could re-visit one of the venues that he played at as teenager. Such a shame that his talent is no longer with us. During the 1960's I saw him countless times with his twin brother Keith plus Davey & Duncan cut their teeth as The Lynx, initially around Youth Clubs and then Clubs & Pubs around Bedlington and across Northumberland.
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