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  1. Could John Waldock be related to Cliff Waldock who played for Bedlington Mechanics FC in the early 1960's?
  2. If Mr. Abrahart left, then he certainly did come back. I was at Westridge from 1959-64 and Geordie Hemmings was the HM and Mr. Abrahart was the Deputy HM, I'm pretty sure covering all 5 years.
  3. I vaguely remember a mosaic, can't remember having to pay for it or buy a tile. I think there was only one.
  4. From the research that I did I can confirm that there was a football team called Bedlington East End FC. After trawling through all the local league tables (between 1946 & 1956) in the Blyth News/Morpeth Heralds available at Woodhorn Archives I can see that they played in the East Northumberland League from season 1951/52 through to 1955/56. At the same time there was also Bedlington Dr. Pit Welfare FC and also Bedlington Mechanics FC playing in leagues of a higher standard. However, I have not discovered any photos or indeed did I find any match reports or team selection, so I can't help with naming names.
  5. I have spent quite a bit of time researching Bedlington Mechanics FC, from 1948 and subsequently widened my search to include all the local teams from the Colliery Villages in East Northumberland. I have league table for several years from 1946-1960's for Northern Alliance, Northern Combination and Miners Welfare Leagues. I am happy to pass on the info that I have (albeit incomplete) by way of the spreadsheets that I compiled. If QVC would like to e-mail me on jack261@btinternet.com then I'm happy to expand further and also happy to share the spreadsheets. Ovalteeny
  6. This week's quiz: 1. Who was the original lead singer with heavy rock band Deep Purple? Ian Gillan 2. Who was Liza Minelli’s famous mother? Judy Garland 3. Which football league club used to play at Goldstone Ground? Brighton & Hove Albion FC 4. Roy Jenkins was the founder of which political party? Lib dems 5. What type of creature is a ‘flying phalanger’? Squirrel 6. What is the capital of Honduras? Tegusicalpa 7. What name is commonly given to the area around Stoke-on-Trent? The Potteries (lived there from 1973-82) 8. Who invented the bouncing bomb (and no, it wasn’t Bobby Ball)? Barnes Wallace 9. Over what distance is the Classic horse race ‘The Oaks’ run? 1mile 2 furlong 10. Who coined the phrase “a land fit for heroes to live in”? Winston Churchill 11. Which reactive metal is represented by the symbol Ba? Barium 12. If Monday’s child is fair of face what is Wednesday’s child? Full of Woe
  7. Richard, I'll attach my Dad's ID Card from the war years to 1951, when we moved from the Huts at Hartford Camp into Hollymount Hall. There is no documentation regards when we left and moved into our Council House at The Oval, but I'm pretty sure it was 1957 (ish). So, I am fairly sure that the demolition took place circa 1958.
  8. I can only come up with 2 :- Tony Woodcock - 42 caps 1978-86 and Ian Storey-Moore - 1 cap 1970. It's obviously a trick question.
  9. Bugga, if only I could read questions properly. I guess that's why I failed my 11+ and ended up at Westridge. Back to the drawing board.
  10. I assume you mean with the surname starting with O, so Osgood as you say; Michael Owen - 89 caps (1998-2008); William Oakley - 16 caps (1895-1901) & Russell Osman - 11 caps (1980-83) 7 Peter O'Dowd - 3 caps (1932-33).
  11. Nr6468, there was another lad who also played football with us, called Maurice Patty who lived in Roslin Park, but he didn't join the Army, he worked in the kitchens at St. Georges Hospital in Morpeth.
  12. Eggy, myself and wor Allan (from No. 3 The Oval) plus David Rix (No. 5) and Tommy Cullen (No. 6) were the nucleus of lads who played football (and cricket) on the Oval Green throughout our childhoods. Tommy was in the school year below me, so about your age. Yes, he joined the Army. With me moving to work down South in 1969 I simply lost track of him so don't know where he ended up.
  13. When I moved down to London then Windsor (with the help of someone called Alan Edgar) in 1969 I used to phone my Mam most Sunday evenings at 7:00pm. Mam and Dad didn't have a phone at 3 The Oval, so my Mam would go down to the bottom half of the shops and stand outside the Oval Telephone Box and when it rang, we'd have a weekly catch up. The kids today, don't know the half of it. The phone box was just outside the Chiropodists.
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