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  1. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Absolutely true Vic Patterson, the ever changing world or evolvement has always been with us. Whilst we may all have opinions on whether progress is good or otherwise there is no effective way to prevent the world from evolving. I've seen almost 70 years of change, most of which I have embraced and benefited from. Bedlington has never been immune to change and my hope and wish is for the pro-active, positive people to influence and mould the future for the greater good of all concerned. There are several forward thinking men & women who fall into this category. Everyone else, have a whinge, have a moan by all means, but for goodness sake stop living in the past and listen to what Bob Dylan was singing about in 1964. The sentiment is still the same some 54 years on, always was and always will be.
  2. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Thanks to rosco for opening up this topic (lighting the blue touch paper) and then standing back. It's always good to see the subsequent responses. Personally, I'd much rather read the ones whose glasses are half full (i.e. Foxy & Eggy) than those who are half empty. Sure there are always things than can be improved and Bedlington is lucky that there are still people who are concerned and care about the town, people who will organise and sort out issues, people who will stand against the establishment and try to make changes for the greater good and for the wider majority. But all these things take time and effort. Whingeing will not change anything. So, moe19 and rosco, if things are that bad and you are so unhappy with the town, then vote with your feet and try to find somewhere better, somewhere that will make you both happy and proud to live. By the way, we all pay our "council tax" to Northumberland County Council and not Wansbeck, that changed something like a decade ago.
  3. Ovalteeny

    Photo from Helen Millar - Facebook Bygone Bedlington

    Worth looking at some of the other photos that have been available of both Facebook Pages i.e. "Bedlington Remembered" and "Bygone Bedlington" which were deemed to be teams from the annual Easter Monday friendly/charity matches between the Top and Bottom Clubs. The 1954 versions definitely look like being at Millne Park. I am told that previous friendlies were played at West Lea>
  4. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Royal Oaks FC

    See photo of an article from The Morpeth Herald of 20th. June 1908. The opening statement of the 1908 AGM of the Wansbeck League states that the meeting was held at Bedlington Royal Oak (The Blue Bell).
  5. Ovalteeny


    Whilst looking into the history of football in Bedlington over the years I have discovered that Bedlington United were a formidable team at the start of the 20th. Century. They actually played in the top local League (The North Eastern League) against the Reserve team from Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, etc. Reports state that their home ground was at Hollymount, but on checking old maps it's difficult to see exactly where. However, John Reed has confirmed that the pitch was just off Front Street East, where Hollymount Square was eventually built. If you look at the 2 attached Maps (1 from 1920, the other from 1938) you will see on both that there is a football ground down Church Lane. Does anyone know anything about this ground and who might have played there. You can clearly see the new housing developments of Haig/Beaty Road and Millfield on the 1938 map (and not on the 1920 map). I'd appreciate anyone asking their older relatives if they can throw any light on this query regards this Church Lane football ground.
  6. Ovalteeny

    Cricketv Low Score

    So now there's no F in Rediffusion.......
  7. Ovalteeny

    Cricketv Low Score

    Yeh, Eggy, I exchanged a few comments with Mal Jovi Hemsted on FB and I confirmed that his Dad Billy went to Westridge, the year behind me and that the family have been involved with Bedlington CC for generations. I remember Billy Senior, playing Cricket. If I'm not wrong both Billies (Snr & Jnr.) worked for Redifusion. Wonder if anyone can confirm that?
  8. Ovalteeny

    Lp's 1978

    If you take out The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, then I had (have) most of them. Whilst I liked The Beatles & The Stones I thought their music was too accessible on the radio, so I generally bought artists who those 2 groups were inspired by. Hence me being more into Amriecan music, specifically Rhythm & Blues + Soul.
  9. Ovalteeny

    NUFC Supporters Club 1950

    Whilst doing some research I found this photo in a local newspaper from 1950 and have summarised what was reported. Football Fans from Bedlington Station have formed a Newcastle United Supporters Club, so that they can charter buses for all home matches and certain away games. Ninety of these ardent United Supporters made the decision when they attended a “presentation supper” in Bedlington Station Social Club. Frank Brennan the Newcastle United and Scotland international was invited to be the guest of honour. Brennan was astounded when he was presented with an electric clock, as a thank you for his time. Whilst he protested, saying he did not deserve the gift, the crowd chanted “Good Old Frankie”. The Chairman of Bedlington Station Social Club, Coun. A. Judd chaired the meeting and when the suggestion to form the Supporters Club was put to the vote there were only 3 hands against the proposal. It was revealed that these 3 were actually Sunderland supporters and their stand was “howled down” by the other 87 attendees. In accepting the gift, Frank Brennan said he was bewildered at the gesture, but still claimed he had done nothing to deserve it. Later, he sang solo, to the delight of the supporters. I doubt if you could get any of the current NUFC to leave their homes on Darras Hall and attend such a function.
  10. Ovalteeny

    Cricketv Low Score

    Whilst doing some research at Woodhorn Archives, reading old copies of the Blyth News, one particular sporting item from 27th. August 1949 caught my eye. Bedlington 2nd's were playing against Broomhill in the Alnwick & District League (Div. A). The Bedlington team batted first and were all out for a measly 4 runs. The only 3 batsmen to score runs were R.D. Cole (1), H. Laws (1) and D. Routledge (2 n.o.). In reply the Broomhill team scored 6 for 0, taking just 2 overs to complete their victory. So; the question is "Does anyone know if this is a record low score for a Bedlington Cricket Club side, or has there ever verb a lower score ?".
  11. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Station Park?

    I agree with Eggy1948 that the Wakes had the Pork Butchers on The Oval Shops. I'm not at all sure if they also had another shop in Newbiggin.
  12. Ovalteeny

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to the people of Bedlington, wherever you may be. I sincerely hope you all have a great Christmas and wish you a very healthy, happy and successful 2018.
  13. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Station Park?

    11 is Bob Storey,