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  1. Ovalteeny

    Puddler's Raa[Row]

    The name Baldry has just triggered off a memory. Was there an Alf Baldry, who had something like a small holding somewhere near Bedlington Station / Bank Top / Grange Park area. I recall he had a horse and cart and would deliver to our house, a load of horse manure for the garden and sometimes even a load of coal, which probably would have been bartered with a pitman friend or neighbour who had not used their allocation (as my Dad was a Slaughterman / Butcher, then swapping some meat for coals seemed like a good idea at the time).
  2. Ovalteeny

    Watch the Football!

    Sweden didn't need another chance, thanks to Germany.
  3. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    Brilliant photo Eggy. Love the old Television (was it Redifusion) and your sister, Anne's doll!!!
  4. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    Yep, you're right Eggie. In fact I got it right (Austin) in the 2nd. photo (the one with me in). I basically just copied & pasted from Bedlington Remembered (Facebook) without double checking (too much red wine last night - again).
  5. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    Going back to the subject of John Brodie. In 1973 I took a job for Schweppes Ltd. in the North Staffordshire area and moved into my first ever property in Longton. I would sometimes go and watch Stoke City play, but I really enjoyed going to Vale Park on Monday evenings which was where and when Port Vale FC played most of their home games. John Brodie was a regular in that Post Vale team and I would from time to time, bump into him in some of the local clubs, when we would have a chat and a catch up. Sadly, like with so many others, we lost touch and moved on. John Brodie has a page on Wikipedia and the chart below shows his professional football career.
  6. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    The names of the team above are as follows :- Back Row (L to R) Charles Allen, Terry "Tex" Dixon, Michael Southern, Danny Dodds, Derek Johnstone, Austin Anderton, Paul Cotsworth, Bob Storey Front Row Jack Kidd, Leslie Nicholson, Harry Wilson, Gordon Roll, Geordie Elliott. If this is 1963, then I would be 15 (as would Leslie Nicholson & Geordie Elliott). All the others were a year or so older. This leads me to suspect that this could be for the 1964/65 season, but then I could be completely wrong, I'd be 16 and only played the occasional game.
  7. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    Good question, I think this was a year ahead of me, but here is a similar photo (same strip) from the following year. In fact I think the photo with John Brodie et al is actually from 1963 ish and the one below with moi is probably1964.
  8. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington Man Plays for Manchester United

    Here' another photo with John Brodie. It's Bedlington Juniors FC from circa 1964 or 1965. The names are as follows Back Row from left to right Charles "Chuck" Allan, Bob Storey, Barry Temple, Joe Potts, Derek Johnstone, R. Anderton, Brian Goodwill, John Brodie, Bob Dodds, Bobby Short, Front Row from left to right Michael Southern, Michael Third, Les Collingwood, Gordon Roll, Derek Prescot.
  9. Ovalteeny

    Photo from Helen Millar - Facebook Bygone Bedlington

    Looking at the attachment below, which is taken from the information I have gathered from local newspapers, this team line-up never played together for any one football club, in any one season. My conclusion is therefore it is a scratch side, most probably to participate in the annual Good Friday “Top Club” versus “Bottom Club” fixture. It would be brilliant if someone could confirm the year the photo was taken. In the 1940’s and 1950’s players could sign for more than one club, provided those clubs were in different leagues. Some of the men who played in the higher class of football (i.e Northern Alliance) were regarded as almost semi-pro as they received match expenses. So, they were prone to moving around, especially if the clubs made it worth their while. I still have a lot more research to do (it's more of a winter project) with local football from this era, my data is certainly incomplete, but I have enough information on all the teams in Bedlingtonshire to be able to make a calculated stab and say that this a scratch side, gathered together for some sort of friendly.
  10. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Facts and analysis would provide some sort of perspective Canny Lass, but maybe wild and negative aspersions will be what most folks read (certainly on this site). How many people were arrested for all this drunken debauchery would be an interesting question. From memory, I know that many "Miners Picnics" included much of the same alcoholic shenanigans. To a certain majority, culturally, it's called having a good time.
  11. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    It is indeed Foxy. Although it's a canny night most nights if you are a "Glass Half Full" type of person.
  12. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Looking good "Foxy". A picture paints a thousand words (or something like that!!!).
  13. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    welcome Jaxe45, we look forward to seeing positive contributions from you on all subjects concerning Bedlington.
  14. Ovalteeny

    Bedlington........Dying On Its A..e

    Absolutely true Vic Patterson, the ever changing world or evolvement has always been with us. Whilst we may all have opinions on whether progress is good or otherwise there is no effective way to prevent the world from evolving. I've seen almost 70 years of change, most of which I have embraced and benefited from. Bedlington has never been immune to change and my hope and wish is for the pro-active, positive people to influence and mould the future for the greater good of all concerned. There are several forward thinking men & women who fall into this category. Everyone else, have a whinge, have a moan by all means, but for goodness sake stop living in the past and listen to what Bob Dylan was singing about in 1964. The sentiment is still the same some 54 years on, always was and always will be.