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  1. Here’s one someone told me: when Sweden play Denmark the legend on the scoreboard will read SWE-DEN. The unused letters read DEN-MARK. Fun fact.
  2. Project Fear! Love it. Was that the drive to get people to vote for what was never going to happen? I mean, as we’ve said before, a whole wedge of voters said leave on the grounds those horrible foreigners would go home?
  3. Mmm, I wasn’t suggesting one or the other...
  4. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one local.,,
  5. I’m interested as to why not? People have the same basic needs and canny lass mentions a not dissimilar population. I’m no expert on Sweden, however!
  6. Reliable source! Almost from the horses mouth. I could tell you more, but Then I’d have to kill you. It’s not Waitrose.
  7. Btw I have no idea why it says ‘ going to work’ at the end on my first comment!
  8. Oh I couldn’t do that! Let’s just say from what I’ve heard it’s one of the only two chains that are currently expanding rather than cutting back, and one of those already has a store in bedlington. Of course, I could be wrong!
  9. It was widely proposed that Morrison would close after Lidl opened. It’s still going strong. Brand loyalty is a powerful thing. You should be able to guess who it is!
  10. What a wonderful word! I shall tell her that, she’ll appreciate it. I’m her designated Head Gardener here at the moment as she’s away for six weeks on an internship at Woburn Abbey. Difficult to hide how proud I am of how far she’s come, and the gardens have played a massive part.
  11. She’s a young lady who has had a troubled time and was ‘rescued’ by my sister. Now part of the Tumby family! Her passion is growing plants, and she’s turned a little hidden walled garden that was an overgrown junkyard into a tranquil place of great beauty. It’s been as much a pleasure to watch her plants come to be as to watch her get from a very dark place to be able to be herself again, and to help her do it. Needless to say I’m very fond of her, and her roses!
  12. The brewing bit I appreciate! My favourite of Emma’s roses:
  13. I trust his better judgement! My friend was unsure and is only a youngster still learning! Mind, she grows the roses, so she’s doing ok!
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