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  1. Apparently we won Eurovision, well if you add up all the losing countries with our score anyway.. lol
  2. I've come across some who won't vote as they now feel Britain has gone too far to destroy democracy, some mornings I've had over 100 emails to go through from supporters, many who admit they voted remain but now see how the EU works, many who think our political parties have forgotten the people. Now it's time to get politics fixed.
  3. Brexit Party signs, badges and other materials available from my shop - all FREE of course :)
  4. Essential services should be (where practicable) not be privatised, Schools, Prisons, Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, etc.. Of course many of these are sadly were privatised in the 90's/early 00's and are subject to PFI agreements where the taxpayer pays through the nose while bending over. Really weird how these private companies can go under so easily though, and the public 'companies' seem to increase their running costs exponentially yet we get less and less 'value' from their services - Of course they can't go under as our money seems to be free rein for taxation. And then there is Arch..... I'd like to see that properly investigated and come to a conclusion where those responsible are punished in accordance with the law and hopefully they're made to pay back and give back assets to us.
  5. @threegee While that's very true for a lot of the country, around here I think it's just people are sick and tired of the same old getting nowhere, it's like the labour party stick their fingers in their own ears every time the people speak, they just do what they want and ignore us. Brexit comes into it too (though it shouldn't as this was county elections). TBH I think there will be one heck of a cull of labour MPs come the election. Many are in shock at how many people have moved from labour to conservative in this region, it would have been unheard of even a short time ago. Sadly the conservatives took votes from my party too - like nearly all of em! On the plus side, my party have two parish seats and I know some of the independents have too, and believe me we all want the same. Definitely a win for Bedlington I think, and a wake up call to the remaining labour councillors. I truly think we'll see some very positive changes once everyone settles in.
  6. Excellent news, I really believe they'll all make Bedlington an even better place.
  7. Bedlington central looks promising
  8. Best of luck Malcolm, we need people who listen to the locals (like you do) and not just their controlling party whip, hence I'm standing down here in Sleekburn for a party with no whip! I'll stand up for the people firstly, and support any councillor with genuine improvement at heart, even if it goes against any UKIP policy, It's the people who matter. Thought I'd post this here as there's still a lot of people we didn't get to see or drop a leaflet in with - Further information available or speak to me on 01670 898119
  9. From a business perspective, keeping the tree would have been the way forward. Even if they were *given* extra land for car parking/access. I like Lidl, and look forward to a supermarket in Bedlington, but there are plenty of sites where it could have been located if they couldn't work out how to plan/landscape around the tree. One thing we do have in the area is plenty of greenery, I look out of my window at work and enjoy what I see. How many more of these greenspaces are we going to lose? Call me a tree hugger all you like, but I enjoy nature, and want to enjoy our town Mind you, this pic I took yesterday makes it look like have lots of greenery! (tip: save and zoom in )
  10. Had a guy in here getting his computer repaired earlier. This morning he had been on a flight to Brussels, 15 mins from landing the pilot alerted them that Brussels airport was closed so they had to divert. So of course his business meeting was cancelled meaning he had to fly back. Of course the religion of peace thinks it's all good and acceptable, and of course WE have to put up with it thanks to our eu dictators. I have to wonder if todays events were to do with the terrorists they got at last week, or is it because our eu dictators have finally decided to return some of the travelers to Turkey - some of which we can be sure were up to no good.
  11. That's a nice idea, as long as they do give off real light that is usable for humans to see what's around. I too like the dark, but for many it has made going outside on an evening too daring to even consider - so sad, one woman was almost in tears telling me how she felt 'trapped' in her own house because of the fear of who *might* be lurking in the shadows. Elderly (or indeed any age) should not be scared to venture outside - and they weren't until the mass exodus of street lighting. Of course, am sure we'll be keeping the eu dictators happy in doing so, and the extra costs will be passed on to the very people who are now scared.
  12. County Hall, a lovely building, dating from the 1980's - Yet no good now? Sue the builders if it's really as bad as they'll have us believe. A lovely LARGE building I might add, if that's not big enough for the council and it's 'services' then I'd say there's a problem with the council itself and not the building. But as mentioned above, PFI is the way our council think everything should go, they've demolished schools so that we can 'rent' them, hospitals are 'rented'.. etc etc When John Major looked into PFI (and yes that was the start of it), it was promptly stopped. Only to be revived and brought on mass by Tony Bliar, now we own nothing, we rent everything, and pay exorbitant amounts of *our* money to fund it. I've heard of schools being charged an extra £10K just to get a noticeboard put up thanks to PFI and renting all our amenities. Of course we pay the 6th highest council tax in the country, so NCC can afford to squander our money in such a fashion. Where the rest gets squandered is anybodies guess, but it certainly isn't spent on improvements. We the people have NO need for new council offices, but seems some people who have too much of our money think different because they *want*.
  13. Here's one of the 'new improved' lights with some of the old lights in the distance for a comparison, no prizes for guessing which one works better! The old orange lights were around 40 times further away from me. The 'new' lights are like watered down 'moonshine' lol Scared to leave your house after dark? Complain to NCC now, or contact your local councilor.. Demand that your safety be restored. We've become too complacent and put up with lack of services for far too long now, together we CAN make a difference. Of course NCC will still say it's a 'success', a 'benefit to the community', 'money well spent'... and when they eventually have too many claims made against them - they'll blame 'government cuts' and say it was someone elses fault.
  14. Yeah, me too - well read them online anyways, got a thirst from news when I was a lad (that makes me sound well old) doing my paper rounds. I do find that the guardian is riddled with propaganda though. I once created an account on there just so I could announce my disgust at the tripe they were publishing, I gave up hope so didn't bother on there anymore though. Mind you I find much of what the 'news' the media prints needs us to do our own research to find the truth of the article, and the rest isn't true 'news' at all.
  15. Does anyone read the guardianista any more? Apart from Corbyn I mean?
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