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  1. I was going through an old suitcase of my Dads bits and pieces recently and I'm sure there is an original of this photo. Found some fantastic old memories in there from his running and pigeon days. One of the old certificates from one of the France Pigeon races was framed by my Daughters for my 60th - bit dog eared around the edges but absolutely stunning. Will post a photo later in June when I'm home for anyone interested.

  2. There's some very knowledgeable folk on here with memories far superior to mine and I'm looking for some help - my Family (The Leonards of Netherton (3rd Street) & Bedlington (Meadowdale, Red House Farm, Ridge Terrace and the Raas) - Ned/Edward (Grandad), Joe (my Dad), Edward & Martin) worked at Netherton, Ellington and the Doctor Pit. My Granda (Lambert Bellerby) at Ashington Workshops and I believe the Aald Pit. I'm trying desperately to add some meat to the bone of our Family Tree and wondered if anyone could give me any related stories, dates, jobs at the Pits etc - long shot I know but reading some of the posts here, I'm sure someone can give me some help to fill in some of the blanks.

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  3. It's a pity about the Ridge, was my "local pub" for years and my Sister Sharon worked there too when it was the Toby - remember the great Sunday Carvery with plates full to the gunnels!

    Everything seems to go downhill though and disappears from sight eventually - lucky we have forums such as this to keep things alive!

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  4. On the subject of Unions and Strikes, I've been working overseas for years now and had almost forgotten the effect on people strikes have. That was until I moved to Perth, West Australia in 2011 (to 2013) and discovered that many of the old hardened Union "Warriors" from the North East, Scotland and Liverpool had migrated there. Took me back to the 70's and 80's here where we worked and lived through the Miners Strikes and others - I was an apprentice at Blyth Power Station in the 70's and had to walk through the Picket lines every day as we were exempt from action.

    Modern day Australia is a real throw back, several times the Unions had blockaded the gates to our work place and numerous marches through the City caused mayhem to traffic and pedestrians!

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