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  1. On 21/11/2017 at 20:08, rosco said:

    Oh well never mind........probably now more chance of finding Elvis working in a chip shop down the station than seeing the first brick laid on the town centre development


    On 21/11/2017 at 22:21, Malcolm Robinson said:

    Ill take that bet rosco.........


    On 22/11/2017 at 17:33, Canny lass said:

    You could put a couple of quid on that for me as well.

    Still want that bet

  2. On 01/02/2019 at 20:23, _pauls said:

    I'm honestly not a paranoid cynic or political axe grinder but this is really getting beyond a joke. I would love to believe all will turn out great but I just can't help feeling that things will stall for 6 months and then we'll be told that its all going to be turned into housing.

    Planning permission was granted in early 2017 and we are now into 2019 with not a stone laid for the new town centre. The "Investing in Bedlington" website which is supposed to keep us up to date only seems to be updated  when I e-mail them asking for an update. It's latest news is 3 months old and has been superceded by this latest update in the local press.

    I really hope I am proven wrong.

    I moved here from out of the area 9 years ago and have seen the town gain a huge number of additional residents and seen either static provision or a decline, for retail, entertainment, schools and healthcare.

    If we've lost our anchor food retailer then can we not stop flogging a dead horse (after all Lidl kind of replaced Tesco) and go for something that will attract visitors to the town like a cinema, leisure centre, arts venue etc.

    Just please not a derelict building site or 300 new homes.

    I'm sure those in charge of the development have already thought of all of this but faith is wearing thin.


    To be honest after shopping in Morpeth town centre and Cramlington manor walks today we may as well just build houses and a pub on the land

    There has been an increase in empty shops in Morpeth and Cramlington so what hope for us,and lets be honest who is going to take the units on.We don't need a third food retailer/supermarket and if it did go ahead i think a few shops from the high street would move premises leaving more empty shops.

    Gone are the days when we would get butcher,baker,fruit shop etc.....all we will get is more coffee shops,hair salons,nail bars or takeaways.So we may as well save another year or two of public consultations/strategy meetings etc and just build the houses and pub

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  3. 10 hours ago, Jmagic said:

    I reckon we'll never get the shops or facilities we really want in the area.  I cant see many shops wanting to be based here.  As for another supermarket, what is the point of that, complete overkill.  I wouldn't any of the council who try to make it look like theyre doing if for the residents.  It looks when they release updates or set up resident meetings, but deep down they'll have their own agendas and plans

    Heaven forbid......wash your mouth out with soap for suggesting such a thing

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