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  1. 8 hours ago, _pauls said:

    "Further investment of just over £2 million to ensure the project is completed."


    Part of the problem is nobody seems to know what the project is any more. I'm assuming that what is referred to here is the four new retail units and associated flats, rather than any of the other plans.


    Your hopeful......4 new retail units....... Aldi plus a new Greggs and a load of flats is probably the best we can hope for, it been a total cock up from start to whenever it finishes

  2. There was never any chance of getting a leisure centre my only grudge with the council is that they didn't approve the Tesco development years ago because of the former Coop building with its listed / historical status. Give it another two years and the rest of the site will be cheap nasty housing because of a combination of fannying about / incompetence by council etc

  3. I forgot the tattoo shops .....we have 3 and every time I've gone past barbers shops at bp garage/todds/market place/old post office/clippers....no more than one person at best

    On a side note now that Morpeth are building a ¬£21M leisure centre and selling the old one can Bedlington not put a cheeky ¬£1 bid in and demolish/rebuild in the market placeūüėĀas we will happily take a 2nd hand leisure centre, it'll sit nicely where the pub that isn't getting built anymore would have been

  4. Back to my original post.......I don't disagree that the high street has changed and the butcher/baker/candlestick maker thing is long gone, and yes there is clearly a market for all theses barbers/nail bars etc but only so many can survive and I think saturation point has been reached.

    Sadly I think the town centre development site will be the same in a couple of years time and eventually will have cheap housing built on and when I say the site will have cheap housing I mean cheap as in cheap and nasty not affordable. One idea would have been to move the library/doctors etc into a nice new modern building which would take a fair chunk of the land as the originals are out of date and as normal every other town has had/getting new except Bedlington.

    Tesco wanted to build a new shiny store and a handful of shops but were turned down because the old building was marked as listed/importantūü§£they also refused to spend major amounts fixing/bodging the leaking roofs/decrepit buildings and eventually decided enough was enough and left even though the old shop was making money. Then a few years down the line the entire site is flattened including the all important former COOP building


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  5. If you count up the number of hairdressers/barbers/nail bars/beauty salons in Bedlington main street and just off it comes to about 20


    And as regards the town centre development they may as well just build a load of housing on it as nobody else will want to open up a shop because we aren't going to get a leisure facility etc

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  6. 50 minutes ago, Jammy said:

     There will be problems when the new station opens. The small car park near Tasty Bite is often full so luck is needed to obtain a space. The car park behind the Dress Doctor is always close to being full and the car park on the old Railway Tavern site may be reduced if part of it is or has been selected to build a platform. These car parks are already used by local traffic so not much spare capacity. The new station will attract traffic from further away. I foresee cars parked along Melrose and Jubilee Terrace, along the road to St Johns and Bridge Terrace and Stakeford lane. The parked vehicles will cause problems so yellow lines will appear, then where do they park?

     If a journey to Newcastle via train costs more than a bus then vehicles won't be a problem as the trains will hardly be used. For example: - who will travel by car to Bedlington Station from Stakeford(especially having to travel over those ridiculous humps in the road) when good a bus service is already available and the total journey time will be greater by train. This will also apply to Bedlington(top end) travellers.

     Initially the train will attract curiosity but I think the interest will soon subside and will struggle to break even. Local people may use it but it's all about journey cost. It may come down to how many workers at the battery factory use it.

     If bus passes can be used there will be quite a few older passengers but they are not what the train company wants as they don't generate much income.

    X31/32 bus fare will tumble as well with the competition £7.50 day return at the moment from Ashington to Newcastle

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