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  1. Well its not exactly a busy site..........they've spent more putting the great red wall up......why do we have to wait till january for update surely you know if its going and if it is why has site been left empty for months
  2. why do we have to wait til January for update.....surely its either going ahead or its gone t1ts up.....nothing has happened on the site for quite a while
  3. So will we ever see a brick laid on "the great red wall of bedlington".....no mention of current developments in the county
  4. Anybody got any updates on this seems to have gone quiet
  5. when i say part of ....i mean it was a building being retained
  6. Saw today its windows and doors boarded up.....now i understand its part of the new shopping plans so i presume its gone to the wall
  7. Lidl is not making as much as it planned considering the size of shop.....so another supermarket wouldn't be good.....personally l much prefer Lidl over Aldi
  8. just pleased i now have a dash cam fitted because alot of drivers seem unaware of the mini roundabout at Lidl and just go straight over without stopping,amazed there's been no accidents yet
  9. But then again according to today's journal Arch have axed some projects including bedlington
  10. http://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/News seems to answer a few questions......looks like it was added today
  11. This seems to be taking a long time to open......looks ready behind the curtain on front door
  12. but if the migrants went home wages would have to go up and English people might want the work
  13. looking again number 53 looks a bit iffy as well
  14. trying to imagine a kid asking his mum today.......can I dress and black up for school party for queen's 90th
  15. what was number 2 bobby ramsey dressed as or has he been down the pit
  16. Nice to see a sold sign outside the top club....anybody know what the plans for it are
  17. lets hope not and that work starts soon
  18. merge in turn is the quickest way......and the recommended way as per highway code.....nothing worse than lorry or car pulling out to slow/stop traffic thinking they are doing the right thing
  19. For plastering and tiling this guy does a great job Andy Bannister Plastering & Tiling......... on Facebook or 07906553582
  20. remember a few of the old chimp adverts didn't realise there are 24 old ones on YouTube
  21. somebody from the council needs to sort out the tree just before the black bull pub long length of lights dangling from the tree just waiting for scumbags to damage
  22. rosco


    they enquired about knocking the building down but were told among other things that the chimney pots on top of the coop building were listed/of historical interest...the original presto building behind the 70s façade was listed plus the old spend and save dated back to 1850s .......which to honest most people in Bedlington myself included couldn't give a toss about if Tesco had built the original store and surrounding shops So a big thanks to the council for f.....g it up completely
  23. rosco


    which is what Tesco wanted to do when they showed the plans for new store
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