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  1. trying to imagine a kid asking his mum today.......can I dress and black up for school party for queen's 90th
  2. what was number 2 bobby ramsey dressed as or has he been down the pit
  3. Nice to see a sold sign outside the top club....anybody know what the plans for it are
  4. lets hope not and that work starts soon
  5. merge in turn is the quickest way......and the recommended way as per highway code.....nothing worse than lorry or car pulling out to slow/stop traffic thinking they are doing the right thing
  6. For plastering and tiling this guy does a great job Andy Bannister Plastering & Tiling......... on Facebook or 07906553582
  7. remember a few of the old chimp adverts didn't realise there are 24 old ones on YouTube
  8. somebody from the council needs to sort out the tree just before the black bull pub long length of lights dangling from the tree just waiting for scumbags to damage
  9. rosco


    they enquired about knocking the building down but were told among other things that the chimney pots on top of the coop building were listed/of historical interest...the original presto building behind the 70s façade was listed plus the old spend and save dated back to 1850s .......which to honest most people in Bedlington myself included couldn't give a toss about if Tesco had built the original store and surrounding shops So a big thanks to the council for f.....g it up completely
  10. rosco


    which is what Tesco wanted to do when they showed the plans for new store
  11. But they could have done more perhaps raised the alarm or helped passengers move away............I also hear they have been awarded the WHITE HANKY medal
  12. If Lidl build store next to Morrison's I think it would end the chances of another food retailer taking over old Tesco site. We can only hope Morrison's consider moving...but that would only happen if they got the Tesco building for free or the council did full repairs on building and then sold it to them. If they stay put it will major traffic with both shops in same place
  13. would have been nice if they had been planted out for a while to give them a chance to mature/grow but thanks to the low life Knobs of Bedlington who think its fun rip them out and replace with beer bottles etc they are never going look very good
  14. we must have lowest of the low life because Morpeth have had all planters made up for weeks even though they are in main street
  15. if it judged on Wednesday it doesn't give much time to plant them
  16. is there much point doing this as some of the hanging baskets look dead and there are no plants in the square tubs near market tavern
  17. rosco


    It was bad enough when the bikers came to town for charity Easter egg run...then followed by make a noise.....but where the hell will people go if its nice weather this weekend If was the market tavern I'd put a coin slot on pub toilets ashington has at least 2 PCs open newbiggin 1 Bedlington town centre a BIG FAT ZERO come on NCC sort it out Is the block behind tesco closed because tesco owned the land if so they should be reopened as soon sale goes ahead
  18. Lived in bedlington since 1990 and started thinking how many shops have closed since then.....William low,Tait's cafe,car parts shop next to Tait's,Forrester's,jewellers shop,women's dress shop,Lloyd's,HSBC,Barclay's,mercantile universal,northern rock,dry cleaners and the shop next door,spend and save,coop dept,northern electric,British gas,Johnsons shoe shop,the video den,Halifax e/a,shell garage,ford garage,lighting shop and that's just the ones I can remember.....in there place we have a few decent replacements,houses/flats.....but how many takeaways nail/hairdressers/beauty shops do we need Don't get me wrong almost any replacement is welcome but you can see a decline in quality.To be fair a large chunk of the closed shops etc are a result of online/shopping habits Almost forgot 3 public toilet blocks As a final note I see the shoe shop is opening as a fireplace shop
  19. Blyth like Ashington has to keep the labour voters happy......... what better way than to have ANOTHER market square/street regeneration for both plus leisure centre council offices transferring from Morpeth and various other initiatives......Ian Lavery must be licking his lips in anticipation of a another all be it smaller labour victory
  20. Anybody know what's going on in the old shoe shop as there were a couple of joiners in there today
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