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  1. It may have been early 50s when people had nowt.......but they look a happy bunch.......i sometimes wish things were like that now.....and i was born in 62
  2. Lots of small independent shops........that would all be closed down now......or numerous takeaways,hairdressers,beauty salons or tattoo shops
  3. Please can you take those god awful plastic hanging baskets down
  4. So when would you hope the Town Centre redevelopment gets started
  5. Hope they manage to get sorted out.....far to many little scumbags getting away with murder around here at the moment.probably the same ar5eholes who smashed all the refrigeration units at the back of Lidl a few weeks back
  6. rosco

    Noisy neighbours silenced in Bedlington

    Soon to be evicted.......to the joy of the neighbours but some other poor sod will eventually have them next door
  7. Heaven forbid......wash your mouth out with soap for suggesting such a thing
  8. As long as the new shops don't include nail salon,hair dresser/barbers,cafet,tattoo studio or takeaway shop we might be ok but to be honest I think we'll get at least 2 more
  9. I hope I'm wrong.....but let's see in 5 yrs time if all three are still here and more importantly thriving I think a better solution would have been an Iceland or Morrisons move to the new site and Iceland move into old shop
  10. You can't compare Bedlington to a Scandinavian town
  11. Ahh.......so it must be M & S Food
  12. Is this the I've heard.....Chinese whispers or I've heard....from a reliable source
  13. yes....that was one to two supermarkets two to three isn't going to work "You should be able to guess who it is!".....give us a clue
  14. another supermarket is just going to mean morrison's or lidl closing unless its something like Iceland.......but no doubt the council will be giving themselves a pat on back and congratulations all round when it opens (whoever it is) and making big noises on how they've worked very hard in attracting said supermarket
  15. Well that brought some interesting replies..........Hopefully......and I'll believe it when its fully finished the new development will help improve the town centre, which has played second fiddle to Ashington for to long As a side note to my original post.......how long does it take to repair a broken window......Wharton Arms please note its been broken for weeks
  16. Didn't/Hadn't realised how scruffy and run down Bedlington is till yesterday,we all know about council cutbacks etc and the long winded market place development but don't people take any pride with the appearance of house and gardens anymore I walked down to the post office at the spar and the state of front gardens in a lot of houses is embarrassing,now i appreciate some people ie elderly disabled may or cant keep gardens tidy but as for the rest..........come on have some pride in your house do you really want to live in a house that looks a 5h1thole from the outside Later on i walked up to Boots in Front street and first impressions on a nice sunny day looking up from Northumberland Arms towards Red Lion is good........but on closer inspection Oh dear what a mess. Excluding the the Tesco/Great Wall Of Bedlington Site shops are closing at an alarming rate....The Wool Shop,Durham Beds and Theresa's Ices.on a plus note it was good to see workman inside the old Lloyd's Pharmacy shop but i will reserve judgement until i see what opens no doubt another hair/nail/takeaway or cafe The Development of the Lairds House was supposed to have stated by now or have owners decided its a dead loss and what on earth is going on in the Barrington Arms it looks like a cheap conversion to flats done really badly I presume the new owners of Market Tavern are running on a shoestring judging by hand written signs in windows and the shockingly bad plastic hanging baskets as well as only opening on limited days to sell cheap beer.Which brings me nicely to another problem in the Front Street.....Breakers Bar and its clientele who were congregated outside in full view and what a smart bunch they wereūü§£Bedlingtons finest.On a side note has there been a increase in single male/unemployed/drink/drug related people moving to our town recently or do all the lowlife head to Breakers Bar during the day Do we have no litter bins in Bedlington or are people just to lazy to walk over to them and would rather chuck it on the ground and who will no doubt vandalise the flower planters on a Friday night.Of course as well as no binsūü§≠we have no toilets.....every town centre has at least one working public loo except Bedlington. I used to be proud to live in a nice town but when people now ask where i live i'm almost embarrassed to tell them Bedlington
  17. to be fair that website was compiled before Lidl came to town..........but interesting to see no mention of Bedlington on current site https://www.aldi.co.uk/about-aldi/property/required-towns/north-east-england-north-yorkshire-and-cumbria If Aldi are the new food retailer the Councillors who voted for it want a kick up the backside for being so stupid
  18. I just hope the well known food retailer is not Aldi as we already have Lidl and Morrison's which for a town the size of Bedlington with no through traffic is enough and a good mix discount/major retailer Having Aldi here will not work and will mean a closure of existing shop on the other hand something like Iceland might work
  19. And the two of them together is ok......3rd one and its bye bye to Morrison's as they they only rent/lease building Lidl spent a fortune building purpose built shop
  20. Any idea when we find out which Food Retailer is taking the big unit........If as rumoured and its only rumours and we all know how they spread Aldi move in we may as well say goodbye to Morrison's,because 3 supermarkets wouldn't work
  21. Well we cant upset the snowflakes and the ethnic minority can we......They'd cancel Easter & Christmas given half a chance
  22. Whats the betting Ashington will have this completed before our Market Place is started https://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/cinema-being-proposed-for-key-town-site-1-9026498
  23. Our traveller friends will be moving in soon........with an influx of roofing and gardening offers
  24. Bedlington will soon be famous for its "great red wall" as seen from space......because bugger all will be built on former tesco site
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