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  1. Has somebody run out of red pencil to fil the Bedlington space🙄
  2. Your hopeful......4 new retail units....... Aldi plus a new Greggs and a load of flats is probably the best we can hope for, it been a total cock up from start to whenever it finishes
  3. There was never any chance of getting a leisure centre my only grudge with the council is that they didn't approve the Tesco development years ago because of the former Coop building with its listed / historical status. Give it another two years and the rest of the site will be cheap nasty housing because of a combination of fannying about / incompetence by council etc
  4. I forgot the tattoo shops .....we have 3 and every time I've gone past barbers shops at bp garage/todds/market place/old post office/clippers....no more than one person at best On a side note now that Morpeth are building a £21M leisure centre and selling the old one can Bedlington not put a cheeky £1 bid in and demolish/rebuild in the market place😁as we will happily take a 2nd hand leisure centre, it'll sit nicely where the pub that isn't getting built anymore would have been
  5. Back to my original post.......I don't disagree that the high street has changed and the butcher/baker/candlestick maker thing is long gone, and yes there is clearly a market for all theses barbers/nail bars etc but only so many can survive and I think saturation point has been reached. Sadly I think the town centre development site will be the same in a couple of years time and eventually will have cheap housing built on and when I say the site will have cheap housing I mean cheap as in cheap and nasty not affordable. One idea would have been to move the library/doctors etc into a nice new modern building which would take a fair chunk of the land as the originals are out of date and as normal every other town has had/getting new except Bedlington. Tesco wanted to build a new shiny store and a handful of shops but were turned down because the old building was marked as listed/important🤣they also refused to spend major amounts fixing/bodging the leaking roofs/decrepit buildings and eventually decided enough was enough and left even though the old shop was making money. Then a few years down the line the entire site is flattened including the all important former COOP building
  6. If you count up the number of hairdressers/barbers/nail bars/beauty salons in Bedlington main street and just off it comes to about 20 And as regards the town centre development they may as well just build a load of housing on it as nobody else will want to open up a shop because we aren't going to get a leisure facility etc
  7. Shame to see another long established business closing.....so here is the latest betting on the new one opening Hair dresser/Barbers...1/2 Nail Bar... 6/4 Beauty Salon 7/2 Vape Shop...4/1 Cafe...5/1 Anything actually useful...20/1
  8. Got my 6 weekly cut yesterday and Trevor was telling me he's been in his shop for 34 years this month.....well done and hopefully for many more years, many barbers have opened and closed over the years but only the best survive If you need a cut/trim give Trevor or Jill a go
  9. Anybody care to recommend a garage for car repair/service it doesn't need to be main dealer and can be a back street garage I'm just after an honest/fair priced establishment
  10. Work next door the the Aldi store seems to have dried up
  11. Anybody had problems with mobile coverage in the last couple of days in particular Vodafone i did notice lots of vans and work going on at the BT building mobile mast yesterday and wondering if that is the reason
  12. X31/32 bus fare will tumble as well with the competition £7.50 day return at the moment from Ashington to Newcastle
  13. There was a funeral service at St Cuthbert's today must have been 100+ stood together outside church when coffin was being loaded no one wearing a mask
  14. Nice gesture by yourselves but has the scumbag paid any compensation/fines towards the damage and items stolen.....or is/was it a fine which we all know will never be paid
  15. Well if and its a big if.....work starts in late summer it'll only be 2 years late
  16. I'll believe it when its all completed..........phase 1 & 2
  17. Seems to have gone very quiet after all the fencing went up before Christmas
  18. "Majority slashed" is an understatement.........10435 in 2017......814 in 2019
  19. He comes across as a pompous idiot
  20. So....any thoughts on Dec 12th.....is slippery Lavery big majority going to be slashed
  21. So i see Aldi are coming to town.....https://www.advancenorthumberland.co.uk/news. I could be wrong but cant see Morrison's being around for too long after they open
  22. Probably the same little ba5tard5 who cause havoc all over Bedlington...........find and birch them........but no doubt the little darlings will be slapped on the wrist
  23. Hasn't worked for months on my win 10 laptop
  24. Nice ......fingers crossed for fantastic weather that weekend
  25. I've said it before and i will say it again there is no space for 3 supermarkets in Bedlington.......Northumberland Council/Arch/Advance Northumberland or whoever should have tried to tempt Morrison's with free/reduced rent/rates etc to move to new development The current Morrison's shop would be easy to find new tenant/owner as it could changed to 2/3 smaller units if necessary, no other food retailers will come to Bedlington now that Aldi (allegedly) have pulled the plug.To be honest i fully expect the site will be completed eventually but it will be all cheap housing and car park
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