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  1. rosco

    Has anybody noticed?

    Well we cant upset the snowflakes and the ethnic minority can we......They'd cancel Easter & Christmas given half a chance
  2. rosco

    Councillor Wallace - Developments!

    Whats the betting Ashington will have this completed before our Market Place is started https://www.newspostleader.co.uk/news/cinema-being-proposed-for-key-town-site-1-9026498
  3. rosco

    Remember This

    Our traveller friends will be moving in soon........with an influx of roofing and gardening offers
  4. rosco

    Remember This

    Bedlington will soon be famous for its "great red wall" as seen from space......because bugger all will be built on former tesco site
  5. signed......spread the word
  6. Netto were in before Maxi Freeze they moved in after William Low
  7. The shop which i cant remember name was before Kwik Save
  8. No wasn't them......it was a cheap and cheerful discount shop
  9. Lived in Bedlington since 1993 and trying to work out how many different supermarket chains have come and gone but cant remember the name of a discount food shop that opened in old Coop building William Low which was bought out by Tesco and closed down....Netto moved in to the builiding....then moved down to the current Morrison's Lidl (first time around) who had the Morrison's building but moved out after a year or so Presto which then became Safeway then Tesco Coop department store which when closed became a discount food shop but cant remember the name then to Kwik Save then Somerfield
  10. Then turn the lights out and have a wee down the ramp
  11. Fair point but the council wont spend thousands making sure all the lights work,disinfected regular,graffiti removed and extra visits by police/specials
  12. Apart from bad lads and scumbags who else uses it......i cross that road a few times a week and never use it....even if it was clean well lit and wee free its quicker using zebra crossing
  13. As a side note the price of real trees has increased a fair bit this year.....same 6 ft tree same size same place last year £30 this year £40 so its up to the attic for artificial one
  14. Nice to see a new business open which isn't fast food/hairdressers or beauty salon.........Good luck and here hoping its a great success
  15. rosco

    Arch to go........

    Oh well never mind........probably now more chance of finding Elvis working in a chip shop down the station than seeing the first brick laid on the town centre development