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  1. Anybody had problems with mobile coverage in the last couple of days in particular Vodafone i did notice lots of vans and work going on at the BT building mobile mast yesterday and wondering if that is the reason
  2. X31/32 bus fare will tumble as well with the competition £7.50 day return at the moment from Ashington to Newcastle
  3. There was a funeral service at St Cuthbert's today must have been 100+ stood together outside church when coffin was being loaded no one wearing a mask
  4. Nice gesture by yourselves but has the scumbag paid any compensation/fines towards the damage and items stolen.....or is/was it a fine which we all know will never be paid
  5. Well if and its a big if.....work starts in late summer it'll only be 2 years late
  6. I'll believe it when its all completed..........phase 1 & 2
  7. Seems to have gone very quiet after all the fencing went up before Christmas
  8. "Majority slashed" is an understatement.........10435 in 2017......814 in 2019
  9. He comes across as a pompous idiot
  10. So....any thoughts on Dec 12th.....is slippery Lavery big majority going to be slashed
  11. So i see Aldi are coming to town.....https://www.advancenorthumberland.co.uk/news. I could be wrong but cant see Morrison's being around for too long after they open
  12. Probably the same little ba5tard5 who cause havoc all over Bedlington...........find and birch them........but no doubt the little darlings will be slapped on the wrist
  13. Hasn't worked for months on my win 10 laptop
  14. Nice ......fingers crossed for fantastic weather that weekend
  15. I've said it before and i will say it again there is no space for 3 supermarkets in Bedlington.......Northumberland Council/Arch/Advance Northumberland or whoever should have tried to tempt Morrison's with free/reduced rent/rates etc to move to new development The current Morrison's shop would be easy to find new tenant/owner as it could changed to 2/3 smaller units if necessary, no other food retailers will come to Bedlington now that Aldi (allegedly) have pulled the plug.To be honest i fully expect the site will be completed eventually but it will be all cheap housing and car park
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