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  1. 6 hours ago, potty said:


    sorry about the disappointment, We had an electrical fault which prevented opening! Back to norm tomorrow!

    "New times though :

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.00am/5.00

    Sunday 12 til 6.00

    kind regards


    Thanks for the update and the new times have been passed on. :) 

  2. In the good old days when Lucy's was open the police would drop back some of night shift at weekends to ensure there was an extra police presence both in Bedlington and Bedlington Station between 10pm and 3am. You would generally see a panda parked opposite the Blue Bell and another at the Market Place observing what was happening. A task force of police and special constables would coast up and down Front Street and everyone was aware of the police presence if they were intent on kicking off.

    The Bedlington Sergeant would head the task force and his team would conduct licensing visits so that even the pubs patrons knew the police were not far away.

    I hope Councillor Wallace has some success speaking with the Chief Superintendent although methinks otherwise.

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  3. It would appear that the ward changes would put the final nail in the coffin of our beloved Bedlingtonshire.

    "BEDLINGTONSHIRE is situated at the north-east corner of Castle Ward, and is bounded on the north by the river Wansbeck, on the west by the parishes of Morpeth and Stannington, on the south by the river Blyth, and on the east by the German Ocean. It comprises the townships of Bedlington, Camboise, Choppington, Netherton, Sleekburn (East), and Sleekburn (West)......... From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland 1855.

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  4. 55 minutes ago, curly said:

    same reason that the grass verges are left to go wild - not enough money to cut the grass


    The Town Council have previously took responsibililty for 'Additional grass cuts' as the County Council does not cut grass in April apparently. It is now June! If you look about other things also seem to be getting neglected such as kerbside weeds.


  5. 50 minutes ago, bluebarby said:

    Who was the last politician, male or female of whatever party that could draw a crowd like this on a wet and dismal June evening? 


    As you suggest bluebarby it is impressive and if the turnout is high on Thursday who knows what might happen.

  6. 49 minutes ago, bluebarby said:

    Personally I would prefer Tom and Jerry to the May - or - May not -or- May be - or May be not -or - possibly not - or - why not Party.

    Pity  the Monster Raving Looney or whatever party haven't put up a serious candidate, although having said that, the May or May not Party do have Borris which is a near enough Raving Loony I suppose. Then if you are really hard up for choice there is the "Fararge Balloon Lot"........................

    Perhaps all we can hope for is a fair fight involving all the parties.


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