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  1. On 15/01/2021 at 11:30, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

    It was The Dunn Coo Bill. I can't remember the exact sequence the name changing took but something like = Millfield (when John Tudor took it over after he finished playing football for NUFC) - then changed to Connections - then back to Dunn Cow - then back to The Millfield and then La Torre, Italian restaurant, joined/partnered The Millfield and as far as I am aware that's how it is now.

    Street view, 2019, from the entrance to Hollymount Square.  


    Black Bull comp


    Bedlington's drinking establishments - Then & Now album I did in 2016 :-


    I played football for the Millfield/Connections and also stayed with John Tudor when he played against his pub team when he moved to the home of his local town of Ilkeston. Fond memories of a great social group. :rolleyes:     


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  2. On 09/11/2020 at 00:12, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Loathe..all these idiots who are having mass gatherings,and risking the lives of our front line workers in the NHS,and our Police Forces,and who deliberately break the lockdown rules....cos they must think it's "Cool"..

    Nine police officers who had breakfast together inside a cafe have been fined for breaching COVID lockdown rules on duty.

    The officers, from the Metropolitan Police, were fined £200 each and told to "reflect on their choices."

    Unfortunately some of our heroes can be fallible,  Police suspected to be dining inside The Chef House Kitchen Cafe, Greenwhich, east London. Pic: Brian Jennings / SWNS

  3. A quote from from one of our councillors. 'Whilst Ian Lavery chaired Ashington Football Club it benefited  from more than £1m of investment as part of the Arch scandal that took place under Labour. How much did Bedlington Terriers get?  The answer is nothing'.

    It is "never too late" for Mr Lavery to "apologise".

  4. 2 minutes ago, Bedlingtonian said:

    Mr Lavery suggests that miners should be pardoned for their involvement in the 1984-1985 strike. Perhaps they should!

    In the view of many miners and their families Mr Lavery should perhaps never be pardoned for his involvement with the Miners Union and their pension funds!


    Perhaps a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

    It is "never too late" for Mr Lavery to "apologise".

  5. As mentioned Joseph & Thomasina who married in 1899 had 4 children by 1911 however 2 of them had died. Florrie 8 years and Mary 4 years were registered with their parents at 6 1st Street Netherton Colliery. They appear to have a son George born in 1917 who is registered with his parents at 9 Crawford Terrace in 1939. Although the 1911 census and 1939 register are not free to access there is a free website that is useful for family history research. https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.pl

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  6. Very quiet!

    Newcastle upon Tyne. 499 cases per 100,000 people in the latest week 29 Sep-5 Oct.

    1,510 cases in the latest week 29 Sep-5 Oct +760 compared with the previous week
    5,420 total cases to 08 Oct

    Today it is announced that another 1600 students have tested positive in Newcastle Universities!

    Why should Northumberland Council ask to be grouped with the likes of Newcastle? 


  7. 23 hours ago, Tonyp said:

    Definitely same concert bedlingtonian when he jumped off the star he sang whatever happened to a teenage dream brilliant concert I do believe T.Rex were the first group to perform At Glastonbury but I probably will get proved Wrong happy days  

    Always thought of myself as a 20th Century Boy and a Child of the Revolution who had a Teenage Dream.😉

  8. On 25/07/2020 at 01:55, Tonyp said:

    Me mother was brought up in Hirst terrace during the war, I think one of the last people to leave Hirst terrace prior to demolition was a Scottish builder called Ian Milne he had 3 lasses the oldest was called Linda I remember she came with my mother & my brother + me to see T.Rex at the City hall in the early seventies I think one of he's last tours before he died. Anyway Linda had to younger sisters & Ian's wife was called Shirley. A Guide post lass I think

    Linda, Lorna & Tracey. Suspect I was at the same concert at City Hall when it started with Marc rising from the stage on a star. ☺️ 

  9. It may not help with Hollymount Hall however when Michael Longridge died in 1858 I suspect he was in Bedlington as he was buried at St. Cuthberts. I think in the 1951 census he may be in Westgate Street Newcastle with his family. I believe the original Assembly House was in Westgate Street.

    Hollymount Hall could be a 19th Century holiday home. ☺️


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