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  1. England out, Italy out, Suarez out?
  2. Hi Eggy, There is nothing on the card that assists to identify each of the locations. There is a clue to the date not being 1644 on the back of the card as one was posted 16th August 1924. The images of the Market Cross, Trotters monument and the church will be familiar to most but the woodland and river scene may not be as easy to work out.
  3. My vote would be for the Market Cross however the below postcards give an idea of what views represented Bedlington in the 1920's.
  4. There has been a suggestion that the 'Bedlington Terriers' in the photograph may be the 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers ( Territorial Force ). Apparently the cap badges appear consistent with the Northumberland Fusiliers and the shoulder titles look consistent with the Territorial Force.
  5. Below is a postcard relating to the raid that was sent from Bedlington to Prestonpans in 1915. I believe like the Blyth link that it is a hoax.
  6. Hi Maggie, The two pictures are postcards that are unused so I do not know when they date from. Below is a postcard from 1915 that appears to show a Zeppelin Raid at Bedlington. Apparently it is a hoax.
  7. Perhaps you know the 'Bedlington Terriers' or the Bedlington Salvation Army Band Member
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