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  1. Does the link mention if he was welcome at the rally for miners' pensions in Liverpool in September.
  2. Daniel Mclean of 91 Victoria Terrace Bedlington died 5th September 1946. Probate was obtained in London in January 1947 by Joseph Cook Williams a Commercial Traveler and Robert Henry Lazenby a Miner. Effects were £4389 16 s 6d. A copy of his will can be obtained for £10 using the Government website https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/#wills
  3. There was a Daniel Mclean born about 1864 who was a grocer who was initiated into St. Cuthbert Lodge Bedlington in 1904. He would have been in his eighties in the 40's
  4. Details of members of the St Cuthbert's Freemason Lodge Bedlington can be found on Ancestry up-to around 1921. The birth date and date of initiation of the brothers can now be found online which is great for anyone researching family history.
  5. William appears to have been from a large family originally from the Tweedmouth / Scremerston area. He may have had a large family himself and spent some time at Netherton and Scotland Gate. His wife Ann may have been in Doctor Terrace in 1901 if it is the same William Ferguson Locke. In an 1887 register he is shown as an attendance officer from Scotland Gate. There is an Alex Locke who may be a brother described as secretary and manager of the Bedlington Equitable Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. Front Street.
  6. I believe there may be a Bedlington Masonic Hall Museum and Library that historians would be interested in. Perhaps one of the brothers can confirm.
  7. Can anyone clarify who benefits from Arch. Councillors? Private enterprise? or perhaps the public? Do our Councillors get paid?, what happens to profits etc?
  8. Another is located inside the Co-op at Bedlington Station
  9. In 1992/1993 both Safeway/Presto and Keith Pattinson's Market Place had planning applications for shutters refused. Bedlington Conservation Area was listed as a Constraint at the time. Pattinson's were again refused in 1995 and an appeal was dismissed. What appears to be a revised application was accepted in 1996/1997. The early nineties were a time when 'Ram Raids' and the likes were prevalent. Apparently staff at the Granada shop may have nicknamed it 'The Takeaway Shop' after it was raided a couple of times in the space of a week.
  10. In the mid 1980's the Rediffusion Group was broken up and sold off. The TV rental business was acquired by Granada however there is a suggestion by TonyG that the Rediffusion shop may have became NVR owned by the son of Jimmy Millne. Rediffusion would appear to have internal shutters.
  11. http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/WAMDocuments/D321C815-EA4E-45DC-8AFC-B8ED6F646D90_1_0.pdf?nccredirect=1 I think the shutters went up when Zuenziga took over the shop
  12. I believe this may have been one of the first shops to ignore the conservation area shutter restriction.
  13. There is a Shopfront Design Guide for Bedlington from October 2007 that states the following: Shopfront security measures have significant potential to harm the character and appearance of the conservation area, both in terms of roller boxes and the visual impact of grilles and shutters when down. This is particularly true of measures added to existing shopfronts at a later date, as the two are then not designed in harmony. The District Council adopted guidance on this issue for Bedlington Conservation Area in 1998 (see Appendix B ). Link to the full document is below the photograph. http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/idoc.ashx?docid=d321c815-ea4e-45dc-8afc-b8ed6f646d90&version=-1
  14. Excuse the ignorance but does anyone know if there are any plans for the development of Westridge?
  15. I am sure it will be a great effort by all although it was more than just a litter pick for those that had to tidy the front of the Top Club earlier. Well done
  16. Sounds good to me although do we have to include everyone from Liverpool, Manchester & Leeds. Perhaps only allow people from north of Hadrian's Wall.
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