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  1. Today is World Alzheimer's Day and perhaps we should give a thought to those that are suffering or are having to deal with Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is difficult for many of us to understand how to deal with such issues as nobody has ever prepared us for the changes facing our loved ones. Some of the things we take for granted when communicating with friends and family may not be the best way to approach those that have dementia. The below link advises on 7 things that we should not say to somebody with dementia. https://blog.alzheimers.org.uk/dementia-insight/language-dementia-what-not-to-say/?utm_campaign=September+2017+Newsletter&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
  2. The Lidl mini-roundabout on Schalksmuhle Road is a nightmare... although it may be that it is all the drivers who do not appear to have a clue about giving way that causes the problems. There is often a Mexican standoff that then ends up as a dangerous free for all.
  3. I see that a double cable has been placed on three locations on Victoria Terrace. I believe these are for measuring vehicle speed as well as for measuring the volume of traffic. The results can be used as justification for lowering the speed limit or installing a speed camera so it may be that the petition for road humps will receive attention. Unfortunately a little too late for the family of Bethany however the efforts of hemsted85 and others should be commended.
  4. Thanks for the update and the new times have been passed on.
  5. In the good old days when Lucy's was open the police would drop back some of night shift at weekends to ensure there was an extra police presence both in Bedlington and Bedlington Station between 10pm and 3am. You would generally see a panda parked opposite the Blue Bell and another at the Market Place observing what was happening. A task force of police and special constables would coast up and down Front Street and everyone was aware of the police presence if they were intent on kicking off. The Bedlington Sergeant would head the task force and his team would conduct licensing visits so that even the pubs patrons knew the police were not far away. I hope Councillor Wallace has some success speaking with the Chief Superintendent although methinks otherwise.
  6. My wife was looking to treat her mother to an ice cream on Sunday afternoon and they were both disappointed to find it was not open although the opening times sign suggested they would be.
  7. It would appear that the ward changes would put the final nail in the coffin of our beloved Bedlingtonshire. "BEDLINGTONSHIRE is situated at the north-east corner of Castle Ward, and is bounded on the north by the river Wansbeck, on the west by the parishes of Morpeth and Stannington, on the south by the river Blyth, and on the east by the German Ocean. It comprises the townships of Bedlington, Camboise, Choppington, Netherton, Sleekburn (East), and Sleekburn (West)......... From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland 1855.
  8. Great election, can't wait for the next one... although I think we will not have long to wait.
  9. Good on Malcolm but are there only 12 people entitled to vote?
  10. As would Blyth and Wansbeck perhaps.
  11. The Town Council have previously took responsibililty for 'Additional grass cuts' as the County Council does not cut grass in April apparently. It is now June! If you look about other things also seem to be getting neglected such as kerbside weeds.
  12. As you suggest bluebarby it is impressive and if the turnout is high on Thursday who knows what might happen.
  13. Is there any reason why Attlee Park is being allowed to be an overgrown meadow?
  14. Our very own Mr Lavery getting a bit wound up by Boris.
  15. The concept of 'affordable' homes is great although how many will be bought by wealthy parents investing in property for their children.
  16. General elections appear to bring out the worst in people and at the end of all the bickering nothing changes.... or does it?
  17. Great news about the town centre development. Councillors have also been recommended to approve plans for 500 homes in the town. Is that another 1000+ patients for the GP's to deal with at the health centre and additional class numbers for the local schools to manage?
  18. Perhaps all we can hope for is a fair fight involving all the parties.
  19. Theresa May protest song hits no.1 on itunes although it has been banned on radio stations.
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