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  1. Hi Alan, that is correct location although what is considered the path is nearer to the tree line.
  2. There has been a path through a field behind Meadowdale Academy that has been used for several years by residents. This has been blocked off for potential development. There is conflicting information as to whether the path will be accommodated into future development. Perhaps our local Councillors can ensure it is adopted into the plans. It would only take about a 5m path from the development site and if fenced would protect the privacy of Meadowdale students on the sports field.
  3. Michael has no involvement with the association now and believes it is still open at weekends. He suggests that times of opening may be displayed at the premises.
  4. I spoke with Michael Bradley about it recently and he confirmed it was still going. Unfortunately I can not help with opening times.
  5. Great effort by all. I was a little late today with my contribution having not read the opening hours of the centre. Good to see the flag flying and I am sure the whole of Bedlington supports the people of the Ukraine at this difficult time.
  6. The archives at Woodhorn have a list of pre 1852 monumental inscriptions of St Cuthbert's Church by J. Jewitt in 1977. It contains all gravestones and plaques bearing an inscription dated 1851 or earlier. No photographs unfortunately.
  7. From random website:- MERMAID Dualism of Christ – half God, half man
  8. Well done Maggie, great picture. I visited St Cuthberts and found what I was looking for today but was disappointed with the stones where the inscriptions had worn off. I am not sure if Woodhorn Archives or ndfsh have anything. Hopefully someone is putting them all on line. There are commercial sites like FindAGrave that do it.
  9. I presume the forestry clearance at Gallagher Park is related to overhead cables.☹️
  10. In the past before Gallagher Park was developed the hedgerows on what is now the access road were always full of birds. There was a bird that we referred to as a 'Scribbleyjack' (Yellowhammer). I do not know where the name came from and it is not in common use. The bird does have a nickname of 'Scibble Lark' or 'Writing Lark'. Yellowhammer territories in the UK have declined by 50% in only twenty-five years. Perhaps something to look out for when you are walking through the park.
  11. I have also got connections with the Church Of Christ as that was my mother's church when she moved from Edinburgh to Bedlington after marrying my father.
  12. When John Davison Tindall died in 1947 his estate passed to his wife Dora Annie Adelaide Tindall. She died in 1957 and I would be happy to get details of what happened to her estate if that helps.
  13. Hi Margaret, the people of Bedlington will welcome you with open arms. Suspect you may have to wait a while for comments from the Longridge Farm development.
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