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  1. Andy will get my vote,I know he shifts a bit but it was involvement that got some justice for the sad loss of Liverpool supporters who died at Hillsboro. Which got the enquiry they deserved..
  2. Labour mate don't need a jumped up banker to change the way I feel it's sad that a working class man wants to vote for far right wing ideals
  3. 3G photographs isn't about where there educated it's what is seen by the public to me it's propaganda & you know that..
  4. Propaganda 3G it could be these 2 God forbid.
  5. Tonyp

    Fat Folk

    Symptoms just purchased a airfryer its really good does a basket of chips just using you've guessed it ! A teaspoon of oil & the chips come out great it also does good chicken & fish highly recommend it..
  6. People must remember mount casino & the Air Force polish airmen & army
  7. I think he does that's what UKIP is about remember Hitler good talker full of S***
  8. 3G hope you have read Lembitts daughters plea on the forum,just goes to show people can care for other people whatever part of Europe you come from.
  9. Symptoms more than a women Bee Gees & the people of bedders should get the stocks out & put 3G in them tomatoes at the ready
  10. UKIP should be candle in the wind,tweaking a few of the lyrics of coarse maybe 3G could sing you the chourus when he's drowning his sorrows come election day😢 Mmm
  11. Symp the barge pole is still there you wouldn't go there for lunch now a cross the road is a gypsy camp people arranging fights I'm living inthe greenwich area the Tavey bridge side which is in Bexley where Clockwork Orange was filmed is all been knocked down & luxury flats been built which means less space for social housing which means more people living in hostels & hotels..
  12. What world are you on?if there earning less than you & me they could easily reverse there status as Goldsmith did.Shady people 3G shady people was at Kensington today walked passed a pub at lunchtime about 50 to 60 people drinking bottles of champagne.Guess They must have had there Non Dom status through inheritance cos they certainly weren't working.Ask me this question if there earning less than me or you how come there paying £90k to the goverment by the way we don't need successful lawyers cos David will not give you money for legal aid on another note if you want to go to an industrial tribunal it would cost you 1,200 just to get there...
  13. 3G you know what it is simple terms no web link quotes people don't pay taxes on there multi billion pound businesses but they do like the British way of life IE Mr Abamovich they pay a One off fee £90,000 chicken feed there is about 100,000+ of them who should be paying more tax Ed wants that to put into the NHS which I believe is right & any working class person should feel the same.The thing is David wants them to just to carry on as it is because most of them give the Tories (GIFTS) which helps support there party Mr Goldsmith Was one of them till he decided he wanted to be an M.P just a bunch of weasels.....
  14. She's gonna blow this election apart not the dodgy broker
  15. My missus is Glaswegian living in London for thirty years & she said she would vote for her if she could even people in London are asking if they could vote for her very articulate lady.
  16. In the nineties went to Jackson Tennessee seen the cannonball express & Casley Jones house Indians didn't. Chase him but he was a legend alan hale jnr I'm not going to sing the song lol
  17. If you were an Indian you had to take your top off on a hot summers day you would be red raw with the sun & your mum would put loads of cream on you to try & sooth you no sunblock in them days.
  18. Plenty of exercise in them days,now the kids just want play computer games & eat Big Macs as symptoms would say tomorrow's fatties
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