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    Glebe row

    I was looking at the 1911 census,I was looking at my grandmas place where she lived which was Salmon place they had a 15 year old girl living with them who was down as a servant her previous address was put down as glebe row. I've know where glebe red is but never heard of the later,I'd be interested to know we're it is or was.
  2. Does anybody remember the building between Millbank pl & Hudson Ave to access it you had to go down what we called the black path which was next to Sammy Leylands house all the way to the ambulance station at Allgood terrace the building was burnt down in the early seventies we used to use it as a youth club. I vaguely remember the Sally Army using it at 1 point but I would like to know who & why it was built..
  3. Malcolm, 6 large bottles of Hoegaarden (Belgian wheat beer) just fancied a rant.
  4. 3G chim chimery chim chimery chim chim chimery good old Dick Van Dyck cockney rhyming song
  5. If I still lived in Bedlington I would definitely get the stocks out & put 3 g Willy J & Malcolm & put as much S### that any working class person can throw at you in the Market place , shame on you ".........
  6. He wasn't my choice,but he might rattle a few feathers I didn't know you had to reconise someone to vote for them I thought it is what they & you believe in . If Micky mouse's photo was there would he get your vote he's probably the country's best chance to stop poverty.. But I don't think he's labours best man for the job but as he was elected by his fellow brothers & sisters that's what the party has to go with.
  7. Sumps you do talk rubbish the Brit is more French than a Brit we also ran at Dunkirk
  8. Brian o' Neils brother John was electrician for bedlington council.John trewick went to bedlington grammar school he used to come in To see the p.e staff with his west brom gear on I think he had a sister called Ann,I think they hailed from the stakeford guide post area I maybe wrong..
  9. Bet you wish it was you minus the bra of course
  10. Some tourists got on a rickshaw last week,from one end of Oxford St to the other & were charged £208 the old bill couldn't do Anything as they aren't licensed. I'd give them a piggyback for that much
  11. 3G got no qualms of letting people from Europe coming here it does concern me letting people come here from further fields I live in Thamesmead the nickname for it is mini Lagos full of fraud,I could tell you lots of things what goes on here that you wouldn't believe Symptoms might be able to help me out on this one.
  12. Couldn't agree more Arabs & Russians no Europeans
  13. & the Romans lived here Long before the EU that's why we are a xxxxxxx nation.
  14. That's why my son in law can use his he is a born & bred Greek where as my grandson has to use a passport ,red tape nonsense Guess if we weren't in the EU you might have minor difficultys living there..
  15. Ex bedders you must have dual citizenship UK + ita did you do your Italian national service guess not my ex wife was Sicilian Until they asked to do there national service then they decided they were English easy way out..
  16. People in the EU can move from country to country without a passport my son in law is Greek he lives in Corfu & travels to the UK with A EU card,3G America only became a sovereign state after a civil war remember.Good old Blighty had a hand in that one supplying our southern states brothers with free labour from Africa..That was What they called movement of labour..Oh & how can gangsters retire !
  17. 3G your getting confused here, EU has free movement of people a poor mans America in theory. We all no it isn't working but before You start rabbiting on about criminal pasts of other European citizens what about the murderous,robbing British thugs living in the costa of crime was there criminal records checked probably not but that's ok because there from the UK. Arrogance @ premium
  18. When asked to vote by your union to vote,please do if you don't it could be your loss.
  19. As foxy would say Mmm "1/2 steam ahead "..
  20. ( Sorry one more name vice admiral Carew-3G)
  21. 3G the budget is just a start of what's to come in the next few years the start of hardship & it will get worse,on a lighter note how about The Mary Rose for UKIP (Captain Roger Grenville- Nick Farage) that's what you call a sinking ship the rest of the crew became nameless & it didn't even reach the open sea.. It was nice to see Anna Turley overturn a 5000 majority to get the Redcar seat.
  22. I do remember them vaguely think they were mostly on kids graves,I visited Sterling a few months ago there's a cemetery near the castle which has the flowers under the glass domes I mentioned this to my missus that there used to be they same sort of thing in The cemi at bedders. Very strange Paul.
  23. ECONOMICS & a council that will help people get on in running a. Business
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