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  1. I find it strange how life is my son was brought up in Hertfordshire he’s in the British army waiting for he’s order probably Poland he serves in the royal tank regiment & one of he’s best friends whose in the same regiment is from Bedlngton
  2. Just passed Budapest main train station today lots of Ukrainian refugees there some were waiting for trains to Prague & Vienna and lots of Indian students who apparently are going to the airport & flying back to India the people look very bewildered & everyone who is shopping is getting extra & given stuff to the Ukrainians food water etc some are even given toys to the small ones so sad to see this infact shocking & sick
  3. happy new year to all the lads & lasses on the forum from Budapest hope you all have better year than the s?;& one we've had
  4. Hi HPW I've still got half the street to do,will finish it next week yeah the Wilkinsons & the Leylands lived in millbank promise to finish it next week. I have no time this weekend as my Mate from London is coming to Budapest for a visit nice to here from you again
  5. At No11 was mrs Barrass & her son Kieth he moved to Plymouth I believe Mrs Barrasses mum lived with them she died in the late 60's she was100 I think mrs Horsley she must have been born in the 1860's Mrs Barrasses husband was killed at bumasund pit I believe No12 was Bob & Nancy Cox they had 3 Sons Ronald Rob & Paul. Nancy was a Ward her brother was manager of Bedlington Terriers for years Paul died in the 80's at a young age with cancer No13 was Dickie &Marjorie Patterson they had a daughter forgetting her name now 14 Mr & Mrs Coates don't know much about them as they kept themselves to themself but if our football went into there garden they would keep it till one of our parents went banging on there door which always ended up in a row. No15 was a guy called Bill Short he had 1 arm he lost it at the pit he was a nice guy always remember we used to say to him "show us your arm". He did & took he's false teeth out & chase us at the time we were terrified but looking back it was so funny More to follow
  6. Seen that photo not many photos of mick sent my brother a copy & he gave it to he's sister she was very pleased apparently
  7. Alan McLeod was manager of the Percy then
  8. I went to micks funeral sad day
  9. Geordie Johnson worked for the council as a painter dave turners father was a bit of a film extra in 70s tv drama's
  10. Remember 75% of them guys Paul smith was really a good dart player
  11. Alan we were all young then funny place nobody had much money but we had good childhood & lucked after each other
  12. I promise to complete this over the next few days
  13. Maybe a year or 2 later
  14. She was after that I'd say 1971 or 72
  15. Sorry it was John madigon
  16. I said I would do this I'm sure plenty of people in the forum would know these people these names are from late 60's to the 70's No7 John Maddison lived there he had 3 kids Colin , Margaret & Joan he's wife died & he married again No 8 was a guy called John Lyons I think he drank in the Monkey he's wife left him I believe he had 2 children jean & William never new what happened to him No9 I could write a story was the Maguire's there kids were Alan Cathy,Micheal,Colin,Rob & Peter next door to them was the Robinsons No10 mr Robinsonson worked at the pit but they kept themselves to there selves they had 4 children Pauline who went to Bedlington grammar Clifford nice guy Caroline & young Stewart who was Down syndrome will write the whole street hopefully the forum can recall what happened to these guy's
  17. Alan them photos of the woods factory are amazing there was photos of my grandfather at Bedlington tennis club in the 40s on there I think reedy's grandfather put them on I have copy
  18. Does anybody remember woods pop factory at bebside better than muters pop in my opinion & waters & Robson from Morpeth they used to deliver on Friday
  19. Watson the newsagents was at the top end of Bedlington next to were the top club was laws the supermarket & D Lynn the butcher he's son Rob Watson went to westridge school in the mid seventies
  20. Tonyp

    Happy Birthday

    Happy belated birthday Malcolm.........😂
  21. Tonyp

    Dr Pit union men.jpg

    Just a guess but the main photographer in Bedlington around that time was mr ward so maybe it was he's initials as I say just guessing
  22. "Mr Todd!" He was deputy head of house (Hadrian)miss Ramshaw was head they were quite a good team I left in 1977 anyway a funny story about Mr Todd. I remember standing at the wall he came up to me I was wearing red & White Dr Martens, he looked me up & down & said are you a clown 🤡 boy basically he sent me home to change my shoes. Looking back on it now he was 100% right super photo that's made me smile with affection 👍🏻
  23. Jr6468 Tommy Cullen was working as a store man at G T Culpitts the cake decoration factory in Ashington in the 80s but he left there & went south he had 2 sisters one married Eddie Mount the builder the younger one always drank in the Bedlington terrier 7 days a week I believe he was married & had a few kids
  24. I actually lived in number 18 millbank place & everybody in the street classed the first 6 houses as millbank road lol funny worldl
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