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  1. Hi HPW remember when we were youngsters looking out of our house the pit heap at the bottom of wadeys fields looked like a mountain when we were young we used to go down it with plastic bags by the way a new your niece Liz Bell from school she was in my year say hi to her from me cheers pal
  2. Hi canny lads never been on website for a while I live in Budapest now but it's a good place to be x
  3. I remember when I was a youngster the worse smell for me was the extraction plant at Glaxo Cambois,it was a horrible smell quite sickly. I remember my first job was there when I left school my clothes used to reak of the place I think it was an amine but on a windy day it could be smelt over Bedlington. Don't know if health & safety would allow it now after leaving there went to the navy,but will never forget the smell ugh ..
  4. My granda was killed at the dr pit he's name was Joe Curley think I mentioned this there's a photo of him on the top club v market club there was also a photo of him at the bedlington tennis club welfare park
  5. Hi Symptoms thats why China & India are raking the money pumping any old rubbish intothe atmosphere Trumps trying to get the old steelworks going,by the way are you still doing the nice roast potatoes lol . I've moved from Thamesmead now & have been living in Budapest for the last year pretty good place to be.
  6. Don't need documents to enjoy history just memories to share
  7. alan I'm going to reply to your comments on this subject another day as I've had a few too many I started this topic in good faith BUT I can tell you are hammer school educated by your comments
  8. Hi everyone with the passing of the great Marty hall R.I.P I think it would be nice to hear stories from other great teachers who educated the people from bedlington with affection & fondness. I'll name a few Mrs Grey the Oval Mr Curruthers & Matty of coarse Whitley memorial,Westridge Mr Douglas & Mr Cook & the few years at Bedlington high the wonderful miss Ramshaw. Scatty but very nice..I'm sure lots of you have lots of stories to tell.
  9. The eu & NGOs are giving blank bank cards to migrants maybe I should come back to the uk & apply for one of these & spend it at Witherspoons im living in Budapest now & Orban Viktor definitely wouldn't let me use it here
  10. Tonyp


    Thanks eggy top man
  11. Tonyp


    Thanks eggy if you want to do facebook thing no problem thanks
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    Somebody please try & sort my photos out for me if they can thanks
  13. Tonyp


    My mother is on the photo Sylvia porter nee Curley she's the one with the 2 buttons & belt buckle please put names to the rest
  14. Tonyp


    Jimmy Milne workers late 1940s early 1950s need names
  15. That's London not bedlington Mmm
  16. Eu movement of people around Europe was meant for Europeans not white South Africans
  17. 3G,3G I do believe in some of your values concerning the UK,I don't believe the UK should let people into the country from countries far from these shores e.g Far East,Africa,Middle East. But European people moving from country to country was fine by me most Europeans are doing jobs that so called UK hard working people don't want to do & if you look at the stats e.g time off sick or claiming benefits the British people lose hands down.On the subject of your mate Viktor he is what he is I know you know your history & you you'll know the persecution they suffered by the Otterman empire & there land that was stolen by there neighbouring countries after World War 1. What Viktor said he would be willing to give money to support people in there countries of origin but he wouldn't let them in but he did say that Europeans are welcome as they except the Hungarian culture & way of life.Which he said he would not compromise. On a lighter note if you are ever in Budapest maybe we can sit on the Danube with a big pan of goulash & washed down with some palinkas you'll be more than welcome Viktor your brother would love your ideals your brother Tonyp
  18. In July moving to Budapest at last not reading about 3GS rants about UKIP 😀
  19. I didn't knowUKIP was still going
  20. Hi everybody not been on the site for a while lost my wife last year she died of a heart attack very sudden moved from London to Glasgow that's life putting everything into perspective. Want some advice if you can help can I take my government pension contributions & move them to another country I'm thinking of moving to Budapest next year.oh! By the way 3G my wife laughed at our disagreements ?
  21. Canny lass I've said that to 3G ha ha he should come onto the forum as an alias maybe MR QUOTATION
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