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  1. Hi Symptoms long time since we've spoke hope your potatoes still cooking well in your spoon of oil🤔 I'm living in the land of Viktor Orban, don't think my mate mr Lavery would be impressed with that. Anyway remember the Howard arms was a Vaux pub Lorimers scotch on offer there rank the Sun & The Monkey were Cameron's Hartlepool brewer didn't like there strongarm & when Betty Stewart had the Northumberland arms it was a whitbread house unusual for a pub in Northumberland I believe but the worst beer in my opinion was Newcastle Amber ale it tasted like rats p*** anyway symptoms nice to see your about
  2. 22 is Alison Beale she was my girlfriend about that time 😂
  3. Reedy think I mentioned this before but there was the welfare park club which got burnt down they used to sell horrible worthington E. there is the cricket club which still sells alcohol 🍺 & the community centre which was behind the sun I also think there was a Glaxo club near the cemetery,maybe wrong on that one.
  4. Cheers alan your a diamond
  5. 1 Bill Porter 2 Deg Wilkinson 3 Paul Cox don't know the motorbike
  6. Tonyp


    My brother Dec wilkinson & Paul Cox 1960 Millbank place
  7. Tonyp


    My brother dog wilkinson & Paul cox 1960
  8. "Bedlingtonian!" I can do a good version of sinartra's my way maybe I can get a dozen then lol
  9. Thanks canny lass but you live & learn
  10. Needed to start this hi Vivienne Mather
  11. Free tins of soup could make u. Big dish of goulash 1/2 the price
  12. At last! Managed to get my hands on some ordered on line Marks & Spencer pick up @ Morpeth they were a bit steep £17.50 for 6 but had to be done
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