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  1. Another one remember going for walks with my mum or dad,it seemed like miles looking back now it wasn't. But I remember saying how long to go now? "Just around the corner they replied." Long bloody corners lol
  2. I remember been told by other kids not to go in the farmers field or he'll shoot you, I actually believed this for years happy days
  3. Hi Alan don't think anybody could understand Marc Bolans lyrics none of it made sense really but he's music was good at the time. I think everybody had different interpretations of what he's lyrics were about,God knows!! I do love this forum how it's changed from Chinese takaways in Bedlington to T.Rex 😂Hope symptoms doesn't come to this discussion with roast potatoes 🥔 in oil or council Robinson questioning my excessive use of full stops .........
  4. Could be worse your missus could be called Deborah & likes one inch rock & is a jeepster for your hot love 😂😜
  5. Brilliant concert shame he died so young lots more to offer I believe he was so creative
  6. Definitely same concert bedlingtonian when he jumped off the star he sang whatever happened to a teenage dream brilliant concert I do believe T.Rex were the first group to perform At Glastonbury but I probably will get proved Wrong happy days
  7. Me mother was brought up in Hirst terrace during the war, I think one of the last people to leave Hirst terrace prior to demolition was a Scottish builder called Ian Milne he had 3 lasses the oldest was called Linda I remember she came with my mother & my brother + me to see T.Rex at the City hall in the early seventies I think one of he's last tours before he died. Anyway Linda had to younger sisters & Ian's wife was called Shirley. A Guide post lass I think
  8. Chinese takaway was. Definitely at the bottom of Hirst terrace at the entrance of welfare park I used to get chips & gravy & chop suet roll on a Saturday afternoon usually lol
  9. I was having a discussion with my brother about this! I said to him the first Chinese takeaway in Bedlington was the one at the bottom of Hirst terrace which doesn't exist now it must of been there 50 years ago first experience of fried banana 🍌 in batter 😂
  10. Tonyp


    My grandfather Joe Curley who died at Dr Pit in April 1949,the guy behind him is my great Uncle Sam Heron who lived in Bells Place he died in the 60s the guy with the glasses on is Billy Liddell who had the shop in Allgood terrace. He sold it to pop & Mary Clouson don't know what happened to it after that my grandfather lived in Hirst terrace
  11. Tonyp


    Bedlington welfare park tennis club 1940s
  12. Hi Symptoms long time since we've spoke hope your potatoes still cooking well in your spoon of oil🤔 I'm living in the land of Viktor Orban, don't think my mate mr Lavery would be impressed with that. Anyway remember the Howard arms was a Vaux pub Lorimers scotch on offer there rank the Sun & The Monkey were Cameron's Hartlepool brewer didn't like there strongarm & when Betty Stewart had the Northumberland arms it was a whitbread house unusual for a pub in Northumberland I believe but the worst beer in my opinion was Newcastle Amber ale it tasted like rats p*** anyway symptoms nice to s
  13. 22 is Alison Beale she was my girlfriend about that time 😂
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