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  1. Couldn’t drive then so it was the bus, and yes it was a long journey but worth it🙂
  2. Took my future wife there on our first date, and I had to travel from Wallsend whereas she came from Bedlington.
  3. A still photo every time I hit the webcam option.
  4. Yes, I can view it on my iPad from abroad.
  5. I use Findmypast and therefore have access to newspapers, and can access all of the years 1900-1949 for the Morpeth Herald
  6. In researching a family tree I have come across relatives who lived in Carr’s Buildings, Scotland Gate, Choppington. In the 1911 census there is a family called Carr living in the same block as my relative. I have scoured old maps to no avail, although there are several groups of named buildings in the Choppington area.
  7. Oh yes it is; but only static images.
  8. The map I’ve shown is the 25 inch version, recently introduced, and often gives more info compared to the 6 inch versions.
  9. The 1939 was a sort of census performed just before WW2 possibly prior to Identity cards being issued. Members of the McGlen family are actually listed within 3 relatively close addresses: St Cuthbert’s Tce, Millbank Cres and Beech Grove. However there are no results using St Cuthbert’s Crescent as the address.
  10. The 1939 register shows a McGlen family living at No 2 St Cuthbert’s Terrace. Obviously I don’t know if they are related to your subjects.
  11. The closure of Community Centres was also mentioned in another article.
  12. In the NHS we call it “black eye Friday”
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