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  1. Newbedders

    Problems with webcam?

    Oh yes it is; but only static images.
  2. Newbedders

    Problems with webcam?

    Also frozen on my system
  3. Newbedders

    Stokers Buildings - Choppington/Scotland Gate

    The map I’ve shown is the 25 inch version, recently introduced, and often gives more info compared to the 6 inch versions.
  4. Newbedders

    Stokers Buildings - Choppington/Scotland Gate

  5. Newbedders

    Problems with webcam?

    Won’t load on iPad Safari
  6. Newbedders

    Ford House, Bedlington

    The 1939 was a sort of census performed just before WW2 possibly prior to Identity cards being issued. Members of the McGlen family are actually listed within 3 relatively close addresses: St Cuthbert’s Tce, Millbank Cres and Beech Grove. However there are no results using St Cuthbert’s Crescent as the address.
  7. Newbedders

    Ford House, Bedlington

    The 1939 register shows a McGlen family living at No 2 St Cuthbert’s Terrace. Obviously I don’t know if they are related to your subjects.
  8. The closure of Community Centres was also mentioned in another article.
  9. Newbedders

    Block to Black

    In the NHS we call it “black eye Friday”
  10. Newbedders

    Councillor Wallace - Bedlington Central update

    Would Councillor Wallace like to repeat his road safety exercise along Church Lane and Hotspur Avenue. The number of drivers that flout the posted speed limits is disgraceful.
  11. Newbedders

    New 20 mph zone outside Stannington First School

    Hope it’s more succesful than the 20mph limit along Church Lane. From observations, only approximately 15% of drivers drive accordingly.
  12. Newbedders

    Petty Vandalism

    The fire shop and the empty chemist shop as well.
  13. Newbedders

    Roundabout rant

    I followed a police car today which turned into the police station, and he used the bricked area all the way round.
  14. Newbedders

    The Picnic Field - Attlee Park

    Probably another consequence of NCCs disregard for Bedlington.
  15. Newbedders

    Problems with webcam?

    Can't get webcam images.