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  1. I pronounce it mr - or - k. but people often change it.
  2. CJ Orr

    Bedlington's Independent Film Maker.

    Over the years the north-east has been used in many film and TV productions, notably 'Get Carter' and 'Vera'. The film industry in the north-east has never been particularly strong and a large amount of film makers move else where. For 3 years Mrorrc film productions has been making short films and sketches in Bedlington and Cramlington due to their beautiful locations. You may have seen the group of young film makers around Humford Woods. Despite the lead director (Chris Orr) and camera operator (Maccauley Cullen) having extremely limited resources they have managed to make 30+ videos for the YouTube channel all of which are filmed in Northumberland. As of Wednesday the 2nd of April Mrorrc film productions is launching a patreon campaign. A Patron of the arts was typically a wealthy family or political member a few hundred years ago. People would become Patrons as a way to show off their status in society and to give artists the means to make a living with out creative restraints. In the modern era of small film productions in order to produce a short film or project a director must seek funding from grants and art funds, both of which involve a lot of hoop jumping to meet criteria, and can often suck the creative freedom out of a local film. However crowd funding has changed that, and now local people can support local artists. To learn about how Patreon works click .Any one can become a patron of the local artists by visiting there page (www.patreon.com/mrorrc) and giving a little bit of money. By giving a bit of money you will allow the independent film makers to create films that showcase Northumberland and Bedlington as the beautiful places they are.
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if there are any film makers in bedlington? Im making films in/around bedlington all the time and was just wondering if any one wanted to collaborate on something? Thanks, Chris Orr
  4. CJ Orr

    Film shoots in bedlington

    An album for film shoots in bedlington
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