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  1. I will email Viv for you, and ask if she can reply to you Steve & Symptoms. I am going to try and come to the Meeting on Thursday, however I do Yoga on that day, so I need to check the times (need to relax with all the hassle of this planning stuff) Hopefully see some of you soon, and please don't forget to get in touch with you local councillors, they might not be able to reply to your questions, but you can make them aware of any issues you have, any emails or contact you make with anyone though could I ask you to post it on the Planning System too, just so there is more evidence seen b
  2. That's the plan and I too hope I can pull it off, once and if I can get all this sorted, I will set up the trust and start the ball rolling. Bring more tourists in to Bedlington!!!! Which is what we need.
  3. Hi there, My short term and immediate plan is to stop the building being demolished, as once it has gone, it has gone and can't be replaced. Long term plan is to create a Trust to apply for Lottery and Heritage Grants to Purchase the land and restore the site back to it's former glory. The site is accessible from 21 front street east, by foot or by a very very small car (smaller than a smart car), however this is not a public highway so would have to be agreed with Mrs Mather and her Family before any work starts restoring the site. Red Squirrels are protected by law, and NCC, natural England
  4. I don't think we need, to there are bats on site, however NCC are just plain ignoring the information we send them as they have an ecology report done in August 2012 which says there are no bats on site. (Suspicious) We all hope so too, not only is there so many issues with the actual plans, there are so many issues with boundaries, access and fire access (although this has been passed by NCC Fire, with an 'emergency pathway' from Towers Close).
  5. Please please please.. Can you all contact your local councillors to bring this to their attention, the more people we get the more they have to listen! Find you local councillor here: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=3817
  6. Thanks!!!! I will do tomorrow, we have been in touch with The Red Squirrel Survival Trust on Friday, who hopefully will get someone out to investigate.
  7. Hiya, Sorry for the lack of replies, I thought i would get emails notifying of messages but I haven't, will have to keep an eye on this now Yes you are all correct, it is behind the Black Bull pub in Bedlington, It is a beautiful building that we really want to save, we don't want to see it crumble and fall to bits like the old school has. I am only 21, but I am honestly shocked at the lack of interest from Planning and Conservation about this land, Red Squirrels are on the site now, we have photo evidence. Apologies in advance for some of the spelling and grammer (not my strong point)
  8. Hi, I am asking for support from local Northumberland residents, particularly in Bedlington. There is a planning application in the process of being approved to demolish a part of Bedlington's history, although it is only a small part of the history, there isn't a great deal left in Bedlington now. The building was former Smithy/Stable in the 1960's however the building itself was constructed before that time. As you can see from the pictures, the building isn't in the best shape by any means, but it is hardly at risk of collapsing. I have summited an Application to English Heritage to get the
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