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  1. UJAY

    Remembering Doctor Brown

    These three characters have all had a positive influence on this, their local community. Shown on the left, I remember Dr Brown with his pet Boxer dog. He was the perfect 'Gentle Man' who spoke to everyone,tipped his hat to all the ladies and spoke to their children. Unfortunately, in his later years, after losing his wife, he became a little confused. I was always amused to see his car parked at all angles along Bedlington Front Street. Everyone seemed to understand and did not mind. I once found him driving his little, light blue, Ford Fiesta, around the Plessey roundabout, the wrong way, ho
  2. The Sawdust Jacks are a Bedlington song writing project created by John Leslie, a local Historian. Pancake Row was a terraced row of cottages on Sheepwash Bank, just above The Angler's Arms. They are no longer there. In the early 1900s, a tragic incident happened there when a jealous lover murdered his girlfriend and then shot himself. The girlfriend was a barmaid in The Shakespeare Pub, Guidepost. The Sawdust Jacks have over 20 videos of their songs on You Tube and you can use this link to view Pancake Row
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