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  1. I knew Jim Temple quite well. I went through a phase of building radios (with valves in), when I was a teenager and used to go to Jim's house for advice and to admire all his woderful Amature radio kit. Lots of which he had built himself. It was my dad who put me in touch with him as he knew of him from the pit. Dad worked at Netherton until he had a serious accident and had to come out of the pits, which he very much regreted "Once a pitman allways a pitman", he used to say. The photo looks very much like the pavillion at Bedlington station? Perhaps they were all built to a standard design back then? Kalee
  2. Hi Wilma, Yes i remember it being very tidy and I remember the swings and rides in the park quite clearly. There was a "witches hat", a "Teapot lid", a "hobby horse", that sat about 6 kids? also some very dangerous shuggy boat type rides that scared me and once I say a boy get flung off one of these and split his head open badly. The park keeper took him away and an Amulance came for him. The bowling green was imaculate and the birds had to fly upside down over it! The bowling green and pavillion was inhabited be old men smoking pipes, playing bowls and generaly putting the world to rights. I seem to remember the pavillion was identical to the old one in Dr. pit park? Perhaps the same builders? Not seen any photos anywhere of the park in its prime? Thanks, Kalee.
  3. Hi all, Just driven down Palace Road to view the new high school and see how things have changed. I was surprised to see the old Park keepers cottage is still there and indeed lived in and now called "Tanglewood cottage". Also the old bowls pavilion and bowling green are still in situe although looking very much neglected. Could not find any trace of the old play park or the way into it (all overgrown). Anyone remember the park, bowls pavilion or know anything about it? I am surprised it has not all been demolished and absorbed into the massive new School? I can find nothing about it online or indeed ownership of the land. Did the park belong to the colliery or the local council? If so then the park keepers cottage must have been sold off at some stage? Paul.
  4. 29I heard it was going to be an Ann Summers shop?
  5. 33I was so shocked and saddend to here this tragic news. I went to School with Keith at the old Whitley memorial & then on to the wooden school that burnt down. I have may happy memories of our times back in those days. I only found this site last year and was so happy to find Keith on here being his usual cheerful self. Often used to meet up at the Old Bedlington market when it was behind Prestos. Sincere condolences to Alan and the family. Paul.
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