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  1. Eggy1948

    Ford Castle 1965c refocused named.jpg

    No 22 Colin Nichol thinks No 27 could be Audrey Reckelton ?
  2. Eggy1948

    Ford Castle 1965c refocused named.jpg

    Names added for Nos 15, 23, 24, 25, 32 & 38
  3. Eggy1948

    31968205 named.jpg

    Names updated and Bob Baxter, after you have jogged his memory, has confirmed No 33 is Lorna Naisby.
  4. Eggy1948

    The Gardeners Arms.

    1953 - July. Peter Arris - Chairman of the BTNE club - has posted the full picture for me along with this info :- Here is a picture of William Luker (extreme right). Notice old Ned Metcalf kneeling, he never did dress up for the occasion, I think he went to bed wearing that old 1890’s style bonnet. None of this, is in my particular period of enquiry, so I have never looked at it before with any great interest. However, the name Luker intrigued me, certainly not one that we often encounter in Northumberland. So, with a little bit of digging, I discovered that his father was a stone mason and surprise, surprise married into the Thomson family of Bedlington terrier fame. His wife was called Lily Victoria Luker. Died 1957. He joined the National Bedlington Terrier Club committee about 1953, (no sign of his cup there unfortunately) though it was won by Miss Heron another NBT member in a non-connected show in Morpeth in 1953 and not heard of again, possibly she kept it. They were supposed to be returned to the show secretary each year. It would appear that during that time. The National Bedlington Terrier Club was again in a state of turmoil and instability. With the old and the new members each having serious differences of opinion on how it should be run, or if it should even remain faithful to its roots in Bedlington, as new Bedlington Terrier clubs started to appear in the southern regions of the U.K. It would appear that the working class, cloth cap image was not to the liking of the newer members. It did not take them long, to forget the history of our beloved Terriers.
  5. Eggy1948

    Ford Castle 1965c refocused named.jpg

    Photo and names from Alan Scott
  6. Eggy1948

    Westridge School - End of term class photos

    The following info is from the http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/8ad93b61-5d1a-46e9-ad51-f17b07e91684 site :- History: The school opened officially in 1958 and was reorganised as a middle school in 1976. It had ceased to function by 1977 when the premises were taken over by St. Benet Biscop's Roman Catholic Aided High School. The school records were transferred to the new Meadowdale County Middle School which opened in 1982.
  7. Eggy1948

    Ford Castle c1964

    Some names added by Alan Rigg - David Tyler & Wendy ( No 39)
  8. Eggy1948

    Bedlington Terrier Gathering 2018

    @Gill Rose - a discussion on Facebook - Bygone Bedlington site - reference the Facebook Bedlington Terrier North East group - Public - with 2,244 members. They are probably aware of the event but just in case they aren't it would be worth getting in touch with them :-
  9. Eggy1948

    The Gardeners Arms.

    @Keith Scantlebury & @HIGH PIT WILMA - Whilst searching for info on the Bedlington Terrier breed Google threw up a link to a Google Blog. I had to join the blog to ask to use the photo, and then the owner, Mark, closed his blog down. The info he commented with the photo was :- The show I presume is a National Bedlington terrier Club show? As the statue at the front is "The most sought after trophy is the Bedlington Coal Co. Ltd Challenge Cup, often referred to as the Bedlington Statuette. This beautiful solid silver model of a Bedlington is now presented for Best in Show at the Championship Show in August. Presented to the club in 1936, the first winner was CH Welldon Adorable owned by Miss M Pattison." info from NBTC website. Alan Smith, another Blog member, said :- Ned Metcalfe is the person in the dark suit and cap, front row right, next to dog who is squatting in an odd manner!
  10. Eggy1948

    Bedlington Station sec mod school 1950 4a

    @Les Dixon - current updates on the class photo in the album :- https://www.bedlington.co.uk/gallery/image/2234-1950-class-4a/
  11. Eggy1948

    31968205 named.jpg

    Update from Bob Baxter
  12. Eggy1948

    31968205 named.jpg

    Netherton Colliery Infants School c1954 - photo from Facrebook group Bedlington Remembered member Bob Baxter. Looks like the whole school. Know any of this lot @Canny lass?
  13. Eggy1948

    Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2

    All photos shared by members that have posted these photos on Facebook sites - Bedlington Remembered, Bygone Bedlington & Sixtownships
  14. Eggy1948

    Firewall switched off to access this site

    @Alison Waters - see comments above
  15. Whilst discussing an Album in the Gallery with a new member, @Alison Waters she commented :- just a message for the administrator of this page - I can only get on if I turn off my firewall for 15 mins. Not sure what causes that but just thought I'd mention it as it may be putting off other users. I don't know all the 'ins-and-outs' of Alison's system just a few bits and wondered if the following info would spark a solution, for Alison, from @Andy Millne or @threegee. I asked Alison what security software she was running and she replied :- Google chrome plus Malwarebytes and McAfee. I know that's not a lot of info but there just might be something recorded within the bedlington.co.uk logs recording the problem that Alison is having that Admin can use to identify the cause of her problem