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  1. Westridge Late 50s

    From No 5 Mick Hedley, Bedlington remembered Facebook member :- No 1 Brian Ellis - No 4 Robert Wilkinson - No 7 Will Lynn - No 16 John Marshall & No 28 Janice Hindhaugh .
  2. Westridge Late 50s

    Your Nos 35, 28, & 9, 25 (from George Scott - Bedlington remembered Facebook group) added
  3. Westridge Late 50s

    Yep - proof reading after my 'sped' typing should be a must.
  4. Westridge Late 50s

    @Canny lass - from the names you have given I do remember bringing up the fact that my sister-in-law, Betty Hall, was identified by you in one of the class photos. I can't find any photo with Betty named on it so it must have been this one. I could either say a) it was my memory that had failed and I hadn't totally forgot to do anything with the photo or b ) we were in that transitional period on this site when I was having numerous fails attempting to load photos and when Andy sorted out the problems my memory had still failed to remember what I had been doing! So while everything, including my short term memory, is working your list of names added to the photo
  5. Westridge Late 50s

    Numbers added and I haven't attempted to guess a name - all yours. I have a copy prepared to enter the names on.
  6. c1972 Ford Castle

    From the album Westridge School - End of term class photos

    Photo from John Dawson's post on Facebook group - sixtownships. Names from Bedlington remembered & Bygone Bedlington Facebook groups.
  7. The following info is from the http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/8ad93b61-5d1a-46e9-ad51-f17b07e91684 site :- History: The school opened officially in 1958 and was reorganised as a middle school in 1976. It had ceased to function by 1977 when the premises were taken over by St. Benet Biscop's Roman Catholic Aided High School. The school records were transferred to the new Meadowdale County Middle School which opened in 1982.
  8. Gallery Albums

    Aren't 'opportunities' wonderful - cheers Andy.
  9. Roundabout rant

    Couldn't believe it when that document turned up!! There's a similar roundabout on the outskirts of Seaton Delaval
  10. Roundabout rant

    If only I had just said - yes, the bricked area is there to be used. Instead I wondered, is there info in the highway code or anywhere else that a simple Google search will reveal? Oh to be a Technical author! I believe the simple explanation is something like :- a single lane road that requires a roundabout to allow access to and from the road may require an additional lane, only on the roundabout, that allows large vehicles additional space (another lane) to turn on and off the single lane road. But if you really want to impress your fellow Friday night ale tasters with a full explanation of the Geometric Design of Roundabouts then read the 51 pages in this documnet :- http://www.standardsforhighways.co.uk/ha/standards/dmrb/vol6/section2/td1607.pdf
  11. Just an idea... Heritage Walking Tours

    Who would organise walking tours :- West, East, & Central Bedlington Town Council groups - Bedlington Local History Society etc.? Who would know if it had already been discussed - Malcolm Robinson - Adam Hogg - Steven Young (Town Clerk?)?
  12. c1964

    No 27 could be Kathy Bellatkin, says No 3 - Ernie Armstrong.
  13. c1964

    No 18 Robert Lees not John Lees & No 32 Mary Blake - names from Ernie Armstrong - Facebook group Bedlington remembered
  14. c1964

    No 28 Jennifer Berkeley from Alan Scott - Bygone Bedlington
  15. c1964

    From the album Westridge School - End of term class photos

    Photo from Bill Armitage via Foxy - names from many members of the Facebook Bygone Bedlington group.