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  1. A Mechanics football team ?

    On the 'not sure?' photo Mick Stewart (Facebook - Morpeth History Matters) says :- looks like a few Widdrington lads in that photo, I think 2 is Wilf Kelly, - 10 Jimmy Bolton and 11 Archie Morton....................could be wrong though.
  2. A Mechanics football team ?

    Cheers Joe, we did consider the Welfare team, but just can't prove it. We have a couple of photos of the Dr Pit Welfare team - 1944-45 season, wearing hooped shirts, and one from 1949-50, wearing striped shirts but we can't match up any of the players in the 'unknown' team with the others. The 'unknown' team against the 1949-50 Welfare team :-
  3. A Mechanics football team ?

    This photo was posted on the Bygone Bedlington site and the brother & sister that posted it have been told it's Bedlington Mechanics, post WWII. Their granda is No 3 = Charlie Rand and his friend is No 12 Ned Riddle. The two named used to work as mechanics for Jennings of Morpeth. We have had the local Bedlington Mechanics 'historians' - Ovalteeny & Reedy + his dad - check the photo out and they all believe this is not a Bedlington Mechanics team. None of the people in the photo; the cup & shield or the pavilion can be identified. Anybody on this site any ideas?
  4. Identify these young ladies - c1958

    Most identified and No 6 identified herself, and the event :-
  5. An ex Barrington lass, Lynne Maddison, has asked if anyone can help her identify the young ladies in this photo believed to be at Bedlington Methodist Church Fayre.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to everyone
  7. James Matthewson - (Parliamentary Assistant House of Commons?) - just posted this on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group site b:- And after another comment, from Alan Edgar - Might need a wider audience James - if someone had contacts with people on the local newspapers it might help. There may have been more voted but over the 4 sites I posted the request on only 20 members have commented that they have voted over the last week. As Bedlington Terriers appear to be the only North East team of the 19 teams in the list I think someone with more influence over the county may be of benefit he replied :- ....... will see what can be done 👍
  8. The Bedlington Buzz

    On Facebook group - Bedlington Remembered a member, Guy Stoker, sent me a link to a song, The Bedlington Buzz, he had written and performed :-
  9. Intermediate 1952_53 season

    No 2 Mr Davidson not Hall
  10. Westridge School - End of term class photos

    The following info is from the http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/8ad93b61-5d1a-46e9-ad51-f17b07e91684 site :- History: The school opened officially in 1958 and was reorganised as a middle school in 1976. It had ceased to function by 1977 when the premises were taken over by St. Benet Biscop's Roman Catholic Aided High School. The school records were transferred to the new Meadowdale County Middle School which opened in 1982.
  11. Intermediate 1952_53 season

    Renumbered as I had two No 10's -
  12. Whitley Memorial School

    The original school building was destroyed by fire in 1970. The old school building was replaced with garages and houses and the new school is still within the old school grounds.
  13. Seniors 1954_55 season

    No 14, not 13, is Alexander Hale
  14. Just checked the positions - last week it was Bedlington (population 18,000+) Terriers 2nd behind Gainsborough (population 22,000+) - this week Bedlington has leapfrogged Gainsborough but Aylesbury (population 56,000+) has leapfrogged them both Aylesbury FC The SRD Stadium, Haywood Way, ... Bedlington Terriers FC Doctor Pitt Welfare Park, Park... Gainsborough Trinity FC Northolme, Gainsborough