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  1. The school anthem - Semper Sursum (Latin) = Ever Upwards.

    The school plaque has the year MCMXXV - 1925. The song sheet has the year 1946 + the initials E.H. and the name EDNA HUMPHREY is printed on the following music sheet. 

    Miss Edna Humphry was he deputy head mistress of the school.

    Hon Board.jpg

    Semper Sursum music.jpg

  2. Bedlington Grammar School teaching staff - 1949. The photo has been on before but the previous photo had been cropped and one teacher, on the front row- left hand side as you look at the photo, was missing. The staff were numbered 1 to 25 on the previous photo so not to confuse thinks I have numbered this lot the same with the missing teacher now in view as number '17a'.

    @df2204 you named many of the teachers when the other photo was posted. Do you know the name of 17a ?

    1949 Teaching Staff named.jpg

  3. I spent a lot on time in detention = Tuesday was the normal 1/2 to 1 hour detention and occasionally on a Friday for a 2 hour stint😁. It wasn't that I was a trouble maker it was just I was always late for school and if you were late three times in a week then you got detention. As my mam used to drag me out of bed to get down to Patrick's newsagents for 07:30 every day to do my morning paper round when I got back home I used to fall asleep, getting ready for school, SITTING on my bed🙂. For the last two years of my school life I spent almost every Tuesday in detention. I even remember the one week I was at school, on time, every morning. I was the fifth form class rep and one of the duties of the form reps was to read a passage from the bible for two mornings in assembly. So on the Monday we had to turn up before 09:00 for rehearsal and then be there before 09:00 for the two readings on Tuesday & Wednesday. So I completed those three morning and therefore couldn't have been late three times that week. However on the following Monday when the names of those for detention on the Tuesday were read out my name was there. off I went to see the deputy head, Mrs (or Miss) Smith to correct the error. She said something like - Edgar it seems a shame to blemish your record, you are part of the detention fixtures, I must have just added your name automatically and I think you should just attend. She smiled, patted me on the head and my two year record remained intact🙃.

  4. Images from Cliff Ehala.

    Kath Simpson commented :- Punishment from the prefects for any little misdemeanours. Words from the book were written in columns. The columns - written in exercise books with pages folded into four - were ‘marked’ by the prefects and a mistake was a rewrite. If you acquired twenty columns in a week led to detention. 

    Spelling List2 Cliff Ehala.jpg

  5. Bedlington grammar school at the start of the bad weather in the winter of 1946 -1947. The kids would have enjoyed this but the adults didn't :- Beginning on 21 January 1947, the UK experienced several cold spells that brought large drifts of snow to the country, blocking roads and railways, which caused problems transporting coal to the electric power stations. Many had to shut down, forcing severe restrictions to cut power consumption, including restricting domestic electricity to nineteen hours per day and cutting some industrial supplies completely. In addition, radio broadcasts were limited, television services were suspended, some magazines were ordered to stop publishing, and newspapers were reduced in size. These measures, on top of the low temperatures, badly affected public morale and the Minister of Fuel and Power, Emanuel Shinwell, became a scapegoat; he received death threats and had to be placed under police guard. Towards the end of February, there were also fears of a food shortage as supplies were cut off and vegetables were frozen into the ground.

    1947 Winter B.jpg

  6. The photo from the school gates was taken by Eileen Brooks on the 16th June 2016. 

    The new school, Bedlingtonshire Community High School, would be ready for all the pupils to move into at the start of the 2016-17 year. Before the old school was to be demolished at the end of the 2015-16 year the old pupils that could be informed via letter or Social media were invited for a last look around the school on Thursday evening, 16th June 2016.


  7. Photos posted on various Social Media groups but without any info. Can't remember any competitions during the years,  late 1950's to early 1960's, when my brothers and I would attend almost every weekend in the summer months = 3d to stay in the baths for the full 8 hours it was open.

    This photo shows some of the spectators that were there for a competition.

    Humford Baths Spectators.jpg

    Extract from a newspaper cutting showing the spectator seating steps down one side of the swimming baths.



  8. When the Ewart Hill - Acorn Bank opencast sites were in operation there were some inner tyre tubes from the Euclid trucks that were used on the sites.  Brilliant for playing with in the pool but if you wanted to dive from the side of the swimming baths through the center of the inner tube you had to make sure the tyre valve was was pointing down into the water otherwise it could be dangerous☺️☺️☺️ 


    Humford Baths with floaters.jpg

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