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    10 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    Is he sure it's Howard Row? I have it on very good authority (family) that Howard Row was stone-built. This looks like brick.

    Widow seems abit big for the colliery houses as well.

    He can't be 100% but knows they did live in No 1 Howard Row so it seems likely:) 

  2. @Paul Lucas - Malcolm Davidson  that posted the photo has commented :- 'No 1 Howard Row was occupied by my uncle and family, Robert and Jane Gair this was early 1900s their son Oswald was a pony driver underground in the pit. '

    Doesn't prove who lived at No 1 in 1920 but as most colliery workers stayed in the same colliery house whilst they worked at the colliery more chance that your relatives lived in No 7.


  3. @Paul Lucas - I had never seen an image of Howard row posted on this site or any of the local Facebook groups.  There are two albums in the Gallery on Netherton/Nedderton. Yesterday Malcolm Davison, Facebook group Bygone Bedlington, posted a photo of his grandmother outside Howard row in 1913. I have added his photo to the Gallery album - 'Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2'

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  4. 12 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Number 6 isn't Jack Earl..nowt like him! He is my Wife's Brother..another photo in this gallery shows Jack correctly..there is no comparison!

    Bill - checked on the 1951 football  photo and updated the names on this class photo and the football photo:)

    1951c St Bedes named.jpg

  5. Photo posted on the Past Times History Facebook group by John Dawson. I posted the photo on the Cambois & Bygone Bedlington Facebook groups and the members have named them all. The Bucham family have the photo and have the names, written on the back of their photo.

    1947-48 West Sleekburn Welfare named.jpg

  6. The year of the photo changed to c1949 based on the list of names @Ovalteeny found on his research of the Bedlington football teams when he was researchin the history of the Bedlington Mechanics. This is the Sleekburn 'A' Welfare list of players for 1946 to 1952 and 1948-49 season includes the 5 surnames we have on the photo.



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