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  1. 19 hours ago, Tonyp said:

    Does anybody remember woods pop factory at bebside better than muters pop in my opinion & waters & Robson from Morpeth they used to deliver on Friday 

    I remember Wood's pop but can't remember ever seeing their premises. On one of the genealogy sites, rootschat, one member, Pit_yacker_from_Blyth, said :-' There is mention of Woods 'pop' factory in the Blyth section, as up until the 1960's or thereabouts, Woods pop factory, presumably the same family firm was located at Bebside, over the road from the Bebside Inn. Two brothers, Lance and Harry Wood.' 

    I just remember an ex member of this group, Jo Rooney (lived at the Bank Top in the 1940's before emigrating) sharing some photos of the Wood & Son's factory at the bottom of the Furnace Bank :- 

    Woods Factory workers.jpg

    Woods Factory workers2.jpg

    Woods Factory2.jpg

  2. 19 hours ago, Tonyp said:

    Watson the newsagents was at the top end of Bedlington next to were the top club was laws the supermarket & D Lynn the butcher he's son Rob Watson went to westridge school in the mid seventies 

    R Watson's shop, Front Street West,  on the photo above @Tonyp - next door to Denton's just behind the bus stop for the No10 or 3 to Newcastle.🙂

  3. Although the advert says (W. A. WATSON) I'm assuming it was the shops we new as R. Watson on the Glebe Road & Front Street West (next to the bus stand for the Newcastle bus (Number 3 & 10). Where the advert has MOORSIDE I can only think that it refers to Moorside, Hartford Camp - can anyone confirm that is true or am I barking up the wrong tree:whistle:

    Watsons (1).jpg

  4. Can't find any photos that have been posted on the group that show the name Hay's above the shops. This is a compilation of some of the owners that have been in Bridge House, Bedlington Station :-


    This is a compilation of some of the owners that have been in Leadgate House, Vulcan Place, Bedlington :- 

    Leadgate house comp.jpg

  5. 28 minutes ago, Tonyp said:

    Just a guess but the main photographer in Bedlington around that time was mr ward so maybe it was he's initials as I say just guessing 

    There are a few doing the rounds with the initials WW and I would also be thinking that Willy Ward took the photos. James said in one of his posts that he bought of the Dr Pit photos from Wily Ward. :)

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