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  1. 54 minutes ago, Jack Henderson said:

    There should be a page for Bedlington girls ‘family name’ / ‘married name’ to help us keep track of old school friends. With guys it’s easy, with girls difficult

    I know what you mean Jack but on the older photos its  often  just a couple of people who list the maiden names and often aren't aware if they married.  On the later photos I do try and add married names, within my comments when posting an updated photo, but again that's only when a member of this group or a Facebook group mentions it.:)  

  2. Photo from  Layna Alexandrou-Panayiotou - Facebook group Bedlington Remembered. Layna did not know the exact year of the photo but we have another photo, dated 1930, in this album from Louise Scarr with the same teacher (probably the Headmaster) man wearing the exact same outfit as No 36 in this photo. 

    1930 Layna Bed Council named.jpg

  3. Photo from No 2, Sonia, and names from Sonia -   Karen Shaw - Graeme Younger & Gina Watson Bygone Bedlington Facebook group. There was a debate over the year photo was taken and why the ball has 'Westridge' written on it :). It would appear that during the transition period - Westridge school closing and the pupils moving to Meadowdale -  the netball, and football teams, when first at Meadowdale still played under the Westridge name.  

    1976c Sonia Portman named.jpg

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