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  1. On 19/08/2017 at 12:35, Cov-John said:

    Just browsing came across this photo. I'm on it,  here's a  list of names starting back row left to right. 1 Billy Middleton. 2 John Crawford (me).  3 Jacky Coils. 4 John Revely. 5 Jimmy Nichol.  6 Jimmy Crisp. 7 Burnett Brown. 8 Jack McNair. 9 Brian Besford.                10. Rowland Watson.  Middle Row  left to right.  11 Brian Jenkinson. 12 Peter Aries. 13 Fenick Yeowart. 14 John Green.                         15 Eta Johnson. 16 Ivy Bolton or Bowden (not sure surname). 17 Thelma Cracket. 18 Jim Turnbull. 19 Jimmy Neal. 20 Billy Emery.           Front row left to right 21 Betty Cavendish. 22 Sylvia ? Jobson. 23 Audrey ?. 24 Una Rough. 25 Margaret Watson. 26 Sylvia Carr.             27 Ann Simm. 28 Ann Saint. 29 Leah Middleton. 30 Maureen Robson. 




    @Cov-John - your list of names added to @TOECUTTER's photo :- 

    Guidepost school Class2B 1950.jpg

  2. 26 minutes ago, lilbill15 said:

    @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)Is it me, or are you pulling out all the stops? Churning stuff out so it’s all out there? Is your encyclopaedic knowledge stored safely somewhere; do you have a protégé/acolyte to carry on your knowledge? There’s too much to lose, dear heart, please reassure your fans that the history you have at your fingertips is in some form of parcel which can be “opened in the event of……”, please? xxxxx🌈xxx

    I just do what's available each day - normally on what notifications via email is received from Facebook groups and this community group. I just hope we get more members interested in keeping the histiry of the town recorded. The albums have been created over the last 5 years. I do keep copies of the photos that others posted online on my Desk Top PC's as it makes access easier. None of my family were born and bred in Bedlington so it's down to members of this group to carry on updating the albums. We rely on the youngins - so over to you @lilbill15:wave:  

    I should add that if I was younger, and fitter, I wouldn't be in the house every night doing this - I would be out on the town:beer:

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Tonyp said:

    I went to the oval school in the mid-late sixties I think it only one of the schools at the time that never did group photos don't know why maybe someone will know

    Asked on the local Bedlington Facebook groups, a couple of years ago, but no one has posted any other photos:iiam:

  4. On 17/05/2021 at 22:13, Jammy said:

     I'm sure the Market Place 50's photo is actually the 60's. There is a Ford Cortina in the foreground and they were not sold until 1962 in mk1 form. In 1966 the mk11 was released and I think this car is a mk11. I had a 1500cc mk11. Also, outside the Howard Arms is a Ford Transit. These were first sold in 1965.

    @JammyJust noticed your comment - I'll add it to James photo of the Market Place🙂

  5. 4 hours ago, Gillian Morland said:

    Love these photos.They are so interesting.

    Most of the time it's trying to find the right info for the old photos:). Any member can add comments to each photo posted. In most of the albums the members can only comment on existing entries and only the member that created the album can add new entries. This album has been setup so that any member can add new photos as a separate entry.

    Add Images.jpg

  6. As far as I can gather the first colliery houses for the miners was Old Colliery Row that was situated at the East End. Old Colliery row is on earlier maps than the following 1920 map but this is the first map that I can find that has the row named. 

    1920 Colliery Row.jpg

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    This photo was in the Evan martin book, The Archive Photographs Series - Bedlingtonshire, with surnames  + initial. The full names researched by @Ovalteeny and added to the image by me. 

    1959 from Evan Martin book named.jpg

  8. @benjymous :- it's not something I have seriouslr researched, just a few Google searches for, but when looking at the old Maps (1800's to 1947) and seeing Netherton Hall in Netherton, not Nedderton as I expected, I searched the www and found an answer. 

    If you look in the album there is an entry from Kelly's Trade Directory of 1910 where it refers to the village of Netherton, Rothbury. If you want to check out that Netherton then Google/search for The Star Inn 3 Cherrywell, Netherton, Morpeth NE65 7HD. 

    As post got directed to the wrong Netherton it was decided, for postal purposes our Netherton should be addressed as Nedderton.  As you say benjmous from then the maps still identified the place as Netherton but eventually the village inhabitants, and therefore amenities, adopted the  postal address as their name.

    If you scroll down in the Album you will also see an extract from Parson & White Trade Directory - 1828 with a bit about the Nedirton family that owned some property in Netherton Village.

    From the old maps you will see there was mining in the Netherton/Nedderton Village but where the NCB took over Howard Pit & Francis Pit that part of Netherton was known as Netherton Colliery and it had Netherton Colliery as it's postal address so it didn't have to change as everyone knew it as the colliery.

    That's what I discovered via Google and left it at that.

    @Canny lass may have a more detailed explanation as she has done a lot more research of the area she grew up in.

    ps. - just remembered the Northumberland Communities site. On this site is a list of all the local communities and each one has it's own pages with some info and photos ( that have made their way on to many a Facebook group as originals!) - Nedderton is in the list, with the  Parson and White Trade Directory (1827), under Printed Material.

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    @Layna Alexandrou-Panayiotou - posted the photo on Facebook group Bedlington Remembered and a couple of members have said it is the Doctor Pit Welfare Park in Bedlington and it is the Doctor Pit Welfare Team of 1944-45. A couple of members did name a couple of their relatives. One member, Paul Reed, recognised the photo as one in his 89 year old dad's collection and he had a list of many of the names on the back of the photo :- 

    Dr Pit Welfare team named.jpg

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    Can't work out the location of this photo. If that was Dr Pit Park then I would expect the double row of  houses in the background to be Lilly Avenue but doesn't look like them.   

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