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  1. 1 hour ago, Canny lass said:

    Is there a date for this photo?

    Unfortunately it was posted with '....(date unknown).....'

    Like you CL I had a look at the old maps and there is a cluster of buildings marked on the 1859 map -  two buildings marked on the 1896 map - one building marked on the 1920 map and one on the latest map they hold, 1938, but no name etc on any of the maps :(.

    Busy going through Evan Martin's book - 'Bedlington Iron & Engine Works 1736 - 1867' but haven''t found any reference to buildings in that area.





  2. On 17/01/2020 at 19:49, Andy Brown said:

    This is not a relative or family friend, just she's had a letter arrive through our door addressed to her. We've lived here 14 years and this is the first time we've heard of her. Postcode ne22 6dj, it's a letter from dvla so dont want her getting caught for no vehicle tax.


    @Andy Brown - don't know anyone of that name on this group. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Canny lass said:

    I knew I'¨d heard this name before! Mr Weekes is mentioned in connection with Lairds House on the 'Discover Bedlington Leaflet which somebody kindly posted on Bedders for me a couple of years ago. I've searched but I can't find it. I have it saved as a pdf file and I'll try to post it here. I don't know if that's possible but here goes:


    Bedlington CA Leaflet p.2.pdf 1.94 MB · 2 downloads

    Seems to have worked!

    Extract from the pdf leaflet :-


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  4. 3 hours ago, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

    @Andy Millne - posted your photo on the Bygone Bedlington group for the admin, John Krzyzanowski to see as Woodhorn Museum (where John works) might have some info. If John replies I will update you.

    John KrzyzanowskioJUaDQAiBQe.png Good find. The problem with this time era is it is pre planning. The documents are probably hidden away in some old solicitors papers.


  5. 13 hours ago, Andy Millne said:

    Does anybody have any more info? I thought it might interest others or at least serve as mild amusement if nothing else.

    @Andy Millne - posted your photo on the Bygone Bedlington group for the admin, John Krzyzanowski to see as Woodhorn Museum (where John works) might have some info. If John replies I will update you.

    A couple of comments from the Bygone Bedlington members :-


    Scoop Jeffrey
    Scoop Jeffrey At first glance I thought it was Bernard Manning!
    Vic Thompson Wow! That’s fantastic! Can it not be placed on show somewhere?


    Lisa Kelly Barry
    Lisa Kelly Barry Lairds house has one on the bar
    Viv Mather
    Viv Mather From what I recall, Lairds House was a rebuild in 1777 of a previous farmhouse that stood on the site... not sure of family name, just that the present building wasn't the original.

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    Christine Warne



  6. 13 minutes ago, Stuart said:

    Thank you all so much! Such speedy responses, and such helpful detail. I hadn’t realised that these maps were available: thank you very much for sharing. A further perusal of these old maps will be called for as I track down the other addresses where my forebears lived, and then maybe a trip to Bedlington! 

    Stuart :- these are the links I use, and have saved in my favourites, to search for places in Bedlington :- 



  7. On 23/12/2019 at 18:16, Maggie/915 said:

    I think there was a church of some description before 1069. . The site is important . The Golden age of Northumberland and the rise of Christianity had many people believing and then going back to pagan ways .

    1069 was the monks fleeing from the Normans. I believe the history of Cuthbert’s body being here in Bedlington starts before that date. Hence they return to safety . The church site is on higher ground . The river is nearby we have a holy mount. ( ok Hollymount now). No one can disagree because no one really knows. Again Bedlington says to me Bede town in honour of The Venersble Bede. Various vicars make reference to a time before 1069..  The service was by candlelight and in Latin . Very atmospheric .The ancestors have all left their mark in making the place special regardless of belief. ‘Honour those that went before us. There is a group called Show of Hands and they do a track called All Hallows’ Eve. Basically you light the lantern at your door and honour those that went before on Halloween . A better use of time than trick or treat and scaring your neighbours. Just go for the chocolate to remember.                 
    Being back in the Shire life gets busy. Even managed to get to the Gallowgate end to watch the Toon  play the Palace..

    @Canny lass - I wonder if @Maggie/915 has any more info?

  8. 52 minutes ago, Canny lass said:

    Bedlington's 'yards' are fascinating places! All sorts of life were encapsulated in them! 1860's map is interesting for @Stuart because the 'Smithy' is also noted on the map.

    Found a slightly clearer map - 1895 - with Wilsons yard and Smithy on :- 


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  9. @Stuart & @Canny lass - this is a map and comment that Eilleen Brooks - facebook group Bygone Bedlington, posted on the 8th November 2019 when a member was asking if anyone knew where Drummonds Yard used to be :- 


    Judging from the census report- Drummond's Yard was between Wilson's Yard and the Sun Inn, on the High Street. I have one map that shows Wilson's Yard but not Drummond's (unfortunately copyright means I cannot display it). I have indicated on the map below where I believe it to have been (one of the two yards next to Wilson's) Hope this helps.

    Wilsons Yard.jpg

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  10. 32 minutes ago, Canny lass said:

    Ahem ...

    Neither did mine!

    You're just trying to baffle me with science, aren't you young man.

    A birthday comes only once a year - fact.

    This year has an extra day - fact.

    Therefore 366 days, my birthday being on the 366th day from the day that neither you or I counted.

    I've had the steam-driven calculator cranked up so there's no arguing with it!

    Just keeping your mind active to ensure it carries on giving us priceless info for a further 36n days:iiam:


  11. On 03/01/2020 at 01:21, HIGH PIT WILMA said:


    Alan Dixon will knaa,cos he lived there then,aam sure!

    Come in Alan ,wheor are ye!!


    The last entry I can find for 'Alan dickson' is 2014 :- 

    Alan dickson.jpg

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - so I posted your comment on the Facebook group - Barrington, Barnt' n  memories and stuff!! - that Alan Dickson is Admin of. Alan's couldn't remember any stories etc and replied with :- 

    Alan Dickson
    Alan DicksonoJUaDQAiBQe.png Yes there was Alan, I was living next to the Chapel at the time, took over the shop where Yarrows were,
    Bloke had a tash on.

  12. 15 minutes ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Hi Alan, aa was transferred ti Bedltn Aad Pit in 1965,from Choppington B Pit. Bob Muter and his Wife and family are very good friends of ours. They were our next door neighbours for decades, till they, and us, moved from West Terrace. Ken Sellick and me worked together at the pit, then Ken worked in the Medical Centre at thi Aad pit, aa went onto Coal cutting, hand filling, then on the mechanised Shearer coalfaces. A divvent knaa the other two.... aa was aan aad timer (21 yrs aad!) when these youngins came alang!... apart from Sellicka! When they were daeing aal this, aa was on the coalfaces, working different shifts, so a lost touch wi thi young recruits just afore a transferred. Great ti see this pic! Cheers Alan, and thanks for posting it! Bill. 

    Bill - names updated from your comment and Dave Shepard (Bedlington Facebook groups) has confirmed No 3 is Dennis Davies and Gordon Smith who posted the photo says it's from the Blyth News records and he is not surprised that any of the names were wrong :)

    1965 Gordon Smith named2.jpg

  13. @HIGH PIT WILMA :- Were you at Choppington 'B' pit in 1965? This photo posted on the Past Times History Group, Facebook, by Gordon Smtih , chairman of the Blyth Local History Society (BLHS)  Gordon has named the lads but No 3 looks remarkably like Dennis Davies, lived in Burnside, Bedlington Station.

    Did you know Dennis?


    1965 Gordon Smith named2.jpg

  14. 2 hours ago, johndawsonjune1955 said:

    No 2 is Harry Brown. No 3 is Harry Temple and he is the father of No 10 John Temple. No 2 Harry Brown is no 10 john Temple father in law. Harry Temple was No 3 was married Sadie... My wife's family. John Temple is married to Ann Brown, my wife's aunt, no 2 Harry Brown is Ann's father. My wifes mother the late Maureen was Ann's sister and the oldest sister is Betty who is married to Jeff  Gobin who is a councilor and was an NUM official. 

    @johndawsonjune1955 - No 2 updated

    Doctor Pit welfare park quoits bay opening named.jpg

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