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  1. 11 hours ago, Lorna said:

    @joe Callahan @johndawsonjune1955John Vickers Amos was my great great uncle...be great to hear from family members as I’m trying to piece together my family tree and my grandad was brought up by his family, so it’s of great interest to my mum and my myself.


    On 02/07/2019 at 18:26, joe Callahan said:

    John Dawson  Jockers was my great grandfather. Please email me with any info you have and I will return same. I live in NY USA


    @Lorna - Joe hasn't visited this since he posted the above comment.😟

    If you don't hear from anyone then I still have the email, containing all the info + photos embedded into a Microsoft Word document, that John Dawson posted on this site, that I sent to Joe and I could forward that email on to you. If you want me to do that then it's better if you send me a personal message, with your email address in it, rather than add your email address into one of these comments that the 'whole world' can see. If you select the white envelope, top right of screen, you will be invited to 'Compose New' message. 

  2. 1.         What does the symbol HB stand for on a pencil?

    Answer =1369616872_1HB.jpg.5cb2b7dee33d5b857de5b8e84ca5112b.jpg

    2.         What is the motto of the BBC?

    Answer =587314039_2BBC.jpg.9897803774b177e0a319bd56522f0209.jpg

    3.         England’s best ever win at football was 13-0. Who were they playing?

    Answer =279169715_3Ireland.jpg.10657f164222e78d355571e51103ab13.jpg

    4.         In which year were cars first required to be registered?

    Answer =1942737694_4ford.jpg.da28945544a73fe09f8fc99dd94fd449.jpg

    5.         In WW2, what was the codename given by Hitler to the German invasion of Russia?

    Answer = I can’t get Barbarella and the  ‘excessive-pleasure machine’ out of my mind


    6.         How many years are celebrated with a platinum anniversary?

    Answer =778206498_6Plat.jpg.3d4dbb31688eecaf5e3e7fc6a56e9a30.jpg

    7.         What is the layer of rock immediately under the crust of the Earth called?

    Answer = Mantle

    8.         Which animal lives in a ‘citadel’?

    Answer =374895899_8mole.jpeg.41d408801c79a21850e4c85605807945.jpeg


    9.         What is the name of the Queen’s residence in Norfolk?

    Answer =81800026_9sandringham.jpg.21de86116aa99c39709bb699546d7206.jpg

    10.      Brassica Oleracea is better known as what?

    Answer =1687172477_10ear.jpg.984bd38f0bcba62041d4464a9d1dd360.jpg

    11.      Who discovered the basic laws of genetics while analysing peas in a monastery garden?

    Answer =1556013925_11mend.jpg.87415521e1f2736bb4f3edbc6fa7bc05.jpg

    12.      What does a Buck Rarebit have that a Welsh Rarebit does not?

    Answer =1339381001_12egg.jpg.0c46dbd2ed383b006f2ff0df3ac5f035.jpg



    I’ll bet you didn’t know ….


    Japanese women wear padded underwear to make their bottoms appear more rounded.

    Answer = I did

    ... and you never know just when you might need that morsel of knowledge! Answer = I did

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  3. 1 hour ago, Ali Kelly said:

    Hi all

    Not a local (from Middlesbrough originally) & looking to photograph your town sign

    'Welcome to Bedlington....home of the Bedlington Terrier'  as below but was unable to locate it in the summer.  

    Can anyone give me an exact location please?

    Many thanks


    @Ali Kelly there are 4 'Gateway Features' - one each at the side of a road entering Bedlington from North, South East ans West. The    Bedlington Terrier is at the Soth Entrance as you come into Bedlington on the A1068 road.

    These images should help :- 


    Gateway features.jpg

    A1068 2.jpg


    This is a direct link to the entry in page 2 of the' Gallery> Historic Bedlington' for the 'Bedlington Gateway Features'. If you select each photo you will get additional information about that feature :- 



  4. 1 hour ago, BigPat said:

    Can't  see me ever been persuaded - convinced - given proof etc etc that anything that is called paranormal has got anything to do with so called spooks - ghosts = of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

    Yes unusual thinks occur but that's normal ☺️  - especially when leaving any public house after a long session😱 


  5. 1.         Which comedian, as a schoolboy, had a trial for Heart of Midlothian FC but wasn’t tall enough?

    Answer =1271290068_1Ronnie.jpg.296e1da3e251c1cc5cef3eda9ae832d9.jpg


    2.         What type of creatures are “Whitstable natives”?

    Answer =164180276_2oyster.jpg.df5f2072444939928f623da2f5b9dc67.jpg


    3.         Fullerenes, discovered in 1985, were a new form of which element?

    Answer =107052584_3bon.jpg.20bfef5dd757c6d9773a3cc8de6d80a1.jpg

    4.         Which island, situated in the Arctic Ocean, is the largest in the world?

    Answer =2043177707_4berg.jpg.2204479a3df4f56013bfe04767d6db95.jpg


    5.         Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough and William of Cloudesley were all famous what?

    Answer = Inglewood Outlaws


    6.         Which frigate was launched secretly in 1986 in Wallsend to replace a ship lost in the Falklands?

    Answer = Hansard


    7.         What instrument is used to measure dew?

    Answer =991963106_7physco.jpg.543b20e01701015aa0a474849c570074.jpg


    8.         Which car manufacturer had the Kitten, Rebel and Sabre models?

    Answer =652546375_8reliant.jpg.c3aa8159859fedd5b4e4fab6d8105ddf.jpg


    9.         Which Japanese word translates as ‘leader of the army’?

    Answer =「軍のリーダーとして


    10.      Which country was the first to use paper banknotes?

    Answer =159432135_10China.jpg.79f90bee60c0292002e81de4c95606fc.jpg

    11.      Who is the lead singer with Simple Minds?

    Answer =1284843836_11jimkerr.jpeg.249d38faca0d8a0e034c1a0d8475bbd5.jpeg


    12.      Identify the language used in the following sentence: Dómarinn hefur alltaf rétt fyrrir sér.

    Answer = Icelandic

    I’ll bet you didn’t know ….

    The Russian postal service will not deliver letters containing chewing gum.

      Answer = I didn't

    Bonus question: How do they know what’s in the envelope?

      Answer = No idea - it's Google proof:iiam:

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  6. 3 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    10.   What tree can be green, black, white or blue?

    Question 10: Come on you guys! You may still believe in Santa Clause but a plastic Christmas tree isn't a REAL tree!!


    @Vic Patterson - @Jammy - I don't think we can take this lying down😏. Q 13 where does the word 'real' appear in Q 10 ?🤭

    I think @Canny lass must have a green, black, white and blue ash tree in her forest where she hunts for elks🙂

  7. 2 hours ago, Vic Patterson said:

    Happy birthday Eggy, I hope it's been a great day for you. And yes all your work is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Vic. Just a wave through the window to kids, grand kids and great grand kids this year😷.  Roll on October 2021☺️

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  8. 15 hours ago, Samantha Hayton said:

    I'm searching for photos for my dad (David Halliday) and I believe this might be the same man, he died in an accident around this time down the pit, he taught my dad to play the trombone, any info would be greatly received. 

    @Samantha Hayton - have you looked through the Gallery albums?

    Under Historic Bedlington' there are a number of albums on Netherton/Nedderton on Page 1 and on Page 2 there is an album Netherton Colliery Band. I have had a quick scan through the band album and I didn't see the name Halliday on any of the photos but there are many in the photos that are not named. If you scan through the albums it's normal that the first photo posted, for each entry in an album, is the one without any info. Below each photo posted you should see extra comments + the photo with names added.

    There are some, not a lot, school photos in the album, Page 1, 'Netherton/Nedderton old photos 2'

    Good luck with your search.:)  

  9. 4 hours ago, rosco said:

    Nice gesture by yourselves but has the scumbag paid any compensation/fines towards the damage and items stolen.....or is/was it a fine which we all know will never be paid

    I do believe that 'young first offenders' should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.  Most of us will have done something that affected the lives of others when we were young, naive, and still growing up.  

    I am all for making scumbags compensating their victims but unless the relevant scumbags have bank accounts etc with the funds available to compensate their victims it will never happen as the scumbags will more than likely only deal in cash.

    So like any fines compensation will never be paid and it will cost the taxpayer for the admin costs to set up and try and collect payments.

    Plus we will pay for them to be kept in prison so I'm afraid the only solution I could have for making scumbags think twice about damaging any childs education is to use their bodies to fertilise the earth.    

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    1.         Which is the largest instrument in the string section of an orchestra?

    Answer =643420490_1Doublebass.jpg.6b8bd3711b7075605dc0dce5fe33068f.jpg


    2.         Which tea is known as ‘the champagne of teas’?

    Answer = 1943371394_2darj.jpg.753b3da6e94e277f4e2ec1cb7ea28863.jpg


    3.         Who had a hit single in 1955 with Rock Around the Clock?

    Answer =215408962_3billhaley.png.606c020ef906e16dfa2a1ddc14c4a3f5.png



    4.         Which metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity?

    Answer =1116109975_4sill.jpeg.56c4579595bcb86833b728ab02a5d0b9.jpeg


    5.         In which sport would you use a trudgen?

    Answer =487269377_5trudgen.jpg.62a6efe2ef3bb04d4fd3560f042618b0.jpg


    6.         John Rivers and Lord Napier are types of what?

    Answer =2109467349_6neck.jpg.a5060c6b8bc8d6e64ea78f2799cc8d69.jpg


    7.         In a game of tenpin bowling, if a person starts by throwing 12 consecutive strikes, what would their score be?

    Answer = it’s the same as the time an Irishman leaves the pub in the afternoon 1320769709_7tree30.jpg.c05a434fd62a9fa03ad31fcf02add207.jpg


    8.         What colour is a giraffe’s tongue?

    Answer =803417987_8black.jpg.51d1ced80502b20c41147f3526139a8b.jpg


    9.         In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments set out for the first time?

    Answer =874669288_9exodus.jpg.5e88773184bb47c3c1d5168f80fdbe3f.jpg


    10.      What tree can be green, black, white or blue?

    Answer =514609942_10trees.jpg.3ea8d88dc1971dfca835a5e2d61abcdc.jpg



    11.      What is the first animal listed in an English dictionary?

    Answer =1093413194_11aa.jpg.ee6d3764d6635a21d3c14a41b66ff94c.jpg


    12.      Who was the first Conservative prime minister?

    Answer =447832351_12robertpeel.jpg.8dff3b24499d72db1bed75da5591ff9a.jpg




    I’ll bet you didn’t know ….


    King Zog of Albania smoked more than 100 cigarettes a day.

    Answer = I didn’t --- it was Zog who did :D


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  11. 36 minutes ago, Bedlingtonian said:

    Very quiet!

    Newcastle upon Tyne. 499 cases per 100,000 people in the latest week 29 Sep-5 Oct.

    1,510 cases in the latest week 29 Sep-5 Oct +760 compared with the previous week
    5,420 total cases to 08 Oct

    Today it is announced that another 1600 students have tested positive in Newcastle Universities!

    Why should Northumberland Council ask to be grouped with the likes of Newcastle? 


    Did I miss something on tonight's news? I don't read newspapers and only rely on the daily TV news for updates. This evening the wife was in the kitchen when the NE news started and announced the new figures so I rewound and put the TV on hold until she came in so she could here the updated for herself (I'm often accused of not listening and distorting the facts ☺️).  I haven't seen anything about NCC wanting to be grouped with Newcastle so we would be placed under the same restrictions as Newcastle to try and reduced the spread of the virus.

    I thought it was the government, based on the number of new cases for Northumberland, Newcastle  etc., that would have the say in what restrictions were put in place.

    Then it would be down to the minority to ignore the restrictions, party on and spread the virus among those that don't get many symptoms and hospitalised, so they could eventually spread the virus out to the more vulnerable.

  12. 5 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    Still hasn't shown up on my laptop! There's probably a logical explanation but it's beyond the limits of my digital competence.

    Still showing on my PCs this morning😀.

    As the Bot entries are displayed in between the latest 'Discussion' comments that have been made I would assume comments & Bot entries are added into a file, in sequence, as they are made and the contents of that files displayed every time a connection to the site is made.

    Are you getting a list of the latest comments that have been made when you connect to the site?


    After I had saved the comment above I logged out, then reconnected to the site and logged in and the three images below are the sequence of News feed/Comments etc that were displayed :- 




  13. 1 hour ago, Canny lass said:

    This is strange! A couple of hours ago Bot News posted an article on the site about the effect of Covid restrictions on a local couple's wedding. I can see it on my mobile but not here.

    just logged on again at 19:05 and this time Bot and the story you mention is there.🙂


  14. 5 hours ago, Pete said:

    Happy Birthday Andy, Have a great day.

    Same from me.☺️

    @Pete - haven't seen anything from Andy for a while - I think he must have found a Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridor and gone searching for sun☺️

  15. On 30/09/2020 at 12:21, Canny lass said:

     Is it just me or have we a problem?

    PS It should appear just before Eggy's last post on Humford

    Can't remember the last day I saw any news when I logged in on the PC😑.

    As for Mobile phone with access to the www, I don't have one😂. My mobile is nearly as old as me - Pay As You Go - that I take with me when I go out in the car (last time was February 2020😷) in case the car breaks down and I have to contact anyone🙂.

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